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  1. You watch to this one hour of video? It is just one man opinion given it is we'll made. You cannot buy insurance as the virus is a known risk. Eliminating elevators, no mask are all matters that is yet to be decided by the cruise industry. Theatre turn extra charge dinner theatre is just bizarre.
  2. Yea, notice the name Seaman 11 a lot but not recently. I thought CC would only allow one username from one IP address.
  3. Chief, the CDC has label cruise ships as 'incubator' of the virus but not any other class of ships. They outwardly advice people not to go on the cruise ships. So their order for cruise ship guests is in line with their policy.
  4. What if the other countries don't accept their ships. There are already indications of this from Canada and Australia. The US would continue to host their ships because of their strong lobby group, CLIA. Would the benefits of accepting their ships outweigh the scourge from the virus.
  5. Why do you start a thread and miss out the best quote August 1 Return Announcement "Insightful Mistake" a recent Carnival Cruise Line announcement turned out to be "one of the most insightful mistakes we've ever made," Donald said. Since the CDC issued its "no sail" ruling in mid-April, Carnival Corp. has been working with the government organization to follow appropriate protocols, Donald said -- although he stressed that the CDC isn't the only health organization out there for a global organization to satisfy. "We go to 700 destinations around the world," he said.
  6. The operator of short cruises between the Port of Palm Beach, Florida and Grand Bahama Island plans to resume cruises on July 25, just one day after the expected expiration of the Centers for Disease Controls’ current “no sail order.” This is a lot of hot air. Assuming that CDC order will expire and just disappear. It is not going to happen.
  7. Thank You for your posting. If I may comment on the article now, the assumption was based on two factors: "(1) the projected COVID-19 pandemic will finish by the end of 2020 worldwide; (2) people are reluctant to travel via cruise for a few months after the ending of the pandemic. I know as stated it is not government policy. But the assumptions made have certain weaknesses. 1) Nobody can predict when the pandemic will be finished. You must mean when a vaccine will be available and hence the virus will be ineffective. 2) People, cruisers are a die hard bunch and wi
  8. This is based on the assumption that the No Sail Order by CDC is still in effect and a vaccine is available end of 2021. Otherwise we may not have a cruise industry anymore.
  9. If POA don't sail early 2021 we may not have POA or any cruise industry anymore.
  10. Can somebody explain to me why Crystal would open their booking for 2023. Isn't it early by their normal scheduling. About three years to go and the world could change a lot. With all the uncertainty around the virus thing and vaccine and if cruising is still available in 2023. One or more destinations including SG could decide not to dock their ship and their schedule would be in a mess.
  11. So there were incidents that prompted this opinion by the Hawaii government. NCL have only themselves to blame for this. As they have to sign off on any future sail to and from Hawaii I read this as a No from them, the government.
  12. There is no telling if the SG government will allow the ship to dock. Far too early to tell and too many things can change by then.
  13. This is an interesting read. Expect no cruise tourist until second half of 2021. They must be assuming that the CDC No Sail Order will be in place till then and hopefully a vaccine would be available then. So don't see how it could be interpreted in any other way. Would other U S States adopt this same view.
  14. This is not meant to be a criticism of any body or any country or any culture. Is this the symbol of 'having a good time' Here in Asia it is the affinity for gambling. Why I have even said Casinos are the 'new opium' for the people here.
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