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  1. That's just us. Individual results may vary.
  2. The DW and I , especially when we travel with friends allow at least 1.5 to 2 hours in the MDR.
  3. DIane, eventplanning@carnival.com this is the correct address. You can also reach out to the maitre'd . Your PVP @ carnival, or John Heald on Facebook. Best of Luck, Eugene
  4. speak to you PVP, ask for a supervisor if that doesn't work. Or you could try to reach out to John Heald on Facebook. (My prayers and condolences for you and your family)
  5. Unless you're using all of the spa benefits (and there is no t-pool) Wrap around is the way to go. The DW and I are booked in one on 8/17/20 . we have had them before on other ships, we love the extra room and viability that the wrap around offers . Add FTTF and it's like having a suite without the cost !!
  6. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2568493-cheers-evaluator-spreadsheet/
  7. found this on CC: Okay, some clarification here. For MOST normal Caribbean cruises (not Panama canal, not Alaska), ship time will remain the same throughout, namely the time zone applicable during embarkation (let's say EST out of Mia in the winter). That clock won't change onboard. And all the information you receive (like when you need to be back to the ship on a port day) will be reflective of that original ship time. As others have said, that may not coincide with local time in any individual port. That said, the private tour operators do this every day and understand the conversion. Any communication you have with them beforehand can clarify any differential between the two. And it's always good to check with your tour operator during your tour. Here's an important thing to remember. Do not rely on your cellphone to be accurate with respect to ship time once you set foot ashore. There is no substitute for a good wristwatch set to ship time during the week.
  8. always go with ships time. and it helps to check your "Fun Times" for updates.
  9. You can. But for me and my DW, if we are going to pay an upcharge, we want to go somewhere "special" . But that's just us. have a great cruise
  10. Do you remember who your mixologists were at the Alchemy bar? We are on the Journey cruise mid August.
  11. yes, you can purchase more than one. we have on longer cruises (10 day) where the 7 day was not enough wine. (is there ever enough wine?) 🙂
  12. Yes. and it paid for a cruise in 2020 and half of another in 2022.
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