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  1. So started receiving credits / gift cards today. Here’s the breakdown: Sail date: 6/2/20 Canceled: 4/15/20 by Carnival $1764 moved over to new booking (1 of the cruise fares) - 4/17 when I called my PVP The 2nd person cruise rate, taxes and prepaid gratuities all credited back to my Amex and gift cards received for the portion I paid with them (to the exact amount) on 5/14. Still waiting for Cheers purchase (Gift Cards) and Excursion purchases (Carnival MC)
  2. Thanks - I am in my planner but when I click on Specialty Dining there are no options. I’ll try a different browser to see if that brings up anything else.
  3. Headed out on an Alaskan cruise June 2020 on the Spirit. When I go into my booking, and click on Specialty Restaurants, it shows a photo of a steak, but says there are 0 specialty restaurants available. Is it possible the Steakhouse could be completely reserved already or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
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