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  1. Good God - I'm soo sorry for having put 17 instead of 16. I didn't check the list I had of every single cruise I've ever taken. Honestly, this is why I avoid forums and will now do so forever more. :rolleyes:
  2. We're of the same mind! My Husband is already making a list of the bars to try on the first evening! :D
  3. It went down to the Med, taking in Majorca, Venice and Hvar amongst others. It was 17 nights long. It was the first time they had a Glass House and Sindhu on board, as well as having the Sea Screen so it was very exciting.:) We had an amazing time! Really hoping this will be as good. :)
  4. I would recommend writing a letter to the Reservations dept 2-3 months before you go requesting a table for two. I always do this and we ALWAYS get one.
  5. Agree with you, very excited. We've registered for the Maiden Voyage and can't wait. It's excellent that it's longer than all the other cruises as well. The Dome area looks interesting, along with The Quays. My Husband is very pleased there is an Andersons. I'm looking forward to The Olive Grove restaurant. We went on Azura's Maiden and loved every minute, so we're hoping this will be as good.
  6. As previous posters have already said, yes there is. It will a lot wider than any other prom deck so it won't be a problem to get past the outside eateries. If you take a look at AidaNova's video you can easily see the width is a lot greater.
  7. Totally agree, we hate the 'Hi-di-Hi' style entertainment. We avoid all sail aways like the plaque. They always play the same music as well, which is enough to drive any sane person mad!
  8. They will release the deck plans and prices for pre-registration on Monday 3rd September.
  9. I quite agree. There are far too many people on all forums who seem to want to argue just for the sake of it, and also to be extremely rude to complete strangers! I've been avoiding forums for ages for this very reason.
  10. If you go on to this website - http://www.stranda-hamnevesen.no/webcamera - you will see how many ships are in each day in Geiranger and Hellesylt. I've been looking every day (nearly) for over 2 years and Geiranger often has three ships in at a time - some of them well over 100,000 tons and carrying thousands of passengers eg. MSC Meraviglia 167,600 tons and carrying 5,714 passengers. More and more ships are calling at Hellesylt as well, some overnight, including Arcadia and Aurora. We called there on Arcadia last July and stayed overnight. It's a lovely port and very welcoming.
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