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  1. Loving these stories. Moral: book a ship tour!
  2. RC ain’t playing! https://big955chicago.iheart.com/featured/lance-houston/content/2019-02-27-oops-couple-misses-cruise-ship-after-excursion-day/
  3. To be honest - we’re like this too! I’m not one to dress up. They don’t have formal night? I thought I saw a video where they did.... This is good to know! What we liked most about HAL was the trivia and we liked the comedian most on Carnival. Does Celebrity have either? either way, I think we may book the summit (aqua) because of the comments on entertainment. Food is a great plus too (HAL had great food)
  4. I’m sailing (equinox) after the current celebrity sale is over, and it’s first time on X (have been on HA and carnival). I want to book Celebrity for next year with this great sale going on (never seen one this good!) but its a toss up between the HA ship I’ve been on and like and a new one to me (Summit). Both are about the same size - I don’t mind a smaller ship. if you’re loyal to Celebrity, why are you?
  5. Thanks for sharing! I love what they do for Halloween. Would love to sail during that time!
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