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  1. Oh no...such a beautiful our city San Francisco And it will never be will sold Hope Phil doesn’t fell the same way you do 🤪
  2. I will never travel again on Azamara ... meaning ... Adiozmara
  3. It’s a very good deal They are taking only Elite. + or Zeniths.
  4. I’m trying to make a reservation for this hotel they are fully booked for July 2021 ..or maybe a bit to early And yes this hotel is my first choice for Barcelona I think I’m going to wait a few more months hoping some availability
  5. I’m noticing there’s some folks around here (Azamara passengers ) that don’t like suite class passengers coming from Celebrity For this reason I’m canceling my cruise with Azamara I’m staying with X at least they still have the Retreat Longe and formal nights
  6. I’m wondering. If Azamara have a Retreat Club like celebrity for suits class passengers
  7. For us. Only two places Funchal. Madeira island and Dubrovnik And Zadar Croatia


    Well explained Thank you
  9. We with. 3k + points. Yes we are zenith I don’t think we will be cruising any time soon I wonder if we can sell /trade/ transfer our prestigious and valuable ZENITH membership Any ideas ?
  10. No worries president Trump will make America great again and also Celebrity Cruises
  11. Oh yes I got a very good one with my initials on it and I Brought home with me
  12. We recently travel in suite class our see pass says Elite “Pearl” But just under the Pearl have a star I ask what was the meaning of the star nobody knew any thing about it. Does any body knows the meaning of the star ? Thanks for you help
  13. Are you kidding me ? It sounds weird
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