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  1. Have bought Air for November Explorer, so hoping things start soon !!
  2. I cannot assume any start date for Regent, however, HOPE it is not later than early Fall, so our first cruise of THIS YEAR on Splendor November 2 will be a reality. We have flight reservation and ready to go !! Still, don't see the logic of Bahamas cruises by Crystal , and its vaccine and other regulations , having ANY bearing on Regent cruises in EUROPE or ASIA
  3. Am I the ONLY one thinking that what CRYSTAL requires/offers has no bearing on what Regent will, when Regent starts cruises ?. And all above discussions belong on Crystal board, and not HERE?
  4. Am I the only one noticing PROFUSE number of posts by same posters , which are fairly irrelevant at PRESENT time ? Like Bitob said, FOR NOW, decide whether you want to go on offered cruises this summer or not. What comes later in the year or next year is unknown at present
  5. A month ago, Crystal informed our TA that ALL refunds will be paid by the end of April. Now they are hedging again . We will continue to wait and see!! (Meanwhile have made 5 cruise reservations on other lines , starting November 2021)
  6. I agree about the use of "congestion' as an excuse. We are booked on a cruise in July 2022(another cruise line, not Princess),with ONE WEEK of it in Norway, including full day in Bergen.
  7. So are we, and I recruited 4 other couples to join us !!. Never been to Norway, and look forward to it. Have been to some of the other stops including St. Petersburg Was hoping to get Penthouse accommodations, but none was available (for upgrade) Ended up with F1.
  8. Received news from our TA (in response to inquiring about our refund) that Crystal has stated earlier this week that " all refunds should be processed back to your credit cards no later than 4/30/21." --Let's hope that they live up to this(SORRY for broken post)
  9. Just to get back to the DESIGNATED subject of this forum: ---Still "impatiently" waiting for refund of Cruise scheduled for August 2020, cancelled in May 2020
  10. As it would be expected, all major cruise lines are going to require vaccination , it is only matter of time for other announcements
  11. Hi dkayokay Just for your information, the cruise I referred to will be our FIRST Regent experience, we had reserved World cruise 2020, but fortunately cancelled before hand . So, by no means I am defending Regent "blindly", maybe your poor experience reflects difference between agents in UK and US
  12. Just would like to voice OPPOSITE experience with excursion situation . We also "inserted" our excursion choices twice, and see them disappear, so called regent and spoke to an agent ,Nancy. She took the time and registered us for all the excursions right away.
  13. Thanks cr8tiv1, your previous post made me think there would be LESS days for Casino . THIS sounds better!!
  14. There are 4 sea days in beginning and 4 sea days at the end of the LA-Hawaii cruise. How many of those days Casino is open?
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