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  1. We have always managed to get a day room at Crowne Plaza Changi. We just emailed the hotel and they provided a quotation. It's is really convenient for your flight as it is attached to the terminal and no shuttle is required.
  2. We are sailing on the Jewel 23rd December sailing and have4 received our edocs. For Bahrain they state: All eligible guests, including United States and Canadian citizens will receive their visa with the shipboard team’s assistance. For visa requirements of other nationalities, contact your visa provider.
  3. I have never heard of anybody having a problem getting the visas from the ship. We had a fabulous tour to Petra. What an amazing place!
  4. Has anybody had a problem with the site not accepting your C&A number when completing the setsail check-in?
  5. Yen Lee is definitely not a him! She was our genie for a short cruise to Bermuda in May and was absolutely fabulous!
  6. Michael Rasmussen moved from Anthem to Ovation to replace him.
  7. The following is being reported on the Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Facebook Group page: " Currently on Adventure. According to crew, loyalty ambassador, concierge and guest services , the following changes were implemented on 6/1. In diamond club you MUST give them your card to swipe for your 3 and 3 only free drinks. Also with drink package now, one drink per card at a time only . No more ordering drinks for couples on one card."
  8. Does either of the bathrooms in the Sky Loft Suites on Anthem of the Seas have a bath?
  9. Hi Seija & Adrian, unfortunately we will only be doing the Tianjin to Singapore leg so we may see you as we get off!! I emailed the concierge (Nadia) asking whether the concierge lounge would be accessible on boarding day and her reply stated: "Concierge Lounge will be open as soon as boarding begins . We will have some sandwiches, fruit and cookies, also the coffee machine is open so you can wait here till the staterooms are open, around 1:30pm." Happy cruising!
  10. I believe that in Asia, the sea pass card is issued in the cruise terminal.
  11. We are on the Ovation next week and it is our first cruise on this class of ship. On boarding day we normally like to board early and wait in the concierge lounge until the cabins are ready. Is the concierge lounge on Quantum class ships available for access before the cabins are ready?
  12. We are sailing on Ovation in October and have booked the iFLY experience. I was wondering whether the ship's photographers are available to take photos or do we have to arrange our own?
  13. Last month the two formal nights were day 3 and day 6.
  14. Just managed to book the Christmas 2019 cruise online. It's great to have a ship back in the Gulf!
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