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  1. Greenpea thank you for your great, funny review. So happy for the fun and luxurious time you had with sistah (I only have bros). Love towel animals too. Recently off first Disney cruise and had my own (regular old balcony that I had to pay double for $#&$) and steward made huge towel animals every night. Definitely told her I loved them and she seemed very pleased.
  2. Wasn’t able to follow you live as I was also on a cruise, but have really enjoyed having such a good read. I continue to be amazed at how much great stuff you are able to work in. Thanks again for sharing, and definitely chuckled over your workplace knowing nothing while we know everything! Looking forward to your next cruise.
  3. Have to post quickly before reading so I’m not way the heck down the handwritten list. Definitely looking forward to “our” trip Sid. Have a wonderful cruise.
  4. Not able to cruise right now, but enjoying following yours. Have a great time.
  5. Like others I’ve been waiting and checking for your review. Thanks once again for entertaining and educating us, especially while trying to get well.
  6. Oh Kim-another (retired) RN here so concerned for you and thinking of you. Appreciate your update even though not what we were hoping for-but good that you are on the abx and got the surgeon’s attention. Hoping things will be looking up. Ellen
  7. Tribe member 131 jumping on for the ride. Actually have no idea about the number but liked the sound of it. Nondrinker here, but definite foodie, although a lot more basic than what you try. Admire your ability to try pretty much anything. Happy early Birthday and happy belated internet birthday. ENJOY YOUR CRUISE SID!!!!!
  8. Always enjoy following your reviews. Glad to see another. Hope you had a wonderful cruise.
  9. So glad you did a review even sans Patti. And you took a ton of pics! They were great. one thing I’m wondering-you and Ryan are both so tall-are those beds long enough -comfortable enough for you? Hardly ever read a complaint from you, so I’m guessing you were good.
  10. Enjoying your review as usual. Although I haven’t been on CC for 5 years I have read all of your reviews and like others feel I “know “ your family. My thoughts have been with you the past few days.
  11. Add me to the list of happy campers that you have started your review. Really enjoy following along. Happy Anniversary to you and Patti (who looks as lovely as ever). Did you see the Grand Canyon from the plane-that’s certainly another breathtaking view.
  12. Hello I am a first time reader of your reviews. Love, love!! I learned about you from Ideb while reading her review on Carnival site. Due to my DH’s health we haven’t cruised in a year and have never been on Princess, but your review sure points out what we’ve been missing. Your narrative and great pix are wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work. I will definitely be looking up your others, as reading well written reviews is the next best thing to being there yourself. I realize your review is well over a year old, and sometimes it annoys people when comments are made so late, but I couldn’t read and not acknowledge how much I enjoyed it. And please also thank your lovely wife Carol for sharing. Ellen
  13. Enjoying your review. (Ate at Bojangles tonight).
  14. I don’t have personal experience with this, but from reading reviews of others, people head to guest services to choose a specific cabana for a port where this is offered . They already paid for the cabana, but aren’t allowed to choose till onboard.
  15. Hi Sid. Late to the party. Only on post #50. Hope you had a great cruise. Glad you were able to get a new job quickly-we’d miss cruising with you if no cash coming in!
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