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  1. Shirin According to the information, passes will not be honored after January 2020, so if were thinking of using passes Dec.2020, it won't work.
  2. I concur, been receiving the offer several years, NOT taken
  3. Hope Barcelona unrest is gone for all who are going to be there in November...right now it looks bad
  4. Is that for 2020? if so, you won't be on Symphony January 5 ,2020 cruise
  5. good news , we will be on Symphony August 19th (and January 5).....looking forward to both
  6. I will also recommend OC (Oceania Suite). We had plenty of room for entertaining and had food with another couple, and snacks/drinks with 2 couples very comfortably
  7. Lyn, I think Jackie has already alluded to this FACT
  8. Have to "correct" you Rick here if you don't mind. While it is true that extra salty food could cause swelling of ankles, it would be in BOTH legs. Also usually we don't see elevated sodium level in cases like that. By the way I enjoy most of your posts.(and Jackie's)
  9. Lyn You understand it correctly, I have done it and then transferred to another cruise and did not lose the $200.Also as Ken mentioned the penalty is $1000, for longer cruises, which I also got credited with booking another cruise.
  10. Report post #12 Posted 8 hours ago If you are speaking about the Symphony Seabreeze SP it is quite a bit different the placement of the TVs are in different locations. This shows the TV in the Living room which is across from the couch. I didn't take a photo of it when we stayed in this room but on the wall behind this TV is where the other TV is located in the bedroom so if sitting in the bed the TV would be right in front of you a foot or two behind the foot of the bed. We love staying in this Seabreeze. Keith Thanks Keith Yes, I was referring to SP , and very glad to know that TV is in front of you when in bed, actually my wife is the "glad" one!! she watches lot of TV from bed at night !!
  11. we are booked on Symphony Seabreeze "Suite", is the TV situation same as PH Seabreeze?
  12. ORV I think we are not talking about same person
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