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  1. Yep were on the dawn 15-22 and had received the same text. Except people showed up around 9:45 and were able to start getting checked in and on the boat no problem. We arrived around 11:30 and walked through everything and right onto the boat with no problems. Now getting off was the nightmare. 3 hours for self disembarkment!
  2. Do they offer a shuttle to the port? We're on the east coast and within a few hours from each of several ports but would love to take a cruise from the west coast some time.
  3. Just did the Dawn the 15-22. I cruised with a toddler and wasn't impressed in their kids club but understand smaller ship means less room available for toys and such. My son only spent 2 hours on day 2 there and refused to return after that. We did love that the kid's pool area had an actual pool and not just a splash pad as many other, some even larger, ships. We stayed in a mini-suite and loved it. Very roomy and the pull-out couch was very comfortable. The safe worked in our room but many others on the ship with us, including another room in our party, the safe did not work. Ship was short staffed and it showed. Any time we sat down to eat in the main dining rooms it would take 3 hours! And, they were out of Moscato before we even pulled out of port and never did get stocked the entire 8 days. They were out of Pina Colada mixture day 1-3 or so. As another poster mentioned, we experienced trouble with the "freestyle" dining. Many dining options, including the large main dining rooms, would fill up with reservations and become an hour plus wait to even be seated. We gave up after the 3rd night and just ate at the buffet the rest of the time. We had a server 1 night spill water all over the table and us because, even though she tried 3 times, she missed our cups each time. And that was while we were still "in port" in Tampa (we'd pulled away from the dock but weren't out of the bay yet). Two of the three nights in the main dining party members were not asked at what level they'd like their steak cooked and so it was just always brought out medium rare. My sisters kept having issues with their PBP. My middle sister kept being told she didn't look like her photo. The other had to carry around her DL because they kept saying there was no way she was old enough. We also had an issue one night in bliss where, after only 1 drink, both my sisters and 2 cousins were told they were drunk and the bartender wouldn't serve them. Guest service employees were rude any time we had to go to them to ask a question. Entertainment was decent. Not as elaborate as some of the bigger ships but not terrible either. Prices for bingo and deal or no deal were very expensive, but the cruiseline has to make money somewhere. We liked that the ship had a smaller casino. Some of the bigger ships the casino is so large and impossible to get to some areas easily without walking through it. On the Dawn I'll be honest, I didn't even find the casino until day 3 or 4. The shore excursion desk was a headache for the simple fact they didn't know the information about their own excursions. We booked one that stated ages 3 and under were free but on day 1 they called our room to say my son, age 3, would need a ticket because NCL's policy is anyone 2-12 needs a child ticket. I had to go down to the desk and argue with them. The guy had no idea and kept insisting I had to pay. I had to highlight in the information about the excursion where it said 3 and under were free. Then he had to go to the manager before it got all worked out. Then when the excursion had to be modified (because some of it was canceled due to weather) we went through the issue again. Our room steward was amazing (sad I didn't catch his name) as was Horace from the buffet area (really all the buffet staff). Chelsea from the jewelry shop was awesome. She's from Roatan (one of our ports) and we had a nice chat about our sons [roughly the same age]. Getting off the ship was a nightmare though. I'm not sure if it was NCL or just the port in Tampa, but it took us almost 3 hours to self-disembark. We've done that on all cruises and never taken more than 45 minutes to get off the boat and through customs. Pictures were cute but SO expensive. Many others on our ship were just as frustrated and disappointed getting off the ship where there were others who weren't bothered by anything. It is all in the eyes of the beholder.
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