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  1. Just saw "wait list" sign on all categories of Mariner Oct.12 (10 days) Cruise, planned for LA to mexican coast. So obviously it is cancelled
  2. ------Keith said: "But really I think you are filled with doom and gloom whether or not you realize this and I am not in the camp that the norm is over. In fact, I do not believe it for a second. I really don't. Obviously you do but I don't. Enough said." --Keith , I am of same opinion as yours, and sort of tired of similar statements by "supposedly knowledgeable " people. The reality is that all over the world, huge "truly professional groups with advanced technical support" are diligently working to decipher this virus, and find ways to control it, vaccine or otherwise. Just because we are in "medical field' does not make us semi-experts in an unknown entity such as this virus. I am amazed(negatively) at the repetitious number of posts by these "semi-experts" on ANY topic that touches on POSSIBLE effects of the virus.
  3. That is why it would be foolish to send more "funds' to Crystal until we know the "cash strain " is not a TERMINAL problem for them; …. We have late January 2021 cruise , that if not cancelled, will have final payment due late August and we plan to request crediting it with funds owed to us from our August 2020 cruise cancellation.
  4. We plan to go on October 12 cruise, IF in next 6-8 weeks it appears that Cruise will not be cancelled. We have not yet deposited or reserved, and I tend to believe there are others like us, so they may get to 50% (or close to it) capacity.
  5. I hope your interpretation is right Carole…and "open for booking" also applies "open for refund" !!.. In your case they have passed the 90 days obviously
  6. It appears that 90 "regular' days is NOT being met, as I have repeatedly "quoted" Crystal agents, stating "90 business days" appears to be the "hopeful' deadline.
  7. As I have mentioned before, repeated calls from our TA to Crystal have resulted in statement of "90 business days" by different Crystal agents.
  8. You are not too far from Los Angeles, take a look at Mariner October 12 cruise , 10 days... It MAY happen !!
  9. ----------"However, due to what just happened in New Zealand, our January 2021 New Zealand/Australia cruise may not sail. " What just happened in New Zealand?
  10. My evidence is EXACTLY the other cruise line forums, I have been monitoring Oceania, Regent, and a little bit Holland. While there are some complaints everywhere, they are definitely doing better than Crystal. My cruise on Symphony scheduled for August was cancelled over 2 weeks ago, and I have been told , REPEATEDLY, that refund may take 90 BUSINESS days....as far as I know, no other cruise line is quoting 90 BUSINESS days
  11. What appears to be unique to Crystal is that they are doing WORSE than most cruise lines in refunding ….. in reasonable time anyway
  12. --"Being on a ship with 700 passengers and crew is a disaster waiting to happen. "' That is why it is "imperative' not to have a "full' capacity, and reduce the number considerably, in the near future crusing
  13. Thanks a lot, very helpful
  14. I wonder if any "regular" Regent cruisers have copy of "premium red wine " menu, those that are NOT covered (free), and requires extra payment. Thanks in advance. (please don't respond by telling me to call Regent! )
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