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  1. That's not how it works. The vaccination would protect John Heald. However, the virus can still be transmitted to others. Additionally, with the new Delta variant, they are just being careful. He's a grown up. He'll be okay.
  2. What? Have you missed the part of Carnival taking delivery of the Mardi Gras? The Celebration is next. There's no going back. Google market segmentation. Carnival serves the market where large ships work. The Carnival Corp also has cruise lines that have smaller ships. You may need to change cruise lines.
  3. Does it matter for 2021? Generally speaking, holiday cruises cost a bit more and/or sell out a bit faster.
  4. But, but you've said you'll never sail with Carnival again. So the OBC perk shouldn't matter.
  5. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Why waste your time engaging in hate against a cruise line on which you will never sail? Shouldn't that time be spent on something edifying?
  6. You kept 100 shares? What about the drink package?
  7. I think 4000 is more than what I would expect. I don't generally send cards to every service worker I encounter.
  8. Really? In mid March, the virus had not spread nationally yet. So most cruisers had not been exposed yet. It's the press' job to keep the public informed. Would you rather be ignorant? Do you not want the information you need to make an informed decision?
  9. I was actually trying to help you. You have every right to your feelings. Most people prefer being at peace versus being mad and angry all the time. Maybe RCL, HAL, MSC, or another line will put your mind and dollars at peace.
  10. You're assuming that there are a lot of people who have been cruising for 50 years or more.
  11. Dude, you're taking this way too seriously. That's a standard email disclaimer. Carnival is not threatening you. Now you get to go make friends on the forum for your new cruise line.
  12. Same applies to so called luxury train travel. Either you want to get from point A to point B or you want other stuff. Any train traveling along those same tracks is getting the view.
  13. A ship is not a home away from home. It's a means of transportation. Even on the so called upscale lines, the ship wouldn't matter any more. I've yet to hear anyone explain anything that would make me change my mind. Nothing happens on a ship that I can't find better on land.
  14. 1. We did read your response. Yes, it is targeted. Yes, you are not the target. Same with all those free cruises given to the casino players. Do you get upset over those offers? 2. You have every right to take your business elsewhere. 3. Feel free to waste your mental/emotional energy raging against this. You're hurting yourself more than you are hurting Carnival. 4. Have a great day...I guess.
  15. It's not poor marketing. It's target marketing. They have algorithms that indicate which cruisers are money makers. They are the ones that get special offers. I have NEVER gotten any special offer and most of my cruises have been 10 day or more Journey cruises to Hawaii, Europe, etc. The thing is, I don't spend much money while on the ship. Feel free to be upset. Feel free to book elsewhere. Please don't waste your mental energy stewing over this.
  16. I always plan on wearing outfits multiple times. However, I'm not doing laundry in a sink or shower. I'll use the ship's laundry service.
  17. The phone is just an electronic tool. You can not buy the internet package but still use the ship's app as needed. No need to connect with people or look at it all day.
  18. I've been on tours where the entire group stopped for a toilet break. Those that didn't need the toilet had to wait until the tour resumed.
  19. Have you been to Naples and Marseille? If you've been, it's reasonable that you may wish to not return. Are you just flying to Europe to get on cruises that make port stops you don't care about...just so you can be on a boat?
  20. Simple answer. If a cruise line requires a smartphone, look for a line that doesn't.
  21. I wonder the same thing. It seems the majority of American cruisers only cruise the Caribbean with maybe a cruise to Alaska or Hawaii thrown in. We've only been cruising Europe for the last few years. That's why I don't get the whole "I'll stay on the ship" mentality. It would be a waste to do that in Europe or Asia.
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