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  1. Oskidunker, The deck plans for the QV are available on the US Cunard web site which presently looks like this: From there scroll down about half way to you see the Queen Victoria: Scroll down about 2/3's of the way and click on "Discover more": Select you deck level and then scroll do to see the deck plan: Hope this helps. We find the cabins to be very quiet. However, there appears to be some correlation between how quiet the cabin is in the morning and how much wine we have had the night before. Jack
  2. Actually ovccruiser, the tests are only taking 10 minutes now to get results. The issues seems to be more with the accuracy, specifically false negatives. Evidently none of the tests a 100% accurate. Jack
  3. I would be interested in seeing a survey taken by Cruise Critic of all Cruisers in general as well as Cunard Cruisers specifically as to when you will return to cruising. I think the survey could be kept simple with just 5 options: I will return to cruising as soon as my cruise line(s) operations resume I will not return to cruising until there is an effective COVID-19 vaccine readily available I will not return to cruising until there is both an effective COVID-19 vaccine and an effective treatment I will not return to cruising even if there is a vaccine and treatment for the foreseeable future Undecided Host Hattie, I apologize if this type of post is not allowed. I did search the Cruise Critic site, to the best of my ability, on how to contact you directly regarding this but could not find an answer. I also attempted to searched for this topic and could not find it as well. Jack
  4. If a particular cruise line is forced to file for bankruptcy, FCC's that have been issued to customers for cancelled cruises may not be wiped out. If the cruise line is filing for bankruptcy reorganization, the senior creditors will be the ones to approve any reorganization plan. If they think it is in their best interest to protect their investments and help ensure a successful recovery, they can choose to honor those FCC's. I would be very surprised if they DIDN'T honor FCC's. All it would take is for one line to set the precedent, then the rest of the lines would almost have to follow suit. Anyway, that's my theory but I'm hopeful it won't come to that. Jack
  5. We received our full refund yesterday as a credit back to our credit card. This was for our April 6th Empires of the Mediterranean cruise that was cancelled on March 11th. I cannot overstate how professional, pleasant and helpful everyone at Viking was that I spoke to. Jack
  6. I think until such time as there is a vaccine and/or a highly effective treatment for C-19, the cruise lines have an extremely difficult task in figuring out how to resume operations. They just cannot afford to start sailing again only to have onboard outbreaks and nightmare cruises hitting the headlines again. Many older customers (yes, I resemble that remark) are already leary of getting back onboard pre-vaccine. Hearing new stories of ships sailing in circles, being denied ports with passengers dying onboard will pretty much do the industry in for a long time, at lest with regards to older passengers. However, with that said, I think it is going to be financially difficult for cruise lines to keep ships docked until sometime in 2021 when a vaccine will likely hopefully be available. One option the cruise lines could use is the Abbot Labs C-19 test that can be administered and results obtained in 15 minutes or less. It is currently being used here in the Chicago area with 15,000-20,000 people a day being tested. Passengers and crew could be required to take this test at the boarding terminal. One bit of good news is that there are hundreds of initiatives, going on right now by universities and drug companies, to develop treatments and a vaccine. Already, a number of vaccines are in phase one (of 3 phases) of human trials. In the US, UK, EU and China, the governments are funding inventory productions right now of these potential vaccines, even though most of these inventories will have to be destroyed, so that when the successful vaccine is developed, the rollout can begin immediately. In the mean time, thank you to all those heroes who are putting themselves at risk to keep us safe, treat the sick and put food on our tables. Jack
  7. We have done a transAtlantic on QM2 and will be doing the Ft. Lauderdale to San Francisco segment. We registered on the Roll Call yesterday. Jack
  8. jimdee3636, Thank you for for your question and thank you all for your reassuring answers. My wife and I are booked on this segment in 2021(fingers crossed). It will be our first time on the Queen Victoria and the second leg of our dream to eventually sail around the world doing one segment each year. Jack
  9. We were notified on March 11th of the cancellation of our April 6th cruise. We requested a refund immediately and were told it would take up to 21 business days for the credit to be issued to our credit card. About 10 days later, I requested a statement showing the amount that we had paid. A statement was e-mailed immediately and it matched exactly to our final payment receipt. I spoke to Viking on Friday, asking for an update on the refund, and was told that our refund had been processed on April 5th and the actual credit could take 30 days to show up on my credit card statement. So that takes it out to May 9th. As with every conversation I have had with Viking, the customer service agent was very polite, patient and helpful. Jack
  10. Trevor33, Do you have a link to the report? Thanks, Jack
  11. BJLord is correct. There are numerous flights daily between the US and UK. Just as one example, on April 16th (QM2 should arrive SH on the 14th) there United flights scheduled from London to all 3 NYC airports starting at U$500 oneway. Also, the State Dept. is allowing US citizens to return from UK. Below is a screenshot from their web site today. Jack
  12. Definitely agree with you Host Hattie, give us some warm weather. As i write this it is currently 37F (3C) here. We are booked in January on the QV for the Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco segment via the Panama Canal with stops in Jamaica, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. This will be our first escape from a Chicago winter in 5 years. But we may not be able to wait till January, if the price is right, we would love to catch a Crossing on the QM2 (our alternate universe) in late Summer. Oh to see that deep dark blue of the Atlantic Ocean.
  13. I agree Bigmike911, its not clear to me either. It seems to be a tale of two ships in how things were handled on the QM2 vs QV. How is it that Cunard can offer one type of guidance to one ship and completely different guidance to the other. In my opinion, there seems to be two key decisions made by Cunard and/or the Captains that have cased these conflicting situations. First was the decision to allow QM2 passengers to disembark in Fremantle for shore excursions and then reboard. I remember thinking when I read this on Safarigals blog, "that's it, the jig is up, the cruise is over." On the other hand, when QV stopped in Ft. Lauderdale, the decision was made that if you get off, you can't get back on. This decision allowed Cunard the option of keeping the ship in a self quarantine environment and continuing as a cruise. With the QM2, there was no way of knowing who brought what back on board from their shore excursions. The second pivotal decision was when Cunard decided to continue QM2's voyage back to Southampton classified as a merchant ship while QV continued on as a cruise ship. I could understand this if there had only been a hand full of passengers staying on board after Fremantle but not with 250. Perhaps Cunard was caught by surprise by how many continued on but "it is what it is" so why not put your best foot forward. Surly World Cruise passengers must be some of Cunard's most important customers. Perhaps when the QM2 passes the 14 day mark post Fremantle, without any onboard illness, they will at least open deck 7 up to the passengers and allow more freedom of movement. I think that once this crisis is over, more information will come to light. But even now, it is obvious that Cunard was faced with an unprecedented and complex situation with so many elements (such as port closings) completely out of their hands. At this point I still remain convinced of Cunard's commitment to service and passenger experience and of course, passenger safety. We continue to count the days till our January cruise on the QV. Jack
  14. We have spoken to Cunard 3 or 4 times since being notified on the 11th of March of our April 6th cruise cancellation. We called them immediately on the 11th, letting them know that we would take the refund. We were also told 21 BUSINESS days. With each of our phone calls we had less than a minute's wait time before speaking to an agent and had excellent customer service every time. Jack
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