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  1. renewed both my son's (considered new) and mine in January through the Post Office. My son's took 4 weeks and mine almost 8 weeks.
  2. I ordered a couple of cards and received a confirmation on July 14th and they haven't arrived yet. I don't remember it taking this long before.
  3. Does anyone know how to save your VIFP number to your profile on Carnival's website? For me it brings up a "temporary" number and I have to enter my real number to see my daily offers.
  4. Do the offers (RU1, RU2 etc) come via an email?
  5. I used a TA for a cruise that was cancelled and I took the FCC option. I have been waiting for 2 months to rebook the cancelled cruise but my TA says she is in Carnival's customer service "queue." she said since I am not looking to rebook until next year we are not a high priority. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. My cruise that was partially paid for with gift cards was just cancelled and I chose the FCC option. Will they apply the gift cards to the rebooked cruise or will they refund them?
  7. I ordered them from Travelex.
  8. I ordered pesos online in advance of our trip (my bank no longer exchanges money) I received the best exchange rate and didn't have to worry about finding an ATM in Mexico. It is nice to hit the ground running- being able to tip drivers etc. As said above, anything you don;t spend save for next time.
  9. My son and I went ziplining in Mazatlan with Huana Coa Canopy Adventure. It was a great time. There were 10-12 different lines over the agava fields. The trip also included tequila tasting at a distillery. You can find reviews on Trip Advisor. They are highly regarded, very safe, and most of all fun. Highly recommend.
  10. The original Spruce Goose is on display at the Evergreen Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.
  11. In St. Thomas we chartered the Catania for a private sail boat/snorkel trip. Highly recommend.
  12. I used it just this morning so maybe you had already entered it.
  13. I would start with a vacation profile of your family. Who is going, ages, interests etc. Then you can match itineraries with ships and amenities. for example- beach people or enjoy historical landmarks etc. Are kids activities important or adults only spaces etc. Once you have a list you can compare ships more easily.
  14. There are two companies that do zip lining in Mazatlan. It sounds like you were comparing the trips with different companies. That is probably why you were denied.
  15. We chartered the sails boat in the background of your photo above (with the red sails) out of St. Thomas on our cruise in 2016. Brought back great memories seeing in your photo.
  16. must be sold out already as I only see RC & PCL cards
  17. We stayed a week at Torres this past August and it is not that far north. We loved the location. Easy 10 min ride to Golden Zone and there are pulmonia’s readily available at the resort. We used pulmonias for everything. Very affordable and they are everywhere. Have a great stay at Torres.
  18. when I booked my Havana cabin I was under the impression that ONLY Havana cabins had access to the Havana area. They used to open it up in the evenings for anyone to use it but that stopped recently as I saw posted in other threads.
  19. In St. Maarten we went jet skiing at Orient Beach then went to Maho Beach to watch the planes land. In St. Thomas we went on a private snorkeling sailboat trip. All super fun.
  20. Stone Island and Lety's for lunch!
  21. We ziplined with Huana Loa in August and highly recommend them. Very professional but fun. Safety is priority and my son and I had a great time. You can see their reviews on Trip Advisor for more info.
  22. We loved Lety's. Best fajitas we've ever had. Very affordable and great service. Location on the beach is great too. We spent the whole day there. Loungers and umbrellas are free with purchase of at least a beverage or two. Have a great visit.
  23. There is a large thread titled "Allstate Drivewise Too" that has a lot of info regarding Allstate gift cards including when they have been received. With this time of year I would add a day or two for shipping.
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