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  1. Have a great compact canon. With 40 zoom, taken approx at 9 am on dec 8th, this new one is even closer and another further away
  2. Pic taken on dec 8 in port just before disembarking
  3. We have done both, regular cabin and grills lounge , both have the same assortment but the grills is very quick as a small group, was usually in and out in 10 -15 mins.. we were on QM2 inmate November and they walked around with items, no stands with food..in the grills concierge lounge, yes they have items that are self serve at that time of afternoon tea
  4. Funny, we are doing the same thing, this year we did the November Caribbean cruise, next year will be the round trip 16 night leaving NYC on the 10th,,,we enjoy the ship so much this felt like the best thing as will have 12 sea days and 6 formal nights and the price was about the same and get 4 more nights
  5. We’ve been in reg and recently princess grill, we thought the coffee was great in the grills especially when we use real cream..(which we save from another breakfast order with coffee)...it was so good we proceeded to buy the same illy coffee at home, to be disappointed that it did not taste the same...room service coffee is good in grills or Britannia..why not spoil yourselves
  6. We asked on the nov 25th cruise and were told both of us required to buy the package. I don’t drink so not worth it. For the the coffee we were on QM2 in August and bought a coffee card for $38, which worked out to $3.80 per cup, then on Queen Elizabeth, they had a coffee package, same as this one but it was $8.50 a day, and I only bought it...even that was hard had to have 3 good lattes to go past the value...$15 is too high bring back the coffee card, either one of us or both could get a coffee...
  7. We travelled on qm2 this summer, received our large case after embankment with missing wheel, made it really awkward for getting off and on to next ship then airport at the end...that one got thrown out. They broke another one on Saturday as we disembarked in nyc, cracked the case and broke a wheel, and we had another broken in 2011, they do not cover any damage...so far 3, as far as I know they were within the limit, so I feel not so much how much they weigh , but the problem can be how they load, stack and unload luggage
  8. We just got off QM2 and I saw more shorter dresses and pant with nice tops vs gowns this time...as noted maybe more at Xmas, but expect not all gowns.
  9. We are on our way home...great cruise...but I did notice a slight decline in dress...men are still mostly in tuxes on gala nights, but long evening gowns are not seen as much as in past cruises ...would say maybe 20%..this is the first time I felt overdressed. Also not a lot of ties on the other nights for men, mostly shirt with jackets..saw the same thing on QE this last summer the weather was great as were the seas...food excellent as normal. looking forward to our cruise next nov 10th
  10. Hi Mudhen, we will see you onboard and maybe at dinner as we are in PG as well
  11. We booked yesterday for 16 night nyc to nyc November 2019. Price in Canadian was $3311 for DF on the 19th. Yesterday it was $2999. But no OB or free grat for Britainna. But the price difference from the day before was still better even taking into account the cost of grat. Note. As this was a discount sale future cruise credits are not allowed. Which is not in the fine print on certificate nor website. But it is in cunards notes for the sale code.
  12. All items for my outfit, dress, shoes etc bought on amazon, white tux vest also bought on amazon for the tux. for the Cunard ball, wore red dress, and for the upcoming cruise will be wearing gold dress
  13. Pic of ginger house from 2016, if I recall it was a chocolate train last year but can’t find a picture
  14. We were on the Xmas cruise last year so the decorations must have been done after the premiere...was perfectly decorated when we got on dec 22nd
  15. Pic from Nov 30, 2016, decorations started around the 28th, fun to see more and more appear each day..on same cruise this year starting Nov 25th...heard the same thing about the Canadian company
  16. your cruise card is your door card and I have seen many sparkly land yards...I just give mine to my husband to Carry If I don’t have a purse or pockets in my outfit 😀 and the room safe is a code you enter
  17. When we were on QE this summer...the price of the cruise we wanted to book was very high, they recommended we purchase a future cruise certificate for a deposit of $360 CAN each...good for 4 years...so can wait til a good deal comes along and then book and get the standard credit you would get if booked on board.. Interested in the platinum comment, how much credit are you offered, we are going on QM2 in late November and will be our first cruise as platinum Sent from my iPad using Forums
  18. The same thing happened to us a few cruises ago, we booked a room on deck 8 with a little bit of a view, but noted we would take an upgrade..ended up on deck 4, technically sheltered balcony is in a higher category than instructed view on deck 8 in the end we paid more and got a better room but we have had sheltered a few times, it is ok as you have a full view, but only when standing, and I found the room slightly darker than a room with a glass balcony find it interesting that deck 4 is not an option when you book, I think it is reserved to move people around. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  19. Loved it, upgraded last Xmas on QM2 when we saw the price dip for a few days..it was amazing, personally not worth the huge price difference as we can get 2 cruises for the price of one, but when a deal is too be had, go for it...the grill lounge was great for relaxing before dinner and having afternoon tea in a personalized setting..they also had a few private grill lounge entertainment options that we loved...the personal attention to detail at dinner etc is also amazing... Sent from my iPad using Forums
  20. Just got our assignment today ..got a P1 midship Sent from my iPad using Forums
  21. We too have a guaranteed p2..sailing on QM2 nov 25th, first time trying a guarantee, as all cabins are to the front.. picking one did not make much difference to us...will be interesting to see where we end up.,category shows sold out at this time... Sent from my iPad using Forums
  22. We sailed on QM2 this summer, brought our own darts and played on our own as well as joining the competitions where we all had to use the same ones...we then got on QE2 and where very disappointed to see that the dart board was only useable during the daily competition as there is a table in the way , as this is a pub, was expecting the same as QM2 Sent from my iPad using Forums
  23. I called today to make a change to our next cruise..I asked about it, she said it was new package Cunard are trying that you buy when getting on board. I asked if both passengers had to buy it and she said no...I had the coffee package this summer on QE2 but it was only $8.50 plus grat..and only I had to buy it. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  24. Found some info - that states $69 per day... Would you know if all passengers in the same cabin have to take it like other cruises or just the one who wants to take this package. I would like the old coffee card on QM2 I had this summer, $15 per day seems very high just for specialty coffee, cost more than 3 coffees Sent from my iPad using Forums
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