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  1. Hope you do fine in your stress test, Lois!
  2. Small world indeed, Sue! I think I've only visited Baltimore once, for the Symphony, and this was years and years ago. There are so many places in this country that we still need to enjoy that we are planning, when safety allows, to "embark" on road trips before we commit to cruising again. But I do so miss the sea!!
  3. Beautiful city, Montreal! We are originally from Puerto Rico but have lived in the States for most of our married life. First in Milwaukee, then in this CNY area. We have been cruising since 2009, mostly with Silversea and Seabourn, but this year we tried Regent for the first time and loved it too. Hopefully we will sail again some time in the future, and maybe may be able to meet with you on a voyage!
  4. We lived in Ithaca, NY, for 25 years while engaged to Cornell, but moved to Camillus to be near our daughter and family around 5 years ago. I absolutely love the Finger Lakes and the Syracuse area. Actually Camillus is around 15 minutes from B'Ville. Oh, the Dinosaur!! Best ribs and chili!!
  5. We live just west of Syracuse (hi neighbor!) but Gov. Cuomo has placed our Phase 2 on hold. I think this was right, although we will have to start opening in the near future. DH and I are hunkering down for the long haul and...like most people in this area...we got a dog!! He is the cutest Morkie (half Maltese and half Yorkie) and was quite expensive, but the dog shelters have ran out!!! I only hope those adopting or buying pets will commit themselves to them after all lockdowns are lifted. He is our first pet and we are so very excited!!!!
  6. Loved it! Thanks, cruising banjo!!
  7. Hi JP, I read in the Cooler that a big anniversary is coming up. Congrats to you and Chris! BTW, my last cruise before the storm was on Regent and I've been following some threads. It seems the Cooler has been inspirational to some Regent regulars and they may start one. You people are pioneers!
  8. Great thread! In normal life I write short, 10 minute plays, which are read/acted in our Play Group sessions. Well, you would think that with so much time in my hands now I could be like the "road runner" of plays... wrong! The silence, the stillness, all lulls my mind. No writing when thinking bliss takes over. I then decided to overextend my physical exercises and that resulted in a bruised hip. All in all, I am sort of enjoying the lockdown...
  9. I will also add those that have had the Guillain Barré Syndrome, a virus that lodges into your spinal cord and debilitates and/or incapacitates your nervous system. I suffered this while young and was able to overcome it, but I cannot have the regular flu vaccine, as it may trigger it back. Most probably, I will not be able to have the anti-Covid vaccine. Great that my last cruise was on Regent-Explorer!
  10. Lois, I hope you will recover from all this, and thankful you are feeling better.
  11. I am not coming out of quarantine until "Colón baje el dedo". Sorry, I just had to say that. It refers to a Puerto Rican saying NEVER. There is a big statue of Christopher Columbus at the entrance of Old San Juan, with his arm raised and his index finger pointing... His finger, of course, will always point and never come down. All generations since have used this phrase to signify NEVER.
  12. We took our first Regent cruise this past February to the Caribbean. We are on our late 60's and early 70's and are fit and trendy. We want to share that we found the age demographic skewed towards the infirm and over our age group. The passengers were delightful, however. But this was a short cruise to the Caribbean which many posters tend to describe as having a younger demographic.
  13. JP, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us. We commend you and Chris on your selfless commitment to ensuring the health of those affected. Please take care! V.
  14. A very Happy Birthday, Lois! It's great to know that you are recuperating and I'm sure that, after this viral ordeal is past, you'll renew your happy travels. Enjoy your new year!
  15. Hambagahle, where does this cruise end? I thought Barcelona, and hope I am wrong since Spain closed all its ports due to National Emergency. Wishing you an excellent cruise!!!
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