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    Well explained Thank you
  2. We with. 3k + points. Yes we are zenith I don’t think we will be cruising any time soon I wonder if we can sell /trade/ transfer our prestigious and valuable ZENITH membership Any ideas ?
  3. No worries president Trump will make America great again and also Celebrity Cruises
  4. Oh yes I got a very good one with my initials on it and I Brought home with me
  5. We recently travel in suite class our see pass says Elite “Pearl” But just under the Pearl have a star I ask what was the meaning of the star nobody knew any thing about it. Does any body knows the meaning of the star ? Thanks for you help
  6. Are you kidding me ? It sounds weird
  7. Yes celebrity cruises prices keep going up and up i wonder why ,and they are heavily advertising All over tv channels Don’t believe me ? Go and ask Alice
  8. Yes poster. #130. Got 15 000 points the AMEX Platinum Open The offer was giving only in points And he use the $500 to buy celebrity excursions. for next moth cruse. Again .... no problem
  9. Here is my offer from AMEX Platinum OPEN Spend on celebrity cruises $500 And receive 15.000 Points It dos not say any thing about new reservations I used my with celebrity shore excursions......No problem
  10. Our favor Chardonnay but I did not see it I wounded if they removed from the wine list
  11. Oh this is great news for passengers using the main dining room it will be less crowded Luminae and Michael’s will never be the same
  12. You going to Madeira island?. That’s my favorite island , I’ll be waiting for you review a bout this amazing island Have a great trip I will be following you blog 👌
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