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  1. Will wait for Keith's answer, but I am aware of Halter Ranch winery in Pao Robles, that they offer Crystal cruisesj
  2. ORV That was good !!! got a big smile out of it!i
  3. Keith First of all thanks for the details...as always!! Really glad to see Crystal joined the other cruise lines to include laundry and on board medical care, that will make my decision much easier!!
  4. Hi Mura I haven't been to Vista (have been in OC though); but doesn't Vista have an "exercise/gym" area?
  5. sorry for the spelling (wat=what) A $7.99 (red wine) bottle at store is listed at $50 on ship menu
  6. Yes, for $36 you can get a 5 times better wine at TOTAL wine store than wat is on the ship,
  7. +++++ Agree ORV, glad THIS comment came from someone with more experience than I have had on this board; it won't be a criminal act if someone walks with an open bottle of wine, corked well so doesn't spill, to restaurant and pays corkage (if needed),
  8. just to be more clear, my understanding is you CAN bring a glass of wine out of cabins/restaurants, IF the wine is from complimentary bottles (6) you receive , in bigger suites
  9. just to give an update: I cancelled a 2020 cruise AFTER I had booked a different 2020 trip, and received the cancellation "credit", $1000 for 2 of us, on the already 2020 booked cruise Hope this helps to clear some of the concern/worries about this issue
  10. Try to be a little more "informative", title without any reasons/observations not very helpful
  11. Thanks Keith My TA said I could apply the cancellation, even though I have not yet cancelled and have booked another 2020 cruise....SO I hope she is right , if not, she needs to SHARE the burden!!
  12. Did you cancel first and then book the other? I am cancelling a trip, but already have booked another (2020),and hope it won't be a problem
  13. Thanks cbb I am also interested in segments, not 180 days, so anxious to see the detail....overall liked 2019 a little better than 2020
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