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  1. You keep saying an exception was made for me. I simply sent an email regarding another issue and as part of it asked about applying multiple FCC's to an individual cruise as I was concerned with getting too many different FCC's to use before they all expire. And I was told explicitly in writing: "Regarding your Future Cruise Certificates, each one we have issued to you is in our records under the original booking number it was issued under. We are allowing people to “stack” their certificates for their sailings that were cancelled. You do not have to use them on separate sailings. I know it
  2. Contact the Crown & Anchor desk (CrownAndAnchor@rccl.com). RCCL is allowing FCC's issued to the same person for COVID-19 cancellation reasons to be applied (stacked) on a single sailing for that person's cruise fare. I've had it done.
  3. Half the document is the CDC trying to make a case for claiming cruise ships are bad. Bad cruise ship, BAD! Completely ignorant of both changes being made to areas that investigators have found as likely reasons it did spread as well as the stupidity of refusing anyone being removed from the ship in a port in order to quarantine them in a facility capable of doing so and force them to quarantine in a facility not designed at all for such actions. The other half is a no sail order disguised as a conditional sail order. And now you'll see the cruise lines bend over backward to comply
  4. The written policies currently still say no. I was told in an email by a Crown & Anchor rep that they're allowing stacking of FCC's issued for COVID-19 reasons (same name, et. al., still a requirement, though I've heard people report some flexibility when the FCCs were issued previously with the same group of people, too.) And while I could not make that work online (the 2nd FCC I attempted to apply was eventually declined by email), when I contacted the Crown & Anchor desk by email again they applied the second FCC to the same sailing I already had another FCC applied to (and have alr
  5. I have 322 points. Earned them sailing since late 2016. I have never received a pin. I have never received a crystal block on a sailing without asking the Loyalty Ambassador specifically for it after I'd expected to have received it, and in one case had to wait till the second leg of a B2B because of a claimed "shortage" of them on Anthem during the first segment during which I reached the requisite points. I've had 6 sailings canceled so far which would have been 98 points earned. I have 6 sailings booked in 2021 that, if they actual sail, would earn me another 204 points.
  6. What I wish they'd offer is some number of points on the sailings you've fully paid for and then they cancel. At least I'd feel I was making some progress here. 🙂
  7. Nothing magic happens in February. Operating procedures need to be changed and new protocols put in place. The CDC has been impeding that process by blanket no-sail orders and, at least from what we outside can see, absolutely no helpful feedback to the cruise lines themselves. They've more or less been left completely alone to figure out what to do without any real knowledge that they aren't just spinning their wheels and nothing they do might change the CDC no-sail order. Without leadership, the cruise lines at the minimum need an opportunity to implement these "healthy sail pane
  8. I suspect that RCL has submitted a proposal to the CDC to restart cruises beginning with Navigator doing 3/4 day cruises out of Miami as part of getting experience and testing out the Healthy Sail Panel changes they've created. And has probably privately/verbally been given a tentative OK pending detailed review at the White House meeting. That would correspond with the reports we've seen about Navigator crew being called in. So, while it the possibility is certainly positive if it occurs, it's also still a long way from restarting cruising in the larger sense. But in any event, somethin
  9. It's a far more complex situation to examine than just a single statistic or loose "investigation" from the potentially biased IATA. But in the scheme of air travel in the US, there are far, far fewer people traveling now, too. And the claim comparing cruise travel restrictions to the lack of them on air travel (or more accurately allowing airlines to decide everything) still has air travel happening now occurring WITH masks, WITH some general concern over keeping distance, and MINIMIZING what used to be routine contact, especially with flight attendants. So what you really want to look at is
  10. I was in a cabin on Grandeur of the Seas once where the only reliable way I could connect in my cabin was by hanging my phone right next to the cabin door, wrapping the cord over the closet door, with it configured as the WiFi access point, so that I could access the internet through my laptop. I later bought a long USB cable just for cases I might need to do that again so that I didn't have to repurpose an extension cord from my CPAP whenever I wanted internet. It wasn't perfect, there were still problems. Now on that same ship, I could go outside my cabin and out into any area op
  11. I think if the CDC shutting down cruises stands any longer, there's numerous more important on-land activities that also should be shut down for the same reasons. If the CDC isn't able or doesn't want to have those things on land shut down, they should not be shutting down the cruises. I criticize thee CDC and whomever else is involved for the inconsistent restrictions being applied to cruise ships. Especially when the cruise lines have been creating standardized ways to deal with the numerous issues that have been identified... any other industry doing this? And the
  12. You're really asking about access to streaming services. And that's definitely an issue. The best approach is to bring a travel router that's got the flexibility to deal with the onboard WiFi access requirements. As to exactly which travel router to get... a lot depends on your comfort level working with some of these devices. My personal use case is to simply connect via my Samsung Galaxy S20 (or previously, S9, S8 and S7), and then sharing the WiFi connection from the phone. The Samsung Galaxy models can share a WiFi internet connection over WiFi to other devices. An iPhone CANNO
  13. Is there a 42-inch laptop or smartphone with a 42-inch screen or bigger these days? 🙂
  14. On Anthem you will need a Samsung remote control in order to switch to the HDMI input that you connect to, and of course an HDMI cable. All the TVs also support Miracast, but you'll still need a remote to be able to maneuver on the screens to set that up. Samsung appears to have a very consistent remote control interface, so a programmable universal remote is generally sufficient, or you can buy one of the many Samsung-specific replacement remotes. I bought one from an ebay.com seller, specifically advertised as a replacement for model "AA59-00652A". It cost about $8.17 includin
  15. I have been issued 7 COVID-19 related FCC's for cruise fare and 1 COVID-19 related FCC for cruise planner purchases. I have applied 2 of those FCCs to one future booking (12/7/2020 on Anthem) and 1 of the FCCs to a second future booking (1/4/2021 on Anthem). One of the 2 applied to the 12/7/2020 sailing has a balance of $14.50 that will be reissued 3 weeks after the sail date (I didn't consider the deposit amount didn't fully cover the tax when calculating the total that could come from FCC's vs taxes/fees). I track all this on a spreadsheet now, especially the various separate ref
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