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  1. I don't know, but quite a couple of years ago I saw it first, but not seen it on my cruise next month. So it might be on selected ships only. I didn't do, but have seen these zones. Positive as there are still so many people blocking deck chairs with towels early in the morning and you have one in any case, negative as you need to pay for.
  2. Hello, gay man, solo travelling on this cruise. Anybody else?
  3. The price difference between the packages Brindiamo and Più gusto is about that if you book them individually: it is 3 € per person and night. So it is no big difference anyway, not about twice the price as the top package for famous brands e.g.
  4. Sure, it is all depending on the personal taste. If you really like more expensive brands and compare the Costa packages to some other lines Intenditore might be the best choice. Everybody enjoying a cappuccino once a week and bound to a few glasses of water every day shouldn’t take a package at all. For my personal habits Brindiamo would cover most, but seen the very small price difference I generally take the Più gusto package to enlarge the possibilities according to my wishes concerning just a few cocktails I like, while Intenditore for me personally is something, what wouldn’t pay out. As everything everywhere else available I use in my cabin perhaps one bottle of water a week - if I use that much. But as I said before: it is all depending on the personal taste.
  5. Yes, cocktails are a bit more expensive than for example long drinks - if you buy them one by one. But attention: the days that the package is linked to the price are gone! You have for example drinks in the most expensive Intenditore package only, that are even a bit cheaper than some others of the Più gusto package, what is included or not can be found by colour codes only. Main difference between Brindiamo and Più gusto that there is no cocktail at all in the Brindiamo package. In every case you buy something what is considered to be above your package you need to pay the full price plus service charge, although you are entitled to unlimited drinks - just not this special one. £ 88 is the equivalent of about 10 or 11 cocktails during the entire voyage.
  6. I wouldn’t even send a container with MSC! Done MSC once and from handing back the wrong cruise card (my door didn’t open, am I at the right door? No, not even on the right deck and since when is my name Anastasia?) over dirty plates in the buffet (“so what” was the reaction from the staff) up to really dangerous situation by pressing more and more people into the already overly full atrium, where people already were unable to stand. It would have been sufficient that one got in panic. I am no anxious person, but in my job I need to pay attention to escape routes and know what mustn’t happen in any time. In that case I did what I never did before: I looked where to escape to in case of an eventuality and especially where no masses of people would follow. MSC? Never again!
  7. Bob, indeed, you're right. Today I got mine with the information "I would like to remind you that the Carnival Shareholder Benefit is not transferable, cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be used to pay Casino Charges or Service Charges".
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