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  1. Also check the inside cabin rate. Sometimes an inside with a solo rate is cheaper than the studio. If you are solo on a NCL ship with a studio lounge but you aren't in a studio cabin, you can still go to the solo meet up and dinner in the evening. Last year I got a solo balcony on the Breakaway for just a few bucks more than a studio.
  2. I have only traveled with NCL and Carnival so I have zero real data on any of the others. You might post in the cruise line forums if no one with more info picks up this thread. Hope you find the perfect cruise for you.
  3. NCL has one US flagged ship that circles Hawaii. They are pretty laid back. I have done a NCL cruise and never entered the full service dining rooms. NCL also has a great solo program so you can find people to dine with if you wish.
  4. It depends on the cruise line and the specials they are running but usually you would only have to pay the extra gratuities and port fees for the second passenger. You know the cruise lines reservation call centers are usually open on weekends. They could give you definitive answer. Be sure to have your reservation number handy when you call. Have a great cruise.
  5. For solo dining at the buffet, I have seen people leave a book at the table. This seems to hold a table fairly well.
  6. NSnJW

    Solo Cruising

    Light blue line at the top of this page. 3rd from the left, "Find Your Roll Call"
  7. Breakingloose, The easiest way to get the answer to that question is go to the NCL site and their cruise search under Explore. Then choose one person. Next select the port you want and the room type you want. You can then choose the dates you wish too. Using just the port and cabin, I came up with 17 cruises on the Breakaway and the Escape.
  8. Congratulations, I hope it is everything you wish for.
  9. I lost my wife of 46 years just 3 years ago. My whole life centered around her. Now I have to make a new life. Cruising, whether solo or with family, is one of the things we really enjoyed together. Now I enjoy cruising and remembering the time we had together. I also found I like cruising just for the sake of cruising and I hope to continue doing it in the future. Eating alone is not the end of the world. I have often eaten in the buffet alone just so I can get back to other things quicker. I always find something to occupy me while I eat. You can watch the sea or scenery go by or people watch. Some of the ships had outdoor tables where you could eat and watch bands, dancing, or participation games. In short, don't panic and just enjoy your cruise. I hope you have great cruises ahead.
  10. I have faith in you. You can do this. If you do a little pre-planning and networking on the Roll Call for your cruise, you should already have some acquaintances before you board. I have only cruised the Conquest twice but I like the ship. I think you will too.
  11. I don't know if people would describe me as independent or decisive. I think I am more likely to hear bull headed and stubborn. ☺️ When I am able to go on a cruise, I go. Be it solo or with someone doesn't seem to matter much to me. I enjoy every cruise, with or without others.
  12. So far, every NCL ship I have been on, there was no problem about having to eat alone at least for supper. They all had evening solo meets and then those who wished were led by the solo host/hostess to one of the restaurants and seated together.
  13. Yeah my aunt is 105 and still plays poker at her nursing home. I had heard it before but she told me the first 100 years quote when she was in her 90s.
  14. They say the first 100 years are the hardest. ☺️
  15. Mac, You might be amazed by the many places on land that you can find peace and quiet with a great view. White Sands in New Mexico, Capitol Reef in Utah, Black Rock Canyon in Colorado are all quiet with great views. If you can't find a beautiful place by yourself in the vast Canyonlands National Park in Utah then you aren't looking. I also find solitude and beauty camping by a small stream in the Appalachians. But everyone has their own standards of peace and beauty. I hope you find and enjoy your own. The search gives me much of my travel enjoyment.
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