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  1. Can your dad get his own oceanview room, he pays for himself , and you and your wife cover the supplement. A sheet isn't much privacy.
  2. Everyone doesn't consider drinking to be a big, fun activity. Alcohol won't erase boredom. They will have to find activities to entertain themselves.
  3. If you want to avoid the long lines, arrive after 1 pm.
  4. Just because something is expensive or is sold at Macy's doesn't make it high end.
  5. Were they really all that special or were they just different? I generally bring travel sizes of everything I need. I'd rather have trusted products than random items provided by a hotel or ship.
  6. So 90 minutes is going to break your cruise experience? Knowing that rooms won't be ready?
  7. You lost your license between the airport and the hotel?
  8. They aren't pushing anything. You'll have enough free options.
  9. For me, a cruise is about the ports and the people. If you are interested in the ports leaving from Baltimore, do it. The ship really doesn't matter.
  10. This is true. Plus, there was the trend of ordering EVERYTHING on the free menu and video taping it for YouTube for laughs and views.
  11. I buy Cruise Cash. I've never had a problem using it up. Just know your cruising habits and only buy what you'll need. Internet, laundry, candy store, casino, extra room service, gratuities, etc.
  12. Like I've said many times. Perhaps there are other cruise lines that will meet your needs. What occurred 30-40 years ago isn't applicable to today.
  13. No judgement at all. Just logic. What if you lost the blanket at church, in a library, or the supermarket. Things get lost.
  14. You regret an entire family vacation over a lost blanket? While I understand the importance of things like this for a child, this is also a great opportunity to teach your child a great life lesson. Bad stuff happens. We must learn to accept and move on. Take your daughter to the store and let her pick out a brand new special blanket.
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