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  1. I had this same disorganized experience in Miami in February 2020. The contractor in charge of transportation actually provoked chaos...both by arriving late for registering passengers, and by letting passengers - who had not form the line for the bus - to run and mangle those patiently waiting, in order to board first. Those in the line that were unable to board (i.e. us) had to wait in line more than thirty minutes until a second bus arrived. Needless to say there were several elderly people affected. Based on this experience, I would recommend private transfer to the terminal.
  2. This for the ladies...The Seabreeze PH 's vanity is quite uncomfortably placed in a corner in the bedroom, right in the passageway to the bathroom. The vanity in the PH is located in such a way that it does not interfere with another person going to the bathroom while you comfortably sit in its stool. For this reason I much prefer PH.
  3. I was in 1124 two years ago in our first Crystal cruise and heard nothing. Wonderful PH suite!
  4. In March 2019, barely knowing about Covid, we took a Regent Explorer cruise from Miami. The hotel used was the Four Seasons. We had no problem with the hotel, but not a very good experience with the transport agency. As we booked a Penthouse, the transport from hotel to ship was included. We learned that we had to register with the agents at a certain hour in the hotel, and we were there on time. The agents were more than 30 minutes late, and began chit chatting among themselves while a few of us waited. Finally we were able to register, and to form a line to enter the bus upon arrival.
  5. We have cruised Seabourn several times and Regent only once. You will find a better ambiance for dancing on Seabourn (the passengers are so lively!), but I was able to dance in Regent/Explorer and enjoyed myself very much...maybe I got some stares... The best dancing, however, has been on Crystal.
  6. I would also love Cardio and Zumba classes... and I am a 76 year old woman!
  7. Live and present theatre yes! It was a rap...and she delivered it as a poetic rap...and it was artistically clever and and full of substance. Not a political clap trap... it was true art.
  8. My husband does not like to dance and I am a dancer. Other things being equal among luxury lines, I will sail whichever gives me the pleasure of a dance partner. I have met other women who think likewise.
  9. I have been on both in the Serenity ship and I have to agree with Keith that the PH is preferable to the PS. If you are a woman, you will appreciate the vanity area on the PH. It is so convenient! It is near the bathroom and across from the walk-in closet. You can sit in the stool and not interrupt the passageway. The PS has a rather inconvenient vanity across from a corner of the bed, and definitely interrupts anyone passing through to the bathroom. Also, there is little privacy.
  10. Yes, I will by car, but probably not by airplane. When the vaccine/s are disseminated throughout, I would be protected by others' protection (as is happening now with the Flu). However, I have read that airplanes will most probably require proof of vaccination in order to board, just like cruise lines would. At some point (at which I may or may not benefit), the virus will be generally controlled and I will be able to cruise!!
  11. Then there are travelers like me, who cannot get a vaccine due to an immunological condition which could be triggered. I do not even get a Flu shot! With regards to the Flu, it's been great that most people get vaccinated and I have never gotten the Flu, even though I am very active and sociable. People like me will have to wait years for all to get the vaccine before I can enjoy cruising again. So I'll wait, and will travel virtually with all your posts.
  12. I like your phrase..."walking junkie"... I certainly am. I find that there is nothing to cruising so physical and emotionally rewarding as walking briskly where you can savor the salty sea air and reward yourself mentally with the infinity provided by the sea. I have cruised with Seabourn prior to retreat limitations and, you are so right, Seabourn has provided excellent facets otherwise.
  13. One important asset of Silversea is the "Solos and International Hostess", one of which (Monia) I remember very fondly. I understand she hosts a Solo's Mingling cocktail hour early on in the cruise. Also, she usually has dinner with the solos and international passengers. I know she would be happy to arrange for solos to be included with other passengers at dinner time, if they so choose. Another option is to ask to be considered as guest to a "hosted table", which will be chaired by an officer or one of the entertainers. Others will contribute experiences I have forgotten.
  14. I am also interested in an answer to Edgee's question. A walking/jogging track is very important to me. Thanks!
  15. You will find that neither in Seabourn nor in Crystal there will be a need for reserved seats in the theatre. There are ample opportunities for good seating, especially if you arrive a bit before showtime. I think both these lines cater to a lot fewer passengers than MSC. Contrary to bigger lines, there is actually no difference on how you are treated or serviced by the staff, regardless of you cabin category. Since Seabourn does not have butler service, and their basic stateroom is comfortably spacious, I would recommend a decision based on your desire or not for a veranda. I understand
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