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  1. I do believe Covid 19 is here to stay, including many future mutations. Do you think that cruise lines will eventually do away with mask requirements, pre-cruise testing, vaccination proof, etc. or do you think the requirements are here for the long term?
  2. I plan on waiting until all of the hoops we have to jump through are gone. If they ever are gone. I am vaccinated, but really don't like the idea of the "vaccination passport." Plus, I don't want to mask up or worry about pre-cruise tests. So will just stay in my little Florida paradise until this all passes. But am wondering now if it ever will.
  3. Good for you. Everyone has to make his/her own decision as to what is best.
  4. It really bothered me not to have anything should I have to prove I actually called. i did request that they send me an email and they finally did. Anytime anyone cancels anything, they should receive a confirmation of some sort. I do for everything except for a cruise.
  5. I decided to cancel my Aug. 22 cruise for that very reason. I was having a lot of difficulty finding an appointment to get a test on Aug. 19 in my area, and it was absolutely impossible to get an appt for a rapid test.
  6. When I called even at 9 AM EST they had a message saying they are closed. But I finally got through on the main number about 9:30 am EST.
  7. Their website says they open at 7 am est.
  8. Their website says they open at 7 am. They should not be closed.
  9. I have been calling all morning. It is EST where I live and EST at Royal's offices. Every number I call says the office is currently closed. They were supposed to open at 7 am. Grrrr. 8:17 right now. Anyone else have any luck?
  10. I was supposed to cruise in a week, but called and cancelled a couple of weeks ago. My reservation still does not show a cancellation. I called this morning and got an automated confirmation about my reservation and that did not say it was cancelled. I have been trying to call since 7 am EST but just get a recording that says the office is closed. It is supposed to open at 7 am. Very frustrated! I have sent a couple of email asking if my reservation was indeed cancelled but no response.
  11. I cancelled my Aug. 22 cruise because of the mask requirement and I was finding it very diffiult to make an appointment to get a rapid antigen test in my area.
  12. Hello. I usually cruise Royal Caribbean, but recently cancelled our Aug. 22 cruise due to (1) mask indoors requirement and (2) having to get a negative covid test at my own expense prior to boarding. In my area I was unable to make an appointment to get a rapid antigen test due to high demand and didn't want to chance not getting results back with a pcr test. I just looked at Norwegian (have cruised with Norwegian a number of times) and it looks like they do not require masks since they are doing only vaccinated cruises. Also, they test you at the port at their expense. I would just like to confirm that this is correct. I am fully vaccinated.
  13. I was definitely on the fence regarding our Aug. 22 cruise, and we ended up cancelling. I was finding it very difficult in my city to get a rapid antigen test and I didn't want to risk not getting back the results of the other test in time. And I didn't want to have to pay $400 to get tested at the port. That plus having to wear indoor mask. I have decided not to book a cruise until no masks and no tests. We are both fully vaccinated.
  14. I hate to say it, but I wonder if this is all a RCI ploy to keep as many payments as possible? If I have nothing in writing that I asked them to cancel, what is my recourse if I don't get my refund? They could just say that I never showed up to board. I have never not gotten a cancellation confirmation when I cancelled something. They come via email immediately. Or at least show up as cancelled online. But with Royal...nothing.
  15. That is exactly why I decided to cancel my 8/22 cruise. Plus, I was having a lot of trouble getting an appointment for any testing. Places are booked up. CVS told me they are booked up for 2 weeks. I tried to make an appointment early the first day appointments were open for 8/19 and couldn't get one. I decided it was all becoming too much trouble.
  16. I decided to cancel just because of this very thing, plus was having a great deal of trouble even getting an appointment for any test. That and the mask thing. There is a good chance you could get a test at the port (although would confirm with Royal), but they will definitely charge you I believe $178 per person and they won't charge your insurance company. The cost will just be on you.
  17. I did cancel my cruise two days ago and was also concerned that I did not get a cancellation confirmation number, or an email. Nothing to prove it was cancelled. I will be calling back next week. I did ask if I would get an email about the cancellation and was told no, but that I could call to check the status of it. Of course, will have to wait on hold a long time, I am sure. Something should appear online when I got to upcoming cruises that says cancelled, but it doesn't. Still has my cruise listed. When I don't show up, how can I prove I actually did cancel? It has me worried as well.
  18. Exactly the same thing that happened to me. I was so stressed out trying to figure out testing that I cancelled the cruise. That and the having to wear a mask indoors now. I will book again when I don't have to jump through so many hoops.
  19. I did see that, but my husband didn't want to. We cancelled. He was also worried we would get there and they would not have the test supplies for that day. I would have made the drive, but he thought it was best to cancel. Plus the mask thing...I don't breathe well in them.
  20. I just cancelled my cruise that was fully paid and is to sail Aug. 22. Too difficult to get the required test 3 days prior to the cruise, plus I don't want to spend a lot of money and then have to wear a mask indoors. Would rather stay home. Anyway, they are refunding my money, although it will take up to 45 days.
  21. I am just going to cancel my Aug. 22 cruise due to the testing requirement. Because now there is so much demand for Covid tests, I have been unable to find a place to get a rapid test for travel purposes. Plus, they will give me no guarantee that on Aug. 19 they will actually have the test. Nor am I able to get a guarantee that a PCR test will be back in time. Probably, but maybe not. They even say that on their websites. Royal has really screwed over a lot of people. They should have either made the cruise all vaccinated and no test, or provide the test at the port.
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