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  1. Hello. On a recent cruise on the Infinity I lost an item. I went to the desk and reported it, and also reported it on Celebrity's website. The person I reported it to while on the Infinity said on the website there is a place where they post items found. She said just to do a search. I did, and found no such place. Does anyone know of such a place? Thanks for any help.
  2. We just returned from a transatlantic cruise, and the first port was Barcelona. After visiting La Sagrada Familia, we were walking back. Suddenly we felt something wet being dumped on us. We thought someone from an apartment above did it. A man came to "help" clean us up, and picked my husband's pocket. It just happened so suddenly we were really taken by surprise. Luckily I had on a money belt, but my husband did not want to put his wallet in it.
  3. Glad to hear this! I am doing a transatlantic on Infinity in October, and it will be our first Celebrity cruise.
  4. You can definitely go in the kitchen! Just don't volley there, LOL.
  5. Love love love pickleball. I have just been playing 4 months, but am addicted and play at least 4 times a week. Other times I am hitting the ball against a wall. And I am almost 65 years old! I am taking a transatlantic Celebrity cruise in October. There is not a pickleball court on the ship, but of course they have a basketball court, so I am packing my paddle and a couple of balls to at least do wall drills.
  6. We usually cruise on the cheap. I try to do $100 per night, often below. We don't do drink packages or internet, book excursions independently, and overall spend very little on board. We also live in Florida so usually do not have much in the way of travel expenses. We are Diamond level on Royal Caribbean now, so I do get some drink and internet perks. Cruising can be very economical or not, depending on how much one splurges.
  7. I am also taking my first transatlantic in October, and my first cruise on Celebrity. We usually sail on Royal Caribbean. What ship will you be on? We are sailing on the Infinity. Can't wait.
  8. The problem is....if nobody does this, then probably almost everyone will be able to get a seat when wanted. But so many people claim chairs they are not using that it is hard to find a free chair.
  9. I am also Diamond on Royal Caribbean and have my first Celebrity cruise booked - a November transatlantic. I have been wanting to try celebrity for a long time.
  10. Thanks! Glad to find someone who likes the Infinity. If I am sailing, I am happy. I love the simple things...reading and looking at the ocean, eating a meal, having a martini, walking around the deck.
  11. Nice information! We are Diamond on Royal as well, and are going on our first Celebrity cruise in October - a 14 day transatlantic. We are flying to Rome, hanging out in Italy for a week, and then jumping on the Infinity. It is an older ship, I know, but we don't mind the older Royal ships so I am sure we will be fine. We have 4 Spanish ports, and then a week of sailing back to Florida. After all of the touring, rest, relaxation, and good food will be perfect. Can't wait!
  12. Can't answer your question, as I have never been on Infinity or even on a Celebrity cruise. But, I have a 14 day transatlantic booked for October 2019. I have been on many Royal Caribbean cruises, and sailed on many of their ships. I am happy on their oldest and smallest ships, as well as on their larger and newer ones. Can't wait to try Celebrity! I am sure we will love the Infinity.
  13. I need to print out my set sail passes for our cruise in 2 days but the website keeps saying my reservation is unavailable. Is anyone else receiving that message?
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