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  1. If Carnival was to change the protocols from what they have stated, we are gone from them.
  2. Big enough for one person, not two.
  3. Go to the horses mouth for info. Carnival's website has a banner at the top giving you the latest information.
  4. mets123, I agree. We were so disappointed after hearing all the praise about, then the bartender got them out of a bulk frozen drink machine.
  5. I would recommend renting a car. After El Yungue, drive on out to Fajardo. Nice drive up beaches there. Also some roadside food stands that are pretty good. Also, Google the pork highway. Plenty of info there. There are a bunch of lechonaras along this winding road into the mountains. If you like pork, this the the place to go. The islands not that big so you can see a good chunk of it in a couple days.
  6. If you are interested in something not crowded and quiet, try Corona Beach or Playa Corona. No cover, pay as you go, cold beer and margaritas, great ceviche, good tacos. Not much of a beach but more of a snorkeling area with half way decent snorkeling. Easy entry and exit to the water. About a $10 cab ride from the Carnival pier. You can see the Carnival pier off in the distance from Corona. My wife and I stopped doing tours several years ago and go here every opportunity. Palapas' , shower to rinse off and massage if you desire.
  7. Go ahead and book it. We have been booked on the Magic for October 10 for a while now. There always a chance but odds right now, it won't be cancelled.
  8. Are there any whale shark tours out of Progreso? If so, how was your experience?
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