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  1. Thank you KS&JW. I meant Sirena (stupid auto spell check changed it to Sirens)!
  2. Where is Baristas located on the refurbished Sirens? Is it still outside the Grand Dining Room? Thank you.
  3. One of our ports of call on the Nautica October 2019 was St. Tropez. It was a tender port. From where the tender docked, it was an easy walk to places we wanted to visit. We visited a beautiful church called Notre Dame de l' Assomption. We also visited the Musée de l' Annonciade, a modern art museum housed in a beautiful 1500's chapel. We also visited La Maison des Papillons, the home turned museum of artist Danny Lartique. His butterfly collection and artwork are beautifully displayed. It's a very interesting place to tour. We also stopped for a tea break at the La Tarte Tropèzienne on Places des lices. The famous tarte tropèzienne cake was so delicious and was originally created here.
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