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  1. Yes, you need to show proof of the Test Results. I also had it on my cellphone as well as a back up.
  2. My Husband and I were booked on a Cruise in September and we used CVS Rapid Antigen Test and had No Problems at all. The lady was even nice enough to print out our results for us. We got our results in 15 minutes and had Great Customer Service. We are scheduled to use them again next month. I also had a 2nd print out of our test results (Just In Case) and I had it on our cellphones as well for extra backup. Easy Peazy Breezy!!
  3. Thanks for doing the Review. It gave me a chance to Re-Live my own Horizon Cruise. We did the 8 day from September 4th thru the 12th. I truly wish I was back on this Cruise with my Husband. We did it up and had a blast. Your Pictures are Wonderful!!
  4. I happen to Really Enjoy It. I look forward to it when I'm eating in the Dinning Room, that's why I Sail on a Funship! I get plenty of good pictures of the wait staff singing and dancing. I was just on the Horizon, and the first two nights of Dinner, we were Serenated by one of the waiters who have an Excellent Voice. I could have listened to him for a while. The other nights we had the dancing and singing. It doesn't last that long so I don't see how it ruins people's dinner.
  5. I saw others saying the same thing as you. People were reminded to make sure Carnival has all your information correct. Such as: Email address, home address, phone numbers, name, etc. Please be sure to let Carnival know if you have new personal contact information and make sure they update accordingly.
  6. I agree, that Rhythm of the Nights is an Excellent Excursion to do in Puerto Vallarta. You'll love the water in Cabo. It's gorgeous! When I did this itinerary, we flew into LAX and stayed by the Airport. Came in a few days early to do the sights and fun stuff in LA. Since I live in Cleveland, Ohio I don't get out to the West Coast too often. We went to Universal Studios while we were there, so there are things to if you fly in before the cruise.
  7. Glad everything worked out for you. Enjoy your Cruise!
  8. Enjoy your cruise!! We are sailing in September so I will live through you until said time comes!!
  9. I'd Pick Option Number 2. We are doing this itinerary in September on the Horizon and we cannot wait to be on a new ship and a new itinerary that we haven't done before.
  10. Okay, Let's! We can name it: Carnival's Midwestern Itinerary. Sailing from May to September.
  11. Kmom- I say we put our heads together and come up with something Carnival will like and get on board with our vision. Then we can make it happen!
  12. Kmom - I was thinking that as well regarding travelers who don't live in the US but want to see and experience something different. And yes, it's all about how the itinerary would be marketed to attract those who want to explore cities in the US.
  13. We just booked the Mardi Gras for September 2022 and doing a Western Caribbean Itinerary. We are looking forward to it ALL. Being on a ship this size, plus experiencing everything that we can. The time won't be moving fast enough!
  14. Since I live in Cleveland, I am totally game!! I think if Carnival could pull it off that would be awesome! There are a lot of good things, places to see and plenty to do in those cities that were mentioned.
  15. The Elation was my Husband's First Cruise Ship that he sailed on for his Birthday in May 2019. That ship will always be special for us.
  16. Carnival Holiday July 7, 2001 It was a Birthday Gift from My Family
  17. This has also been one of my questions as well. I hope they do have something in the evenings for us to do. Time will tell!
  18. My Next Carnival is September 4 -12, 2021 on the Horizon. I'm looking forward to a Spa Cabin and 8 days of wonderful cruising with my Bestie, My DH! I am trying to talk my Mom & Dad into coming with us so they too can have some fun in the sun!
  19. I believe whether you leave from San Juan as your Embarkation Port or if you visit San Juan as a Port-Of-Call, Carnival will take the liquor and then give it to you on your last night like they do any other ports. Someone else can chime in if the answer is different than what I stated.
  20. I'd do this Itinerary In A Heart Beat!
  21. I am a Roller Coaster Fan!! I cannot wait to ride the Bolt.
  22. Hey Willdra!! I finally had the time to read about your cruise on the Oasis. As always, you do an excellent job at taking many pictures. I also wanted to read your comparison of Carnival verses Royal Caribbean. I'm trying to talk the Hubby into going on a Royal Ship however he is a little hesitant. But we'll see. We do have a cruise scheduled for next year in September on the Carnival Horizon. We are both looking forward to that. Your review is giving me life since no cruises are happening right about now. I hope you and your family are doing well during this Pandemic.
  23. No I haven't given up on Cruising. I have one scheduled for next September and I am hopeful I will be able to go.
  24. Thanks for the Review. I enjoyed it and I Loved the Pictures!
  25. I guessed April 20121 and it seems like a lot of other people agree and feel the same way.
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