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  1. That is the policy for all of them. Otherwise, people would game the system and buy/sell reservations and it would be harder or more expensive for those that don’t. You took an educated gamble and lost.
  2. I’m glad you are doing better. Isn’t that the point of insurance? We all make a decision whether to take the risk or get insurance. If travel co’s waived their policies for every hard luck case, costs would go up for everyone. If you feel comfortable that you can take the loss if the unexpected happens, don’t get insurance. If you can’t, buy the insurance. I happen to have a credit card that includes travel insurance. Viking’s policy (and failure to waive it at your request) is similar to everyone else’s.
  3. What does that even mean? What kind of statement does it make to where a hat? At times, I wear a particular hat to make a statement (my Oregon Ducks hat when I know I’ll be around Huskies or my Make America Great Again hat, which IS a statement by itself), but just a regular hat-especially on vacation-does not make a negative statement.
  4. I’m not sure where notamermaid got the idea that a ball cap makes you a trashy American or a cowboy. I’ve worn a hat all over Europe (everywhere we’ve gone) without a problem and seen many others do the same (locals and not). Of course, I take it off going into religious buildings, but that’s about it (and cruise ship formal nights when those existed). I literally live in a hat outside of work and collect them wherever we go (including dozens from Hard Rock Cafes all over the world).
  5. Any chance you plan to do a full review? Would be nice to get more info about the trip and ship.
  6. We’ve had several trips to Europe and it has never been a problem. Try to speak a little of the language and you will get a friendly reception. Very few people will want to talk politics (while many will follow their own politics, few have the time/interest to follow another country’s). The only place I’ve received a rude reception (and it’s happened many times) is in Canada. I think a whole lot of that country has a massive inferiority complex about the US.
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