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  1. LHT28, When the organisation has to be done by the passengers, that means it's not organized at all. Of course most afternoons some people are playing then, but there will be between 0-5 tables. Many times impossible to join because these people have already their arrangements. Organized bridge including tournaments is fun. The lessons in the morning are entertainment for some players and eye openers for others. A bonus for (almost) every bridge player. Shawnino has probably been very unlucky. Though 20 tabels is very nice it does not help when many players are not nice at all. My own experience is that, as in probably all other (sport)clubs, about 10% of the people are not nice but the rest is ok and often much nicer than just ok. That will be the same in all sport clubs and also at the ship when playing bingo and trivia, being in the casino, having tea, dinner or whatever. Bitob (see above) is very right. However sometimes a bridge instructor is missing, even when there are about 50% sea days. That's why I started this topic.
  2. As a bridge player I want to be sure if bridge tournaments and lessons will be organised on board when the ship is at sea for many days. If the website says 'yes' (mostly with a picture) is it always guaranteed?
  3. Ofcourse also Oceania has its overnights. However they are not needed to ensure a really good dinner. The amount of liquor that will be included is not important to me. Overall Oceania is better and less expensive. I don't prefer the old R-ships with their issues.
  4. We made several cruises with both cruise lines. For me it's clear. The atmosphere on Azamara can't be beaten. However, the office betrayed me. Azamara is more expensive. The food on Oceania is so much better that it hardly can't be compared to the chicken-dinners at Azamara. I prefer the Marina and Riviera to the "R-ships": more and better speciality restaurants. Less chance for disturbing things like noises from airco, problems with plumming and that sort of stuff. Overall: I will sail Oceania but will miss some really nice people from Azamara.
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