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  1. The algorithms are based on roughly the same criteria as land based casinos. I'm pretty sure your offers have nothing to do with your level! They are based on your previous play, for example, my wife and I both prime members, however she is BARELY prime, and I'm on the UPPER end of Prime (solely based on points accumulated). Since I theoretically "SPEND" more $$$ then her at the casino. My offers are always MUCH better than hers, which supports that theory. You ADT (Average Daily Theoretical [loss] ) is what counts!
  2. Hey folks, Does anyone have a list of the sailings for: H19OND1 CASINO ROYALE 2019 FALL/WINTER OFFER JUNIOR SUITE 10/23/2019 H19OND1
  3. Thanks for the review, I was also on this sailing with a group of 27 for a wedding! For me this 7 days cruise was a little too port intensive (4), and I know we could have stayed on board, but we just can't ever seem to 😉 We stayed in crown loft suite 1718, fantastic room, and the highlight of our trip was Rotan, Honduras (we did a non RCI excursion, rented a van/driver and picked up a guide along the way from the taxi stand). We went to see sloths, monkeys and parrots, then went to the most incredible beach West Bay and did a day pass at Henry Morgan Resort! I'm really
  4. H198BALL07 is $500 OFF H198BALL04 is Oceanview with a $750 trade in value!
  5. I personally would EASILY pay $800 more for a CL over a GS. For me the GS only offers the great bathroom, the room itself is not that "Grand" 😉
  6. Yup, I noticed that this morning also... " 2019 CASINO TAX BONUS OFFER BALCONY OR JUNIOR SUITE + $250 OBC OR FREEPLAY 4/30/2019 H19TAXB01 "
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