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  1. For Me: 1. Sea Day Brunch 2. Having Fun and Doing Cool Shore Excursions with my DH
  2. I have also posted on here a few times. We currently have 328 days to go!! Carnival Horizon here we come! Now I have a LONG Time to wait, so I'll live through others reviews of the ship until it's My Turn.
  3. Thank You So Much for posting the Video on how to use the Smart Elevators. That was very helpful. Myself and my DH are cruising on the Horizon next year along with our best friends who are Cruise Newbies!! Now I think we should be well versed on the Elevators.
  4. Can someone tell me if the Havana Rooms and the Family Harbor are the same or something all together different?
  5. We had a Interior Cabin on Deck 6 (Mid Ship) and I didn't smell any sewage smells. Our AC worked a little too good. We thought it was very chilly in our cabin so we adjusted the Temperature and from there on it was pleasant in the room. The Piano Bar and Karaoke were a lot of fun on our sailing. We also caught a few good movies on the Lido Deck at night, plus FREE Popcorn and a Blanket were all you needed to make the movie more enjoyable. Add a run to the Ice Cream Machine and you have a perfect night with FREE Munchies!! There were a few deck parties as well and the DJ for our Sailing was on point, he and the Cruise Director really got everyone involved. Lovely Doubley~!! LOL. Various Staff were always wiping, cleaning, sweeping up everywhere so I thought the Ship was pretty clean throughout. I hope you stick with your sailing that you have booked and the Wife enjoys herself.
  6. I have sailed on the Magic twice. Once when she first sailed, going out of Galveston and now last month in September out of Fort Lauderdale. I really like the Magic. My room steward was Excellent and so was my wait staff in the Main Dining Room. My husband who is very new to cruising even said he Loved the Magic. The Itinerary we chose was the Key to another Great Cruise on Carnival. Not sure what your wife is looking for or expecting but we had a Blast and would do it all over again in a Heartbeat.
  7. What puts a smile on my face and makes me happy is having a good Comedian on the ship and laughing during the Comedy Shows.
  8. My Hubby and I were just on the Magic and we went to the Steakhouse on the first night. Our server asked us which bottle did we want, The White or The Red. She suggested the Red because she said the White is Dry and not Sweet. So we took her suggestion and got the free bottle of Red. We both liked it! It did have a faint taste of Sweet, nothing I would buy at home but for Free, we thought it was good. Hubby and I both are Sweet Wine Drinkers so that's what we buy at home but again, the Red was pretty good.
  9. Thanks so much for doing this Review. Myself and my Hubby also went on the Elation the last week in May. We went to Nassau and Freeport and we both Loved the Ship and the Ports. I was nervous about the cruise because most people feel like an older ship and short itinerary would spell Disaster along with Drunk, Rude, and Rowdy Passengers. We did not find that to be true at all. If I had the opportunity to do it all over again, I would in a Heartbeat!
  10. To be honest, no I hadn't thought of the Celebrity Summit. So that's another Ship to Consider.
  11. This thread was just what I was looking for. About 7 friends of mine want to give the Freedom of the Seas a try for next year. They all want to go out of San Juan and do a cruise. I have 16 cruises on Carnival, 1 on Celebrity and 1 on Princess. So this is what I was looking for to see what people thought of on the Freedom of the Seas. I know that Freedom is going into a major renovation next year so I'd love to be able to say "I was on that Ship"! Thanks for all your input.
  12. Hello! I just got off the Magic a week ago. There are no Irons or Ironing Boards in the Cabins, at All. There is however an Ironing Room with 2 Irons, each one has an Ironing Board. They are attached at he Wall and that allows for 2 people to Iron at the Same Time. There was also a water cup provided so you could add water to the Iron and get some steam. We stayed on Deck 6 and the Ironing Rooms was only 4 doors down. It was fast and convenient.
  13. I think it's a great idea. I hate it when ships cannot get into HMC as well. Our Ship missed the port 2 weeks ago.
  14. My last minute thing to do is get Hair, Nails and Feet done. Then double check to make sure everything is packed and ready to go!
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