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  1. With the amount of your deposit, did you book a suite? The deposits on grand suites and up are always non-refundable.
  2. I found a couple of more pictures of a different one we had on Allure with the fold down beds.
  3. I have sailed in one of these as well; however, I was in 12648 which used to be the presidential suite before they split it into 2 two bedroom grand suites so it didn’t have the beds that fold down above the twin beds. This is the best picture I have.
  4. We have had #5 in the past as well and it does have easier access to the beach. I’m sure you’ll love whatever you end up with!!
  5. There is a metal ladder between the 2 cabanas. Not the most comfortable but just take your time. The depth is probably 3-4 feet. You might want to consider one of the beach cabanas that are right in front of the water if it is a concern. If your kids are pretty young that might be a better option. I have teenagers so they are self sufficient, mostly. LOL *sorry! Just noticed the post with the ages of your kids
  6. W6 is my personal favorite. It seems to be more private and I love the view of the ship.
  7. We were star class last October. Star class gets first dibs on barefoot beach cabanas and then the rest of the suites can book them. When you hear from your genie about a month out just specifically tell them what kind of cabana you want and you should have no problem getting what you want. I even requested a specific one and I got it.
  8. We have stayed in 12648 on the Allure. It takes a long time to fill them up. You shouldn’t have any trouble fitting 4 people into one. They are quite roomy. We didn’t use ours nearly as much as we thought we would but our next door neighbors used theirs all the time.
  9. Congratulations! The 2 bedroom aqua suites are amazing. I will never be the same after sailing in one. Appreciate it and take it all in!!!
  10. This sounds like the same guy I saw on the Oasis last November. He spent a lot of time on the oral sex angle. I was with my mother and I had taken her on the cruise because we just lost my grandmother. I was hoping to have some laughs to relieve our grief. Instead, I was mortified sitting through this part of the show next to my mom. We didn’t leave but I was very uncomfortable.
  11. I was on Indy in March in a suite. They swiped our cards. I have never had them swiped on an Oasis class ship in a suite. At the end of our Indy cruise I had $100 charge for pool towels. I was very careful to turn them all in so I had to make a trip to guest services late the last night. Good thing I checked my account before disembarkation morning!
  12. There is no escorted departure for junior suites unless I am missing some other quick/early off that I have missed while staying in one. It has only been for grand suites and above.
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