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  1. I pray Royal bans smoking in the casino. I love to gamble but I'm allergic to smoke 😞
  2. Thank you very much everyone. A wealth of information.
  3. I found a thread from I believe last year that stated you did not have to pay the up-charge for 1.5lb Lobster and such when staying in a Star class suite. Is that still the case? My wife wants to try Chops on our Anthem cruise but doesn't eat red meat/chicken. Also is the dining plan included with Star class different than the one you can purchase? Are there certain restaurants you can't go to with Star class dining? As mentioned I did find some threads from a year or two ago that mentioned this but things seem to change quickly on what is included and what is not.
  4. We booked one for our Anthem cruise in March 2021 for $499. A few days ago we decided to do an Anthem cruise in March 2020 and looked at the same cabanas which are now $1099.
  5. There is talk on another site where RCI cancelled their cabana and said they were overbooked. They originally booked it at $499 and they were welcome to rebook the cabana at the new price of $1299.
  6. I apologize for going off topic, we will be sailing our first Star Class in March 2021 and wondered how much do you normally tip your Genie? I believe I read that they do not share in the normal tips.
  7. Thank you very much Lovecats5 for the information, I'm sure we'll have more questions.
  8. We just booked our first Anthem of the Seas and are extremely excited. It isn't until March 2021 😢 . We had the choice between 10320 and 10324 both GLs. We chose 10320 because it was on the corner and has the two extra port side balcony's. Does anyone that has stayed or seen both of these cabins have a preference? I started looking at 10324 and wondering if I should move to that one, mainly because the stairs don't go straight up and my wife can sometimes be clumsy. Will be sailing with my wife and 2 boys, oldest will be 17 and youngest will turn 12 on the cruise.
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies. We'll just bring his passport and birth certificate just to be safe.
  10. Thanks Ducklite. I was hoping to get past his 11th birthday so it would be the last limited validity passport since it's only good for 5 years and after 16 can get the full 10 year one. His birthday is March 8 and I don't think we would have enough time to get it between March 8 and April 5.
  11. We have a cruise booked for the week of April 05, 2020 and my youngest son's passport expires September 30, 2020. Does anyone know if the Bahamas/Turks have passport validity requirements? Like the six month rule? We will be going to Grand Turk, Princess Cay, and Nassau.
  12. We don't sail until March 2021 but they have it for 599 today and we went ahead and got the Thrill Waterpark Cabana. I'm hoping I did it correctly. Originally it asked how many guest and I put 4 then selected all of our names and came out to $2400. So I cancelled it out and selected just myself and paid $599. Is that the correct way?
  13. We love sailing out of Baltimore, it is our favorite ship / port and only 90 miles away from home. Our last cruise was March 2019 and it was snowing on sail away. We loved it. Had a day and a half to get cozy then it warmed up and we had fun in the sun. We also like the rough waters, so it all depends on your attitude about the situation.
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