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  1. Looks like a much better alternative than cabbing it. Thanks!
  2. Where does one catch this water taxi? Anywhere in Manhattan?
  3. This. It’s not about the fact that noro happened, it’s about how it was handled. O had an opportunity to express how much they value my business. Their message was received and understood. Time to move on.
  4. We were on the Marina this past March when there was a Noro outbreak. Aside from all the “stuff” mentioned above, the Concierge Lounge, for which we paid a handsome premium, was essentially shut down for 12 of the 18 days we were aboard. The crew invoked their protocol and did what they needed to do. I can’t criticize them at all. Afterwards, however, I wanted to have some contact with O to discuss what happened and what we paid for and didn’t get. The answer I expected was “Sorry, but that’s life,” but at least I wanted to talk to someone in person. After multiple attempts I gave up. I was stonewalled. Utterly ignored. They didn’t even have the courtesy to talk to me, which actually did more harm to the relationship than the on-board experience. For the sake of a ten minute phone call O lost a repeat client. I hope your experience is better. (By the way, when one ship has two outbreaks in less than a year, and apparently three in two years, one has to start asking what’s going on with this ship.)
  5. My own experience after a less-than-satisfactory experience earlier this year is that O is not the least bit interested in hearing from you after your cruise is over. My advice is don't waste the electrons, it won't get you anywhere.
  6. Agree with the above, but we were on Marina this past March and the internet was almost unusable. Unless it has improved it probably won't work for voice calls or video calls like Facetime. Even the crew admitted that it was no good.
  7. Another interesting note: “Inver” means “Mouth of”, hence Mouth of Gordon in modern lingo.
  8. You can see George Heriot's School (aka Hogwarts) in the distance at the right middle of this photo.
  9. Enjoyed reading this! My father was born and raised in Edinburgh, emigrated to Canada when he was 16. Here are a couple of interesting notes. Many years ago he had a dog he named Deacon Brodie. I never realized the significance of the name until I walked the Royal Mile and spotted Deacon Brodie's Tavern. Deacon Brodie was the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He attended a boys' school called George Heriot's School, which was founded in 1628 and is still operating as a school today. It is a large castle-like building an easy walk from the Royal Mile. It was used as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies.
  10. I was there about five years ago with a group of 11, mostly aged 65+. I was 60 ish. MP and the Sacred Valley didn't bother me. In Cusco while walking around I had to stop every 5 or 10 minutes and take a few deep breaths. Had a little trouble sleeping, but otherwise was okay. A few in the group began taking the medication to avert altitude sickness, but stopped after a couple of days because of the side effects. What I heard was that they had a distinct metallic taste while taking the med. Other than that, everyone in the group made the trip okay. Oxygen was available in the hotels I stayed at.
  11. I find it mildly amusing and an insight into human nature that my question about alternative cruise lines morphs into a discussion of corkscrews. And I don’t even drink!
  12. We disembarked the Marina there in April, the only ship in port. We waited until near the end because our hotel wasn’t far away. The taxi stand across the street had a block-long queue, with cabs arriving about one per minute, so very slow. The wait looked to be at least 40-45 minutes. I joined the queue and then called an Uber. It arrived in about 10 minutes and we boarded it just around the corner. Based on that experience I would suggest you assess the situation when you disembark. If it’s the same zoo, or worse with two ships in, I would cross the street, walk up the block a bit away from the chaos and get your car there.
  13. Thanks, everyone. Good food for thought. I find it remarkable the number of people who have commented (both in these forums and independently) to the effect that O's on board experience is good but the service from the Miami office is not good. My problem is not a specific issue, it's more of a systemic attitude issue related to how certain matters are handled and how clients (not customers) are handled. When I pay upwards of $10,000 for a service I like to feel that my business is valued. At the moment I'm not getting that feeling from O. I'm just another number. As for "refined demographics", after having done 20+ cruises there is no doubt that some lines and ships have different levels of "refinement" than others. I have called it the riff-raff factor in the past. 😉 That's why we avoid the likes of HAL and Princess now. The riff raff factor is definitely higher.
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