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  1. dswallow

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne

    The ship has no rudder; the Azipods rotation is what allows that. If one were fixed, it would be useless if not detrimental during maneuvering.
  2. I wish folks could manage to actually provide a data point or two in price discussions. I've not been on a reposition/transatlantic/transpacific cruise yet, but I've looked a lot. This years itineraries are much higher out the gate than I've previously seen, and also seem to be fewer ports on many of them than I've seen before, though I haven't tried to go look for specific details yet. I know we need to expect some price movement as we're looking out 2-3 years in the future but some of it seems beyond just that sort of price adjustment. Certainly some "let's see what the market will bear" going on too.
  3. You can get rate quotes online for daytime hotel reservations at https://www.dayuse.com/
  4. dswallow

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne

    I'm solo in a 2D balcony on Anthem on 1/6/2019 that's $2,592 plus taxes, and $0 OBC. That's with the Diamond discount, though at the normal 200% solo supplement not your 150% (yet, at least!). Granted on this one I made the decision to go on that sailing a little late, in August 2018. I know there was a short window back in January where I got $175 OBC on each of 2 B2B Freedom cruises out of San Juan in Sept/Oct 2019, so am guessing your $300 OBC might've been from a booking made around then.
  5. If I had to hazard a guess, it's something they had to order and it isn't going to be ready until then, hence why they know so far in advance, and why they can't do it sooner if it's really a "maintenance issue of importance."
  6. dswallow

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne

    The New York - Newark - Jersey City Metropolitan Statistical Area had a 2017 population of 20,320,876 people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_metropolitan_area#Metropolitan_Statistical_Area
  7. dswallow

    RCCL ends association with Dreamworks

    You should first tell your kids you're canceling the cruise. When that disappointment registers, you can then tell them you won't cancel it after all but that the Dreamworks characters aren't going to be there.
  8. It'll be refunded as a refundable onboard credit, so if you don't use any/all of it during the cruise, it will go back to your credit card/form of payment. And non-refundable onboard credit does get used up first if both exist in your onboard account.
  9. dswallow

    RCCL ends association with Dreamworks

    /sarcasm. 🙂
  10. When the refreshment package is sold for $15-$17/ day there's possibly some value to get 2 refreshment packages in order that your daughter can get the drink package. But at $26-$29/day, that changes it up quite a bit. But if you decide to just preorder the refreshment and beverage packages, you might talk to someone at guest services once you get onboard about canceling the refreshment packages. You may encounter more accommodation that way than you'll get on the phone in advance. At the worst, you could also then just cancel all 3 packages if they won't cancel the refreshment packages alone. At least that way you won't be subject to paying full on-board pricing for any of it should you be able to buy it just for her once onboard.
  11. dswallow

    adjustment to sailing solo

    Your posts reminded me of something my sister talked about with me back when we were in our teen years. She asked me how I could go to a movie alone all the time. I said I preferred it since it let me watch the movie. I asked her how she could go with friends all the time and be constantly interrupted and distracted. 🙂 I most always travel alone. I certainly don't feel alone when I'm on a cruise, though. I find folks and interact and talk and do things and eat together or drink together or go to shows. I talk to strangers. They talk to me. But I also sort of do it from the perspective of being fine being alone (well, if being with my Kindle and reading everywhere is truly being "alone.") It's what I know. What I do. How I interact. And honestly I guess I can understand someone coming from the opposite of that, always having been traveling with someone, especially someone close, how then doing things alone would be so very different from what they're used to.
  12. I looked at that when they were released. There's really nothing about any of the prices I'd call "great" unless I was the one selling them. Greatly excessive, perhaps. And even the Junior Suite guarantee ($2440pp/do w/Diamond) is priced higher than the Ocean View w/Large Balcony ($2342pp/do w/Diamond). Granted, it's close, at least. 🙂 But Obstructed Ocean View w/Balcony at $1978pp/do (w/Diamond) is $165/day/pp/do, which I'd put at about $50-60/day/pp/do higher than "great". I know we all have different ideas of what good prices might be, but speaking in only adjectives really isn't particularly useful to anyone reading along. It's like stock market or currency reporting. "The market took a nosedive today" when the DJIA dropped 12 points, and then on a different day it drops 100 points and they'll say "The market closed slightly lower today."
  13. dswallow

    Royal Up Offers & Winners

    BTW, the meter is simply a linear relationship between your bid and the low/high bid it allows. Don't read anything into it.
  14. If you're on a sailing with a stop in San Juan, there's a Walgreen's right at the end of the pier.
  15. dswallow

    Reciprocal Status with Celebrity

    Log in to your Royal Caribbean account, go to your account settings using the drop-down in the upper-right cornet, and see if you've already been assigned a Captain's Club and/or a Le Club Voyage number. They'll be shown under "Other Loyalty Programs" at the bottom of the page.