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  1. This is a somewhat different story. In one of our first cruises in another luxury line, we were invited to dine with an officer (HD, maybe), who conversed with only one of the table mates at his side, ate fast, and immediately after the entrée, stood up to say...you people eat dessert, I plan on not missing the show....and left. We all laughed and decided he had had a bad hair day.
  2. I would like to add the dance classes with Beverly and Curtis as a favorite active option. I have participated in these in other cruise lines but Crystal's have been the best and most fun, in my opinion.
  3. I really enjoyed the dance classes...and since you both, like me, are active people, you would have enjoyed the cardio classes at the gym. These two activities were central to my enjoyment of my first Crystal cruise last May.
  4. Thanks, I'll be cruising Regent in February (my first!) but I assume it will be the same.
  5. Does anybody know the hotel used by Regent in Miami when agreeing to fare including hotel and transportation to port?
  6. Last May, in my first Crystal cruise, this venue was used for afternoon dance classes...one of my favorite on board activities. We were around 12-15 participants and the Crystal Ambassadors provided partners when husbands preferred another activity. Beverly and Curtis were excellent in making us feel Broadway bound. If possible, give it a try, I'm sure you both will enjoy it.
  7. I very much enjoyed my first Crystal cruise on Serenity last May. My highest points go to the on-board activities...much better than those on SS and SB, IMHO. Sea days, if you have them, will be very entertaining. I look forward to my first cruise on Regent this coming February.
  8. My first Regent cruise will be next February, 10 days in the Caribbean. Looking forward to a block party. Other luxury lines poh--poh them...although once in Seabourn we had a great time meeting our neighbors. Looking forward!
  9. This reminds me of an incident in another luxury line when a gentleman in a cowboy jean and denim shirt attire was politely escorted out of the main restaurant, while a lovely lady in a white rhinestone encrusted jean and matching jacket was escorted to a table. Men might want to consider bling....
  10. Most repeat cruisers of Silversea enjoy formal wear. Maybe SS is aware of its niche market.
  11. Observer, you are right. My experience in cruises in the Med in Silversea is that women, in particular, tend to wear dressy outfits on formal nights. By dressy I mean blingy tops with skirts or pants, and cocktail dresses or little black dresses enhanced by blingy scarves, fashion jewelry, et al. No longer do women wear long gowns or outright formal wear...except me, of course. Not difficult to dress up a cute dress!!
  12. We enjoyed our first Crystal cruise last May, after years of cruising only on Silversea and Seabourn. This was a short seven day cruise to whet our curiosity. We found that the ship experience on Crystal is more varied, and that we would rather enjoy longer cruises with many sea days on Crystal.
  13. Solo mi! How good to hear from you! I had not seen any posting from you in a long, long while and I now know why. I've been branching out to SB, Crystal and Regent, but SS is still very dear to me in many ways. Hope we can finally meet someday. Now Camillus 112 and formerly Ithaca.
  14. Lois, we did not have a problem the nights we did not have a reservation for TK by arriving at opening time. This would be early bird dining for most passengers and, if you don't mind, you will probably get seated. The Dover sole is delicious!
  15. Yes, and we have sailed SS just as much or more. Recently we sailed Crystal on Serenity for the first time and liked it as well...except the breakfast/lunch venue. One thing I particularly just LOVED is that they have an ambassadors program, providing gentlemen hosts who will dance with you if unescorted, or if husband does not like to dance. I love to dance and took advantage of this. I don't know if Seabourn or Silversea provide this perk. I will be cruising Regent for the first time early next year. So great to have so many choices!! I'm sure you will enjoy Seabourn!!
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