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  1. Ooh this is interesting news. We were planning on going to the Caribbean and east coast of Mexico on a different line in October but now with the Delta variant running rampant and Florida being kind of a hotspot we’re thinking of going closer to home on the konningsdam. Still don’t want to be in the first sailing though.
  2. This seems bad since it’s not like people had a choice, and as time goes it will show the mixing is fine.
  3. For what it’s worth I believe he designed the new redesigned sunset bar area in the Beyond.
  4. Celebrity always picks super super attractive people for their print material and video ads and I’m always like “where are all these people on my ship? I’m definitely not part of them.” Hahaha I know why they do it and don’t mind but it always gives me a chuckle.
  5. I was today years old when I learned IV meant Infinite Veranda. I thought everyone meant it as 4 here, like Celebrity had some special class IV staterooms. I looked up rooms on the cabin selector and I saw a couple porthole veranda rooms having a connecting room which looks like porthole veranda too.
  6. Oh really? I imagine they could just try to cut them off though, but that’s seems okay otherwise.
  7. The wrist thing does kind of annoy me because I hate having things in my wrist when I’m in the bathroom or taking a shower. Hope they come up with a better way. I wonder if they were allowed 100% vaccination this would be an issue?
  8. Prices may fluctuate, but I can always rely on Disney to be one of the pricier cruise lines no matter what 😭 I know Disney is generally the best for kids and families, but I wish there was another premium option that wasn’t as expensive. Right now it seems like the best choices for younger families is Disney or one of the big 4 mass market lines.
  9. Nope. If I truly wanted to be mischievous there would be more fun ways to do it. Maybe one reason it confused me is when booking staterooms. Not sure if the links will work, but when I booked a random room on Royal Caribbean’s site, it breaks the sections to Aft, Midship, and Foward. Those are referring to the directions you’re heading, and it makes sense if I actually say it aloud. Like I would say “my cabin is midship”, not really that “my cabin is in the midship”, so it makes sense to say “my cabin is aft” and not in “the aft” But it’s not so odd that others may get confused like me lol. Doesn’t help that different cruise lines label them differently on their sites. Carnival just lists them as Back, Middle, and Foward I’ve heard youtubers refer to places as “the aft” Like at 1:50 here but maybe they’re cruise critic users too haha I did stumble upon this pic though which helps.
  10. Hmm I’ve seen ships name the back the aft, but is it just meaning that you’re heading aft of the ship while you head to the stern?
  11. My mom and her family came to the States in a ship so boats were part of her life when she was young. She never really thought of cruising until my uncle told her about it, and I think price ended up being the big factor. Back then cruises were really expensive but we wanted to try something different, and the ship looked nice for a decent deal so we decided to take a leap of faith! I ended up sick for half that cruise.
  12. As someone who plays FFXIV the whole starboard and larboard lingo has given me PTSD 😭 Port being 4 letters, same as Left, helps a ton. Also, larboard starts with an L, like left. Aft and bow always seemed easy to remember.
  13. I was curious about this, thanks for the info. I’m glad some lines allow it. I know some have a concern for fires.
  14. This is a neat way of organizing it all. Sadly I can’t remember specific dates or prices for pretty much any cruise in the past but I’ll probably do it in the future.
  15. It’s a bit cramped but with young kids it can be doable. I remember my family if nearly 4 adults slept in a smaller inside room. I mean we did kind of drive each other crazy but our personalities butt heads a lot. The split bathrooms are nice and helpful though.
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