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  1. Have fun wowzz. Travel really wasn't the same - only really went as hubby is a travel blogger. I won't be going away again until there is a vaccine, it's all too up in the air. Have a wonderful time in Seaton.
  2. Just back from Rhodes. Was lovely. The all inclusive resorts are doing their best - buffet was well managed - pools open - decent social distancing but Germans and French were the worst for it. We went with TUI - flight out was completely full. Flight back had some space for social distancing - empty rows at front of plane. It looked packed in the back though. About 20% of flight passengers are tested on arrival. You fill in a form for Greece and selection is based on cases in your residential area rather than completely random. We have had no case
  3. You're all right. I'll keep a hold of our October cruise and see if that happens. Feel like such a wimp saying it but I wanted a holiday to look forward to this summer. I care for my mum (with MS) and my husband who has a physical disability while working full time. Guess I'm just needing a break and have a bit of wishful thinking-itis.
  4. You're all echoing what I know deep down. Thankfully, I wouldn't miss the money until it was refunded. I'm very lucky in that aspect. Also, I'm in my 30's and in great health, so I can be a bit blasé with Covid-19. Regarding the 14 days I was hoping that, given France being exempt, perhaps all of Europe would follow. Pipe dream I guess! Should get my head out of the clouds.
  5. Afternoon all! Just going to preface this by saying, yes I probably am crazy, but given everything in my life I want to get away this year. I was due to fly to Egypt on Friday which is just not happening and I am completely turned off the idea of trying to vacation outside Europe in summer 2020. Would I be mad to book onto the Aurora voyage on 30 August? We're also booked for the Britannia transatlantic on October 23, but I have doubts about that as well in case of a second wave. What does everyone think? Am I crazy or should I go for it?
  6. Hi there. We did this in May of this year and it was very simple. Pickup is near the premier Inn/Harvester, right near the disabled parking in front of the Harvester itself. Pick up was 8am. Hope that helps!
  7. That's what I was worried about. We have not yet been to Rome on a longer city break because we stayed there for one day on either side of our MSC cruise, and found the city was not to our liking. Was hoping over a few cruises we'd get to see the sites we wanted to. I have found out that we call into Rome on a Sunday, so Vatican museums, etc... will be closed. Saves me the worry of trying to fit too much into one day. Can concentrate on the other sites, and come back to do the Vatican another time.
  8. Hi everyone! Been well and truly bitten by the P&O cruise bug. I keep wanting to run off to sea so badly I'm now looking at getting a job on a ship in the fleet in the next few years! Because of our new found love of the life at sea, I'm looking at booking a Mediterranean cruise on Britannia for May 2020 (addition to our November 2019 on Aurora, and the transatlantic Caribbean in October 2020.) However, we have done a Mediterranean cruise in the past on MSC, and found that the tours were not the best value for money. We would hope to at least do a tour of Rome,
  9. Interested in replies! I'm booked on the October 23 2020 15 Night Transatlantic Caribbean on Britannia. Not sure if that is the one you were considering booking - it has three variants.
  10. I also have just got back from Aurora. Was in a large inside cabin. Even though I love hot showers, and my husband loves a coffee, we had no humidity concerns at all. Hope that helps.
  11. As promised, now that I am back at work, I have prepared a review of my time on Aurora for a two-week Baltic Cruise. The Journey to Southampton We got the free coach as part of our Select fare from Bolton to Southampton. Thankfully we did, as there was a crash on the M6 which closed the motorway. Ater a long, nearly 9 hour journey through the back roads of Wales, we arrived in Southampton at around 4:45pm. We were due to arrive before 2pm, with Aurora sailing at 4:30pm. If we had not taken the coach, concievably we would have missed our cruise departure. The coach itself w
  12. As promised I'll attach some photos of our large inside B122. If anyone has any questions let me know. I will post a comprehensive review of the cruise and ship when I get home (am currently on the shuttle bus back to the north after leaving Aurora.)
  13. Hiya, Just have a look here: https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/life-on-board/dress_code_all It will allow you to select your ship, download the file and just find your cruise. It'll tell you all the theme nights, number of black ties, etc... Enjoy your holiday
  14. Thanks so much for that! I will 'decant' it to a solid rucksack and go overkill and wrap it in bubble wrap. Can you tell I love my gin? 🙂
  15. Just a quick question (sorry to derail), but can you take standard hard sided airplane carry-on luggage on the bus? I only ask because it will be carrying our most precious cargo. Two bottles of gin 😉
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