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  1. Just love when I start reading a thread only to realize it’s 7years old. Oh well nothing new happening in NCL land anyways. Dang but I do miss vacationing.
  2. It makes no sense to me. If you’re not eating in a specialty DR won’t you be eating in the already closely packed main DR, where you can barely walk between tables? have they stated they will be extending dining hours?
  3. My hints...Look for your roll call Here on Cruise Critic and join in. your room steward will stash any of the excess junk they have on your desk,just ask (bubbly bottle waters, notebooks, etc.). They will also empty your fridge if you want. So you have room for your water bottle or wine. you can order a pot of coffee to your room each morning. gym is great, gets busy, has free stretching classes a few times. have a great time planning and cruising.
  4. We did the TA from Copenhagen this past oct/nov. it was cold and rainy much of the way. The ropes course, water slides and mini golf were open once we got to warm, dry weather. If you are coming from a Mediterranean port, it may be warmer, as it would be a more southerly route. They did offer a lecture on Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda, etc, like 3 days, different topics. So yea, NCL does some lectures. There was a lot of book reading, board game playing on many an afternoon. My thermal spa pass was well worth the cost!
  5. admittedly, much of what was distasteful was weather related. We had horrible weather while crossing North Atlantic. Extremely Windy - Hurricane Pablo- rainy, dreary, weather, missed our Azores stop due to weather, this made for 7 straight sea days, Ugh. i would consider doing another TA with a more southerly route, say from Barcelona or Rome, but husband says, nope.
  6. I cancelled my booking for the oct 2020 TA. We sailed the Getaway TA this fall, and decided it’s not our thing.
  7. Yea, I was on this cruise as well. Thanks for this insight. I didn’t know about the crew shift. We Did think many crew were learning on the job. Boy did I get tired of hearing about how this or that was not ncl or the ships fault. This was our first mega ship and first TA. Most likely our last TA. I got home and cancelled the TA I had booked for next October.We are already booked on Joy for a Panama Canal trip in feb, so one more mega ncl ship. Not sure about what we’ll do after that. I won’t be buying any cruise next anytime soon, that I do know. FYI I turn Platinum plus on our next sailing, so it’s not like I’m a newb. Even with the foul weather, food mediocrity, entertainment fails, missed port, immigration debacle, overall I still say I had a good time, just not willing to repeat it anytime soon.
  8. We are platinum with ncl. We usually sail smaller ships, inside rooms. Just tried RCCL, majesty for a 5 day. For me the glaring difference was that we were assigned dinning at a table with 4 other couples for a specific time. Otherwise, very similar. I will say, that was the smallest cabin We have ever had on any ship. TINY and noisy. Never had such noise in our cabin before. Oh well, seas were calm, food was good, enjoyed the cruise.
  9. Yea, mine took a couple weeks. I sent it in by email for 3 upcoming cruises. They asked for a more recent proof of ownership, “within the past 2-3 months”. I sent that by return email and was credited the obc for each of the 3 cruises within days. Even for a cruise that is over a year away. I don’t understand their point but my OBC is there.
  10. I don’t know my dsc cap either. I just keep the total within the budget and away we go. If the cruise costs more, I don’t buy as many extras on the ship - Drinks, casino, thermal spa, diy ports. I only have so many dollars.
  11. Changing of the itinerary is of course a concern. I was also thinking about the spa, thermal suite and gym, suppose no way to know if these areas will be up and running until embarkation. Sounds like you had an interesting experience. Thank you.
  12. I’ve booked a TA on the Escape leaving Southampton on Oct 26, 2020. But now I notice that Escape does not show a cruise for the 2 weeks prior. She is doing a Baltic Cruise Oct 2-11, 2020, then she’s nowhere until the TA. At least, I didn’t see any cruise listed for her from Oct 11-26. Questions.. Is there somewhere I can find out if it’s headed to drydock? Have you cruised post drydock, and would you do it again? TIA for any insights.
  13. We always do some sink laundry. We use the gym near daily, so things get rather icky. It doesn’t detract from our vacation experience. I use the shower gel, and wring out with a towel as described previously, then hang on a hanger or the line. We also do use our platinum benefit for day wear, shorts, slacks, blouses. They have always come back looking great.
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