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  1. Will be my first time to French Polynesia but have always wanted to see Tahaa especially. Glad to know there are options on the cruise.
  2. I'm considering (well more of a case of about to book a cruise) on a transpacific for April 2023. One of the stops is Bora Bora, I was wondering if anyone who's been on one of the transpacific cruises, knows if there is any excursions to Ta'haa? Or if not any easy ways to get there and back on a port stop in Bora Bora? I've always wanted to see there. I know it's a long way off, but I'm so sick of not cruising I have to plan when I can to make up for it. Thanks.
  3. I've been looking at a hotel stay for post cruise from Vancouver to Honolulu Cruise. I noticed a room I really liked, a corner room in the Rainbow tower at Hilton Hawaiian Village. I really liked it, then I realized it was a king room, and we are 2 adults who do not share a bed. The room had an awesome corner view and looked neat, but with one bed it isn't really going to work (even if there is a sofa bed etc, I'd really like us both to have an actual bed) I was wondering if anyone out there had any ideas for something similar but with 2 beds. Probably not, but I thought I'd ask
  4. Thanks. So looking forward to my Transatlantic next April after so many covid disappointments like everyone else.
  5. Where on the ship is that glass floor? Assuming an upper deck somewhere but anyone know exactly where?
  6. I'm assuming that there is no airport shuttle at all with Sagamore Pendry & Admiral Fell, and that taxi's or Uber aren't too difficult to get at the airport?
  7. Thanks. I looked at the Sagamore Pendry, but at the moment it's a little bit outside of my budget. The Canopy by Hilton & the Admiral Fell Inn are a bit more reasonable according to the little bit of research I've done so far. And they look close to walk to some neat looking restaurants/bars.
  8. I've got a new years cruise booked on Enchantment of the Seas (RC) and am wondering about where to stay pre cruise. The Courtyard By Marriott looks nice and close and seems like a nice hotel with places nearby to eat etc. However, I've been looking and Fells Point and it looks like a neat area. What would it be like getting to the port from there? Relatively easy, or a headache? I've never been to Baltimore so I don't know what each area is like aside from photos online.
  9. Thanks. I love the idea of a bigger room. I'll keep my eyes open, glad to know to keep my eyes open around final booking time also.
  10. I am curious about booking a suite on a cruise on RC (Odyssey for next year). At the moment on Royal's website it says that suites are sold out. I was curious about a junior suite, are my chances gone for getting one? I'd be happy with a balcony cabin which is still available, just want to know if I should bother keep looking.
  11. Thanks so much. It looks like an awesome room. Very excited about it now.
  12. I have a great deal available for a junior suite on Enchantment early next year that I'm considering. However someone told me that the cabins on deck 8 are obstructed. How do I tell if the cabin available is obstructed? It's 8090 deck 8.
  13. Thanks for all the advice. I'll do a little more research while I'm waiting (just ever so patiently lol) to go on another cruise.
  14. Curious I've looked on Royal's website and when I search for a cruise out of Honolulu in October 2022 I can't find anything. Is it a computer issue or is there a sailing out of Hawaii t Sydney right after? I'd love to know.
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