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  1. Thank you for your reply.... At least I now know it is not Princess but a subsidiary company which puts things a wee bit into perspective although not sure if that is same in UK as email appeared to be directly from Princess at first instance although have now stopped! Will try contacting Princess in US. Thank You.
  2. Thank you for your reply.....Tried that and while initially responsive no further replies for 4 months... but will try again and will again try to remain polite but is wearing thin!
  3. Thank you for your reply...unfortunately I kept changing credit cards and am not sure of the provider company ie Barclaycard or whatever or even if it was Mastercard or Visa!! Stupid I know but was chasing airline points with different alliances and credit cards with fee free usage overseas so partly my fault all I know is card ended 8000!! If had first part would be able to trace it down! Funny kept files on EVERYTHING for 50 YEARS until middle of 2019 when wife said WHY so got rid of it ALL!!!! Sods Law!
  4. Thank you for your reply....While not sure if still in account (do have originals of FCC's) do know that Princess confirmed that by email that money had not been refunded but then Covid struck and everything went slow ie took months to receive an answer each time but then they stopped replying altogether !
  5. Purchased Princess Cruises Onboard Future Cruise Credit in 2017 for £75 x 2 = £150 We never used the credit which had a GUARANTEED REFUND if not used within 2 years! Was NEVER refunded in 2019 because they said the credit card used was no longer valid! I pointed out they had ALL my details, home address, mobile and home phone number but they still did not refund or call me! JAN 2020 I formally raised a complaint with Princess Cruises UK but they have continually REFUSED to repay the money. Has anyone else had any similar issues with
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