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  1. Have at it. 🙂 Photo Puzzles | Custom Picture Puzzles | Collage.com
  2. The QR Codes aboard the ships actually use a service to redirect to a deep link based on some additional information. The Johnny Rockets QR Code redirects to: https://rcc.app.link/JohnnyRocketsMenu app.link is a commercial service hosted on Amazon servers (What is app.link | Branch) that provides this sort of thing; one part of the step is based on the browser to return code to redirect the link through an installed app based upon the detected device. In my case when I captured this, it's redirecting my browser to: http://ms-windows-store://pdp/?PFN&_bra
  3. I think we basically see the current interpretation of "fully vaccinated" by Royal Caribbean allows for no real scrutiny of vaccine dose dates when both doses are the same brand. Where the dates matter with specific minimum and maximum days between them is in the handful of allowed mixed doses they are now calling out specifically and accepting. Where there may be more wiggle room is if the mixed doses are at least both mRNA vaccines.
  4. And the followup letter the next day: 112-1_047023270354_DearColleagueLetterFollowup.pdf (2150.com) (Everything: Florida v. HHS, CDC (8:21-cv-00839) (2150.com))
  5. There's been no sign they'll start using vaccination as any sort of entry requirement. Unfortunately.
  6. The State of Florida filed their response to NCLH's motion for preliminary injunction. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd et al v. Rivkees, M.D. (1:21-cv-22492) (2150.com)
  7. If it hasn't been mentioned, anyone can use the Royal App and select this Allure sailing to see all the same info people onboard can see about the schedule, restaurants, entertainment and onboard activities. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page that would show your current bookings, select the "Get more details on ships we support" link; then select Allure of the Seas, and then select the 7/27 sailing.
  8. Considering all the extra doses folks basically say are just fine, I can't see anyone in those groups being particularly concerned about getting a third dose (say, of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine for the sake of a one-and-done dose record) in order to be able to have a document that is accepted as saying they really are fully vaccinated by Royal Caribbean or anybody else.
  9. Everything: Florida v. HHS, CDC (8:21-cv-00839) (2150.com) US Court of Appeals, 11th District, Case 12243, Florida v. HHS, CDC (2150.com) Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd et al v. Rivkees, M.D. (1:21-cv-22492) (2150.com)
  10. The preliminary injunction has no effect on sailings from New Jersey or Maryland or Texas or Washington or any other state except Florida. At best it may be argued that a sailing from one of those ports that visits a port in Florida falls under the preliminary injunction. But at the moment no cruise line has said anything other than they are following the CSO, even in Florida. It currently has no effect on any current sailings or plans for sailings until a cruise line decides to sail without consideration for the CSO.
  11. If you fly to San Juan (SJU) you can get the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine for free at the airport. Visitor Health & Safety Guidelines | Discover Puerto Rico
  12. If you fly to San Juan (SJU) you can get the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine for free at the airport. Visitor Health & Safety Guidelines | Discover Puerto Rico
  13. You're mischaracterizing the argument. They are different. The cruise lines simply are not transportation conveyances in any way like airlines, trains, buses or ferryboats. The cruise ships are vacation destinations that happen to move, too. But the argument over the draconian CDC behavior with regard to cruise ships was always that they placed almost no controls whatsoever on any real transportation conveyances; no testing, no vaccination requirements, no rules to clean airliners/trains/buses if later someone was found testing positive. And they were never shut down for 18 months. Nothing.
  14. Completely separately, I really don't think that a cruise ship should be considered public transportation/conveyance in the same way trains and airlines and buses and ferries are considered. But that's another fight for another day. 🙂
  15. Cool; it does appear that those in the UK have a 110% best price guarantee offer and in the US it's just 100% of the difference. I wonder if Royal Caribbean realizes this. Especially since the UK really never has had the ability to just call in and get the current lower price before final payment, only if they were willing to lose the deposit. 🙂 There's a link they refer to... What is the Best Price Guarantee Program? | Royal Caribbean Cruises which doesn't mention the 110% even when I set up everything to select the UK site. Can you check that from your end and see if it might men
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