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  1. What's being presented here are special cases. Only 5% of Americans end up in a nursing/assisted living type place. The majority age at home with assistance from family and friends. A few use in home care.
  2. Not strange at all. On sea days, they have seaday brunch, which has lunch items. On port days, the majority of the passengers are off the ship during lunch time. For those on the ship, the Lido and other free food places can handle it. Why have a full MDR lunch service for a small number of passengers?
  3. No one is saying this. If you've read a lot of CC, you would see that it's a valid question. It's not a criticism. Just a question.
  4. How does this make the CDC look bad. They have their hands full taking care of important COVID matters. Sorry, but cruising is not that important. Plus, this agency, EU Healthy Getaways is not on par with a major health organization like the CDC. Again, cruising isn't that important.
  5. You're missing the point. Would you do 14 days of all sea days and no ports at all?
  6. People use the couch for a 3rd passenger all the time. The room steward will make up the couch with bedding.
  7. The CDC has bigger things to worry about that cruising and cruise ships. I understand why the cruise industry would be on the bottom of their list.
  8. I don't see how the guidelines will work with cruising. Are people to present their documentation at the cruise port? Will the cruise lines not let anyone on at the departure port who hasn't had the swab test? How will they deal will thousands of tourists lying on their forms? So many ways this could fail.
  9. Your best bet is to call when the phone lines first open in the morning and just wait on hold.
  10. Get the refunds or take the OBC. Either way, your full refunds won't come any sooner and it's not like you're sticking it to Carnival by getting the refunds.
  11. Good point. When they moved my FCC to the new booking, they moves the taxes and fees also. So, my new booking was 100% paid in full.
  12. We all have our opinions. I've been sailing with Carnival since 2015. I've been on older ships and the Horizon. The only theater that ever got anywhere near full is the Horizon. All the older ships with the big theaters never filled up. Here's the thing. Carnival has data on all this type of stuff. They know crowd size and I'm confident they've designed the new ships accordingly.
  13. On older Carnival ships, the main theaters were too big. Most seats were empty during shows. By making the theaters smaller, the full crowd brings more energy than an empty theater.
  14. Not necessarily. Flying in/out of the same port also makes flights cheaper and easier to arrange. Cruises all over the world have out and back cruises. You are so biased against "mass market lines" that's it's funny.
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