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  1. Thanks, guys. I will definitely keep the 75 to 10 to 95 route in mind. I might still get a Peach Pass just in case. Only 149 days to go.
  2. Ok, I guess I should probably get a Peach Pass. I can always try the Express or HOT lanes if I happen to be near Atlanta or maybe I can convince my husband to cruise a bit more frequently so I can use it up on a return trip to Miami. Thanks for all the help.
  3. I guess I’m mostly leery of leaving money on my Peach Pass account that I won’t use. My understanding is you put a set amount of money on your account and the tolls pull from that. If your balance gets low, you have to put more money on it. I don’t know if you can just put a few dollars or it has to be like $20.
  4. Most of the threads showing in search talk about using a rental car with a rented Sun Pass. I am driving from middle Georgia to Miami in December. I’m just starting to look at the route, and Google Maps is showing the fastest way is going straight down the Florida Turnpike or a slightly longer route by staying on I-75. Both of these options say they include tolls. I know I can get a Georgia Peach Pass, and it will work on the Sun Pass system. However, I will have no need of it in the immediate future because I hardly ever go into Atlanta and can avoid those lanes anyway. In researching, the Sun Pass website says for those areas where I can’t pay cash that I can do a toll payment by car license plate. I can get a bill at the end of the month for whatever tolls I didn’t pay plus a $2.50 administrative fee. I know I’m looking at $20-$30 in tolls one way depending on where exactly I exit and how I’m paying. Any thoughts on getting the Peach Pass versus doing a combo of paying cash and toll by plate?
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