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  1. I just read a news article about crew members. They are reporting that they are forced into room together and NCL is not caring much about keeping them distanced. Is this must another way for NCL to try to save some money? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8282685/Norwegian-Escape-cruise-workers-share-rooms-amid-coronavirus-pandemic-despite-big-space-availability.html
  2. If you cancel within guildlines, the payment in which you used goes back to you. So since that rebooked cruise was not done with a credit card, you would not be eligible to get a credit card refund.
  3. Even in the worst case that a particular line goes under, their ships would be sold off and would take operation under some other entity. So cruising will be fine and well in the long run.
  4. Yeah, it is a cash grab. Hoping to get your money to help their bottom line right now
  5. I find that the ships and their Captions do what is best for the crew and passengers. The corporate side seems to be the one failing.
  6. I think that speak volumes, you being Platinum Plus. I tend to look at the positive side. Try to be as balanced as possible. But i have reached that tipping point
  7. During this whole epidemic, I have been looking into how various cruise lines have been responding and treating their customers. I feel that NCL has done a very poor job. Between the leaked emails encouraging rep to lie to customers. NCL saying that they will resume operations in April. The way they are holding peoples money. The way that they will not let you use the FCC towards things that your money originally went to. My question is this.... For those who plan to resume normal operations, will you seek other cruise lines. I was very happy with just staying with NCL and
  8. No one will really know, but i would bet the house that is too early. Way to early
  9. Yeah. I am 99.9999% betting on the fact that this will be canceled. Just as I am certain that my end of April Encore cruise is going to be cancelled.
  10. I agree. I am just waiting for the announcement of my April cruise to be cancelled. Some of my roll call people are still holding out hope. I am thinking that the major lines are going to wait for last minute to try to control some of the incoming call volume and requests.
  11. What if for some reason they actually sail, will you be going on the cruise?
  12. I am booked at the last week of April, and I am 100% convinced that it is being cancelled. The only reason I haven't cancelled it on my own yet is that I am waiting to see if I get offered a cash refund for increased FCC
  13. I see what this is trying, but it would not work. Because the rebook would be using a FCC, even if NCL cancels and offers a refund, that would just reinstate the FCC back to her account. The OP would not get cash.
  14. It would be a complete guessing game. My rule of thumb is if you are happy with the price and perks, then pull the trigger. If the price dramatically changes between now and final payment, you can rebook with the current rates and promos at that time.
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