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  1. Good for you. Everyone has to make his/her own decision as to what is best.
  2. It really bothered me not to have anything should I have to prove I actually called. i did request that they send me an email and they finally did. Anytime anyone cancels anything, they should receive a confirmation of some sort. I do for everything except for a cruise.
  3. I decided to cancel my Aug. 22 cruise for that very reason. I was having a lot of difficulty finding an appointment to get a test on Aug. 19 in my area, and it was absolutely impossible to get an appt for a rapid test.
  4. When I called even at 9 AM EST they had a message saying they are closed. But I finally got through on the main number about 9:30 am EST.
  5. Their website says they open at 7 am est.
  6. Their website says they open at 7 am. They should not be closed.
  7. I have been calling all morning. It is EST where I live and EST at Royal's offices. Every number I call says the office is currently closed. They were supposed to open at 7 am. Grrrr. 8:17 right now. Anyone else have any luck?
  8. I was supposed to cruise in a week, but called and cancelled a couple of weeks ago. My reservation still does not show a cancellation. I called this morning and got an automated confirmation about my reservation and that did not say it was cancelled. I have been trying to call since 7 am EST but just get a recording that says the office is closed. It is supposed to open at 7 am. Very frustrated! I have sent a couple of email asking if my reservation was indeed cancelled but no response.
  9. I cancelled my Aug. 22 cruise because of the mask requirement and I was finding it very diffiult to make an appointment to get a rapid antigen test in my area.
  10. Hello. I usually cruise Royal Caribbean, but recently cancelled our Aug. 22 cruise due to (1) mask indoors requirement and (2) having to get a negative covid test at my own expense prior to boarding. In my area I was unable to make an appointment to get a rapid antigen test due to high demand and didn't want to chance not getting results back with a pcr test. I just looked at Norwegian (have cruised with Norwegian a number of times) and it looks like they do not require masks since they are doing only vaccinated cruises. Also, they test you at the port at their expense. I would just like to confirm that this is correct. I am fully vaccinated.
  11. I was definitely on the fence regarding our Aug. 22 cruise, and we ended up cancelling. I was finding it very difficult in my city to get a rapid antigen test and I didn't want to risk not getting back the results of the other test in time. And I didn't want to have to pay $400 to get tested at the port. That plus having to wear indoor mask. I have decided not to book a cruise until no masks and no tests. We are both fully vaccinated.
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