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  1. Whenever there's confusion, it's usually pretty easy to figure out why it started. For example, with the "Unlimited Dining Package" it is clearly at odds with the $10.00 additional entree fee for the other packages and single-night dining, which didn't go away. So somewhere someone has said "yes there's still a $10.00 charge for an additional entree." And didn't point out where it isn't applicable, and someone else is now just blindly obeying the directive they believe they've been told. It's just not applicable to the new "Unlimited Dining Package." There's numerous similar ambiguities almost everywhere throughout all brochures and marketing materials. Just think about the nonsense over Johnny Rockets milkshakes and the Refreshment and Deluxe Beverage Packages. Even now it's still not clearly stated exactly what the circumstances are for getting that milkshake as part of the package. The latest variant online states "Milkshakes only included while dining at Johnny Rockets." But there's no definition of "while dining"; some ships have a service charge to eat anything on the menu, some have a la carte pricing; what constitutes "dining" at Johnny Rockets? Why is it so hard to conceive of the question in advance and clarify it before it has to become a dispute/problem onboard? It's not just RCCL, either. I swear lawyers who create condo association documents, including those who just copy it from boilerplate samples, must get paid extra to include ambiguities and make verbage unclear in any real situation!
  2. Your daily gratuities are collected either way and distributed to the service staff that served you, be they in the main dining room or a specialty restaurant, or just general dining staff should you eat in the Windjammer or elsewhere/nowhere. Tip extra accordingly as you desire, but don't feel your explicit additional tips are their only gratuity income.
  3. If you review the typical onboard offers for your level you'll see the offer; no specific day for these laundry offers, as opposed to the one longer sailings will usually announce in the Cruise Compass. See post #123 in this thread... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2533114-musings-on-mariner-a-slow-boat-from-china/?do=findComment&comment=54605394
  4. $6.00 - $8.00 for non-alcoholic frozen drinks.
  5. Cruise Planner sales happen practically every other week. I wouldn't be terribly worried about it this far out. 🙂
  6. The next Cruise Planner sale is set to run from August 20-26, 2019:
  7. Sky & Star Class Suites include VOOM SURF+STREAM, one device for each person in the suite. If you think you have just VOOM SURF, get in touch with the internet services manager onboard and ask them to check it out. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Suites/16049786_Sky_Class_Flyer.pdf http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Suites/17056423_STAR_Royal_Suite_Class_Consumer_Flyer.pdf
  8. When there's not an actual sale going on with Cruise Planner items, the percentage banner that RCCL shows is often completely wrong, though historically it gets fixed before the next sale occurs, it does seem this time around they've got it just left screwed up. RCCL has not put out any press release regarding pricing changes, the information they've provided as of 2019 is a range between US$63 and US$70 per day (onboard price), and generally those are sold in the Cruise Planner at a 20%, 25% or 30%-off sale price. When there's not a formal sale, the price appears to float someplace, usually around 20% off, but I see this time around on most of my sailings where it can be purchased now it's some amount that just doesn't match up to what would be 20%, 25% or 30% off, and doesn't match the banner at all. So at the moment I would simply not worry too much about it. Wait for the next Cruise Planner sale -- which should be no later than Labor Day week/weekend.
  9. Can you show a picture of the bartop sign advertising the price on a bar someplace? $82 would be a $70 onboard price plus the 18% gratuity. $70/day would be the normal high-end price per day RCCL has previously given as the range for the Deluxe Beverage Package pricing onboard (specifically for 2019 it's $63.00 to $70.00/day). Thus if it's $70.00, your Diamond Plus discount would get it for you at $49/day + 18% gratuity, or $57.82/day which would have been the same buying it in advance in the Cruise Planner if there were a 30%-off sale (all the prices they show are always pre-gratuity). (If you are looking at pricing in a non-US RCCL web site you may have the gratuity amount presented differently, so I'm mostly speaking about how it'd be seen by someone in the US.)
  10. RCCL announces their deployment release schedule in advance, letting you know the week various itineraries are released. The actual day the itineraries are released they'll also include the date they are available for booking and Crown & Anchor members have exclusive access to book beginning one day prior to that; the announced day is the day they open to everyone. Keep in mind that basically anyone who has ever been on at least 1 Royal Caribbean cruise (or has a matchable status on Celebrity or Azamara) is a Crown & Anchor member. I forget now what they say... 11 million members, or is it 14 million? Still it doesn't really narrow it down much. 🙂
  11. There's another thread on this where someone just off a few sailings was able to do this with no issue on both.
  12. I think the TWO70 venue on Ovation of the Seas is an awesome asset for an Alaskan cruise. It will be a gorgeous view from a very comfortable spot.
  13. I believe they're usually available from your TV in the stateroom. And at the entrance to the main dining rooms are generally monitors that you can browse the menus through. All available from when you board. They may also be available at any of the information monitors on newer ships that have them.
  14. I'm really not of the opinion that report had really disturbing things. A lot of the discard date problems cited were basically 1 day off. I would call those technical violations not practical ones, mostly. Some of the areas identified as accumulating more than a days grease/dirt, etc., weren't exactly right in your face areas, but areas say between appliances/counter modules, and it's not like those areas were getting real food prepared right on the dirty parts. They apparently had some household-level coffee makers in employee areas that they discarded, etc. Records for a few things had typos (claimed) or were missed; not sure just a record of something is what I'd be concerned with. Also if you look at all the scores from Majesty of the Seas, it appears something of an aberration; they normally do pretty well. If you want a comparison, read the report for a ship scoring 100. The difference seems at least to some extent to be that they almost always immediately corrected the problem when found in the report from a ship scoring 100.
  15. Corrective Report for the 7/3/2019 Majesty of the Seas inspection is attached. You can review the scores and reports of any inspection for all cruise lines/ships at https://wwwn.cdc.gov/InspectionQueryTool/InspectionSearch.aspx. CAReport_19300822.pdf
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