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  1. Sunset from QM2 Caribbean cruise a few years ago December 29, 2011
  2. We had 1 ancelled this July and next July Alaska was also cancelled and have just canceled our Xmas 2021 cruise...it was just going to be too much for airfare at Xmas and gives us an excuse as we really not comfortable cruising, maybe in 2022, we kept our FCC which we hope to use again. (We have 3 years left to use) hoping for better times ahead stay safe everyone
  3. We received noticed yesterday that our July 12 2021 cruise has been cancelled..that’s 2 now, hoping our final Cruise still booked leaving dec 23 2021 canaries island stay as an option..
  4. We are also on the May 21st cruise, as paid already, will not cancel as presuming rcl will do that. If not we will cancel using the 48 hours cancellation option,,we have another one booked for Feb 6, 2021 which we will leave for now. also have another cruise booked on cunard for July 31st, final payment was due this week, but they reduced the time to 60 days last week, we will leave for now, but I already cancelled our Aeroplan tickets as they had a full refund option if cancel by March 31st,,worst case if goes ahead we can also rebook,,,just not sure we will feel safe regardless...
  5. We got an email today at noon advising they are changing final payment due from 120 days to 60..changed for cruises sailing July 1 through sept 30th ..happy with that as was due next week
  6. I was just re reading this as well as we are on the july 31 QM2 sailing, the title says, all booking departing BEFORE July 31st, but then it reads if you are on a voyage sailing through July 31st is July 31st departure sailing covered...
  7. If we do pay and cunard ends up cancelling do we have the option of full refund, ? i think so, but have read so many posts not clear anymore. 🙂 as noted our other cruises are good deals so would not want to cancel then rebook and loose free grat, cabin upgrade. Etc...unless price went lower but right now the one for dec 2021 is already showing $500 more than we booked a few months ago.
  8. I hope if a cruise is cancelled we can use to pay fcc for another cruise already booked. The site does say new bookings only as mentioned in this thread... We have a couple in 2021 that have free grats and room upgrade. That sale is no longer on, would be unfair I feel to make us rebook..and loose what we have,,,,debating as our July 31st cruise payment is due April 2..I have no issues in paying, but don’t want to have to rebook to use and loose the benefit we already have,,,hoping that the cruise does not get cancelled, ....
  9. If a cruise is cancelled and we are given fcc, can the credit be applied to another already booked cruise to pay the balance when due. Especially if get 125%... debating as final payment due April 2nd for July 31st sailing, we are ok with fcc if cancelled as long as we can use it for 1 of our 2 cruises planned in 2021
  10. New notification from work today, along with several countries on the list, those returning for a cruise are to self isolate for 14 days..our cruise is on May 21 as already paid, will wait for a while to see what happens,,we we’re diving to port vs flying already so no airports Work has no time line. Until notified otherwise if cancel no biggie, already have another cruise in feb booked..only sad part would be loosing the great deal we got for premium drink package...
  11. We have never had an issue with getting OBC with a future cruise certificate ...unless something has changed since early December. We used our last one for the sale that had free grat, and upgrade from OV to BC. This was a cruise 2 years in advance
  12. Last cruise, just before getting off I went down to get one last latte, was disappointed to learn it was not included, my package had ended...
  13. Hi I can reply as to the different packages received, I called cunard directly and asked for the premiere soft drink package for myself and alcohol for my husband In early November, the cunard rep said it was ok, even though I mentioned I thought we both had to get the same ..I booked it right away, I enquired again this past weekend for a future cruise, and the rep states they can no longer take reservations/payments from passengers. We either have to do it on line or when we get on board..I think it is unfair to ask us to both have the same..they will loose an alcohol package fr
  14. Copied the info, and pasted QM2, it worked https://carnivaluk.metafaq.com/resources/carnivaluk/life-on-board/QM2_2020_dress_code.pdf And for QE https://carnivaluk.metafaq.com/resources/carnivaluk/life-on-board/QE_2020_dress_code.pdf
  15. How many formal nights were there in total on the 10 day, we are going in June 2021..
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