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  1. I have been on both in the Serenity ship and I have to agree with Keith that the PH is preferable to the PS. If you are a woman, you will appreciate the vanity area on the PH. It is so convenient! It is near the bathroom and across from the walk-in closet. You can sit in the stool and not interrupt the passageway. The PS has a rather inconvenient vanity across from a corner of the bed, and definitely interrupts anyone passing through to the bathroom. Also, there is little privacy.
  2. Yes, I will by car, but probably not by airplane. When the vaccine/s are disseminated throughout, I would be protected by others' protection (as is happening now with the Flu). However, I have read that airplanes will most probably require proof of vaccination in order to board, just like cruise lines would. At some point (at which I may or may not benefit), the virus will be generally controlled and I will be able to cruise!!
  3. Then there are travelers like me, who cannot get a vaccine due to an immunological condition which could be triggered. I do not even get a Flu shot! With regards to the Flu, it's been great that most people get vaccinated and I have never gotten the Flu, even though I am very active and sociable. People like me will have to wait years for all to get the vaccine before I can enjoy cruising again. So I'll wait, and will travel virtually with all your posts.
  4. I like your phrase..."walking junkie"... I certainly am. I find that there is nothing to cruising so physical and emotionally rewarding as walking briskly where you can savor the salty sea air and reward yourself mentally with the infinity provided by the sea. I have cruised with Seabourn prior to retreat limitations and, you are so right, Seabourn has provided excellent facets otherwise.
  5. One important asset of Silversea is the "Solos and International Hostess", one of which (Monia) I remember very fondly. I understand she hosts a Solo's Mingling cocktail hour early on in the cruise. Also, she usually has dinner with the solos and international passengers. I know she would be happy to arrange for solos to be included with other passengers at dinner time, if they so choose. Another option is to ask to be considered as guest to a "hosted table", which will be chaired by an officer or one of the entertainers. Others will contribute experiences I have forgotten.
  6. I am also interested in an answer to Edgee's question. A walking/jogging track is very important to me. Thanks!
  7. You will find that neither in Seabourn nor in Crystal there will be a need for reserved seats in the theatre. There are ample opportunities for good seating, especially if you arrive a bit before showtime. I think both these lines cater to a lot fewer passengers than MSC. Contrary to bigger lines, there is actually no difference on how you are treated or serviced by the staff, regardless of you cabin category. Since Seabourn does not have butler service, and their basic stateroom is comfortably spacious, I would recommend a decision based on your desire or not for a veranda. I understand
  8. I'm glad I was able to help. You were certainly pampered with escorts in the Meraviglia!
  9. I'll answer with pleasure. DH and I enjoy an afternoon snack in the veranda. In Seabourn or in a non-PH cabin in Crystal, you will order from from Room Service every day and specify your wants every time. A butler will ask your range of tastes and will surprise you with exquisite snacks, not always in the room service menu. Also, should there be any issue in your stateroom (we've had stuck glass doors; not enough waste baskets, etc.), a call to your butler will avoid calls to the engineer, to the room attendant, etc. The butler will collect men's shoes for polishing, laundry to be sent ou
  10. Unfortunately, my last Seabourn cruise was around three years ago, and since we decided to try Crystal and Regent. My best highlights from Crystal were the enrichment activities, the dancing classes, the theatre shows, the Magic Castle, and Waterside, their main dining room. What I personally disliked was Marketplace, their buffet venue for breakfast and lunch. It felt extremely cramped! My best takeaway from four Seabourn cruises was the passenger mix. I met so many lovely, funny, happy people, who helped make those cruises delightful! Contrary to Silversea, you are not allotted a butle
  11. Oh, I do hope it ends at 11/03 at midnight. Happy New Year!
  12. We are originally from the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, exactly) and first came to the Finger Lakes Region (Ithaca) around 30 years ago. We moved to this area upon retirement and enjoy all the natural wonders around us. We do miss our beautiful island and our Caribbean Sea!!
  13. Hi Roy, I submitted an earlier message that might have been left in the bin. I commend you for your exciting trips which we all get to enjoy. I just wanted to say that I live in a neighborhood near the halfway mark of the New York State Erie Canal and was pleased to read that you traversed part of it. It has an outstanding history, especially meeting commercial needs along its vast area. DH, our dear pandemic puppy, and I walk the trails at least twice a week and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. BTW, I learned that we disembarked with you early March from the Serenity, sorry we did not mee
  14. Hello friends, should you need to take a detour between Ithaca and Syracuse (and not take the highway), you would need to pass through VENICE. I understand that the surveyor in charge of naming these lands was a classicist. All this lovely area I call home, and all we need to make it perfect is an ocean to cruise through it.
  15. Thanks Wendy for sharing your hobbies. I should be so happy to have the opportunity to be writing all day! Not to be. The sheer feeling of relaxation thwarts all my need to sit down and write. Also, DH decided we need a "pandemic puppy" to keep us happy by being caring and nurturing a baby. What he didn't bargain for is that the lovable rascal would also keep us exhausted! Now that I will not be going to the gym (although recently opened, I decided against any unnecessary exposure), our puppy makes me run around the neighborhood and keeps me exercised...unfortunately, DH does not join us
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