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  1. I believe whether you leave from San Juan as your Embarkation Port or if you visit San Juan as a Port-Of-Call, Carnival will take the liquor and then give it to you on your last night like they do any other ports. Someone else can chime in if the answer is different than what I stated.
  2. I'd do this Itinerary In A Heart Beat!
  3. I am a Roller Coaster Fan!! I cannot wait to ride the Bolt.
  4. Hey Willdra!! I finally had the time to read about your cruise on the Oasis. As always, you do an excellent job at taking many pictures. I also wanted to read your comparison of Carnival verses Royal Caribbean. I'm trying to talk the Hubby into going on a Royal Ship however he is a little hesitant. But we'll see. We do have a cruise scheduled for next year in September on the Carnival Horizon. We are both looking forward to that. Your review is giving me life since no cruises are happening right about now. I hope you and your family are doing well during this Pandemic.
  5. No I haven't given up on Cruising. I have one scheduled for next September and I am hopeful I will be able to go.
  6. Thanks for the Review. I enjoyed it and I Loved the Pictures!
  7. I guessed April 20121 and it seems like a lot of other people agree and feel the same way.
  8. I've been reading your Travel Blogs and Checking out all the Pictures. Especially those on the Vista, that's my cruise that got cancelled for next Month.
  9. I can't say that I'm surprised. Although I saw it coming, I was wishing and hoping for a different result. I'm sure it's in our best interest though.
  10. Princess: Your request for Greg's Review is Right On Time. Thanks for The Request! Thanks Greg for the Prompt Response.
  11. I Do Too, Especially since Cleveland Loves Their Teams!!
  12. THIS^ I've been looking at old reviews and pictures and living through others to help with the "Blues".
  13. Greg As usual, I really enjoyed your Review. I'm having Cruise Withdrawals Big Time!! My next cruise isn't until September 2021, going on the Horizon for an 8 Day and I cannot wait, even though I have over a year to wait. This Virus SUCKS!! Love the Pictures!
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