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  1. Thanks! We will be running around on our own that day, and I just want to know on the map before I get there which one. I didn't realize they were actually kind of close. Thank you for the help!
  2. On two different cruise lines we've docked at two different port areas in Cozumel. Does anyone know how I can see which pier the Ecstasy will be landing at on May 27th?
  3. Thanks for the Capers! That will be fun to peruse through this afternoon. My DH's folks are from Europe, they've seen our pics of past cruises and wanted to try one. We're hoping to get them hooked on a cruise here so maybe they'll have the great idea to go on a cruise in Europe, hee,hee. Keep your fingers crossed! I think they'll probably dress for dinner every night, but I wanted to make the elegant night just that much more special for my Mom-in-law.
  4. Thanks so much for your quick reply! We've been on Carnival once before and it's Elegant night seemed more formal overall than the Princess cruise we were on. Probably because it was a Christmas cruise and all of the families were dressed to the nines for portraits and dinner. It was lovely.
  5. I was just on the carnival website and I see where to book nail appointments, massage appointments, mens services, etc..but I don't see where to book a typical wash and blow-dry appointment. Is this something that has to wait until we are on the ship? Is there another number I can call? Any help would be appreciated. I just realized our cruise is so close!
  6. We'll be on the May 24th Ecstasy - I want to make my Mom-in-law an appointment at the salon on the day all the photographers are out and folks are most dressed up. So what night is formal night, or the equiv? We depart on a Monday.
  7. I'll go take a look at the review, Bob. Oh, and to another poster - no, we did not have to take the life vests with us for muster.
  8. Well, hi there! You know group members from that cruise still post messages on the board now and then. Your tour sounds like a great idea. I would love to see the bird sanctuary.
  9. Old Minion- we wound up with a couple of people like that! At one point she actually complained in the dining room that "everywhere you look there's a Philipino". I almost spit out my tea! The problem is, when you start a casual conversation, you never know if it's going to be one of these vortexes of negativity...
  10. I think it's operated by a company called "Chukka". There is an air conditioned bus ride to the facility. At the facility is a little store with restrooms and little bar where folks could get food. I don't know about the food, but the red stripe was easily the best beer ever. Of course by the time I had some, we'd been hiking and climbing and sweating for a while :-) We very much enjoyed the tour and I think it's largely because of a guide who called himself "Hollywood". Get this, we just got home a few days ago and we were watching a travel channel show today about a Royal caribbean cruise - the host went ziplining in Jamaica and we saw Hollywood in a couple of scenes!!! It's hard to tell with the helmet, but my DH and I agree it's GOT to be him. Must be how he got his nickname. Anyway, he was great - I'm sure he tells the same jokes 8-million times, but he was also able to answer many questions and the walk back down to the little pavilion where you put the gear on/off was informative and as enjoyable as the ziplining. We saw groups going off on river tubing from the same place and would consider doing that next time.
  11. I read the first page of two of this thread then skipped to the end so I missed a lot (apparently that's a good ting) but I just want to say the searches didn't happen on our Christmas cruise that stopped by Montego Bay. DH and I walked up to the security area out of the terminal, set our stuff on a conveyor belt, walked through the metal detector and the female guard asked to see in my little case I keep my cruise card, drivers license, a little cash, some medication and chapstick in. There was also a little case for a few pills that I hadn't needed - she asked to see in that, I smiled, said "oh sure" had my fished it out, opened it, she looked and let me through. Just thought I'd let you know for those wondering.
  12. We had a very nice time at the Eden Rock dive center. Thanks for suggesting it and providing the map on another thread. It's a short walk on the main road south out of the pier. I think we made it in less than 10 minutes. It's just a building with a small deck and a ladder into the water, but nice and convenient.
  13. We did an excursion through the ship, reef and rays, but the boat had two levels and the top level was half-covered by a canopy, so I was able to be in the shade when I wasn't in the water. I don't know which tour company it was, but the boat was named "Emerald Eyes." Maybe a google search would get you someone who could tell you if that boat would be the excursion last time.
  14. What a great tip! It was just a short walk from the pier (I'd say ten minutes?) we almost walked past it because we thought it was further. We went there for an hour or so after our ship-organized tour. Worked out great!
  15. Our last cruise was during school, so that could have been the big difference. We're going to be on a shorter carnival cruise in May, again when kids are out of school so we'll see how the lines and stuff go there.
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