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  1. I've attempted to reschedule our 3/14 sailing though multiple reps today at NCL and their lack of customer service is apparent. They act like they are keeping Coronavirus off of their ships and are Superior to CCL and RCL. Unbelievable. Sure hope corporate steps up and changes the policy. Just cancelled our 10 day Med cruise on the Getaway for June 2021. No way are they getting my future business after today.
  2. Looks like Regents' policy starts on sailings from 4/3/20. Hope NCL let's those sailing in March to reschedule like Carnival and Royal. Not going to be happy if they exclude our sailing.
  3. Yes, but good customer service is good customer service. Depending on how NCL handles this going forward will determine if I book with them again. I understand shareholder demands typically go against what's right for the customer, but being a leader in the industry for outstanding customer service goes a long way in my book. We will see how it all shakes out. Not a good situation for anyone right now.
  4. Because we are in uncharted waters, and many folks have jobs and children that would be negatively impacted if more quarantines occur. Viking is allowing folks booked to cancel and reschedule up to 2 years out. That's awesome customer service and the other cruiselines should follow. I still want to go, and I'm not asking for a refund, just the ability to move my sailing with credit.
  5. You're welcome! I even elevated to a supervisor, and no luck at this point. She did mention the policy could change in the coming days, but nothing yet. Fingers crossed, and now I've got to look for a backup plan should we stay home. At least we live in Florida, so alternatives shouldn't be too bad.
  6. We are booked on the Escape leaving the 14th, but waiting to see what happens to the Grand Princess. At this point, they should let everyone leave and go home. The virus is already spreading across the country and these limited quarantines won't stop the eventual spread. I'm far less concerned with the virus, and worry more about being stuck on the ship or an off-site facility. Tried calling NCL today, but they won't budge an inch on their policy. At this point, waiting to see what happens over the weekend and may end up cancelling next week if the Grand Princess is quarantine
  7. Keep checking the Sail Away category, as on the Away-class ships there are 4 forward cabins that are in the BX category that have extra large balconies, and if they aren't taken or someone cancels, they might open up. We were able to snag 8712 on the Escape in March under the Sail Away category, and I just checked our sailing again and 8112 is open to select now (8110, 8112, 8710 and 8712 are the 4 cabins). Once those are taken, it moves to the random assignment option. Good luck and I hope you continue to heal and get back to normal! Love your cruise reviews and recommendations!
  8. You will definitely get Platinum on the first week of the B2B. We just got back from the Magic and did a B2B, with my official Platinum level hit on the 2nd week. The first week I had Platinum status and it was on my boarding documents, etc.
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