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  1. Great review. You are a wonderful writer. Also impressed with many of the decisions you made one the run. Thanks Jack
  2. As ToadOfToadHall, the majority of people on this thread (10 out of 11) opt for Late Seating yet the majority of passengers traveling on Cunard prefer Early Seating. Interesting. Hmmmmm maybe the the majority of the people also find Pol Acker to be a nice Prosecco and I'm not the only one
  3. Yes there are electrical outlets in the business class seats. For their transatlantic flights, Norwegian Airlines uses the 787 Dreamliner. Because this plane is made largely from carbon fiber, it is pressurized to a much lower altitude than other commercial airliners, which puts less stress on the respiratory system. Also, the cabin air is circulated more frequently.
  4. Aquadesiac, Fortunately, airfare into Ft Lauderdale is very reasonable. We will be joining you in 2021, boarding in Ft Lauderdale. While it's still too early to book, fares right now are running around $115-125 per person out of Chicago. I see you are from Missouri. Fares out of St. Louis should be about the same. We get off the ship in San Francisco but coming back out of London we have used Norwegian Airlines for our last to trips. They fly direct from Gatwick to Chicago O'Hare for $175 coach and $549 Business. With the business fair you also get access to the Club Lounge at Gatwick which includes a nice meal and open bar. You could probably then catch a $59 flight out of O'Hare back to St. Louis. Hope to see you...in a couple of years. Jack
  5. The hot tubs on the stern terrace deck 8. A GREAT view looking aft over the stern watching the wake wander off to the horizon. The Terrace bar will even serve you a chilled chardonnay (in a plastic wine glass of course) to add to your relaxation. By the way, your can access the Terrace Pool on deck 8 from deck 7 so that you do not have to walk through the Veranda Restaurant in a bath robe (Yikes!). Just wish Cunard would raise the temp on those hot tube a few more degrees.
  6. Jack E Dawson


    kentchris, Could that possibly be a UK thing? I booked a cruise 2 weeks ago and was asked if I wanted to be available for an upgrade or not. When I asked if I could specify the type of upgrade, I was told no. That if I opted in for an upgrade, then I had to take whatever was given if one did come along. This was the same experience I had last year and the year before. Jack
  7. Jack E Dawson


    Sparks, Interesting question. Considering the demographics of those who sail on the QM2, you would think that R&R would have a home somewhere on the ship but as stated above, not so much. However, here are 3 ideas that might give you a little "satisfaction". 1. There is often a jazz trio playing in the Chart Room. While jazz is their forte, we have never been disappointed when making a musical request of a different genre. 2. At lunch time in the Golden Lion on our two previous crossings there was a GREAT guitarist who would mix a little light R&R into his performance. 3. G32 is a disco located astern of the Queens Room that gets going later in the evening. I'm pretty sure you could get them to crank up some R&R there. Even if you don't find your R&R, I think you will be amazed with the amount of excellent live music going on on the QM2. Jack
  8. Safarigal, The closest thing to being on QM2 is reading your blogs from the QM2. Can't wait. Jack
  9. Maracas, First of all, congratulations on your booking. To your question of Sheltered Balcony vs. PG, this is actually more of a subjective question than an objective question based on your personality and what things you enjoy. We enjoyed the the sheltered balcony because it was more usable on a transatlantic crossing. We also enjoy that it is below the Promenade Deck which puts you closer to the water and gives you a view of the ships hull passing through the sea. And of course, it is on a lower deck which will experience less movement then higher decks. We have also done a crossing in Britannia Club. While the cabin is the same size as a sheltered balcony, you have the advantage of anytime dining and an additional page of "off menu" items to choose from at evening dining as in PG. Again a subjective thing but we especially like not having to be at our dinner table at a set time every night. So while the dining is not fully on the level of PG and the cabins not any bigger, Britannia Club is a good intermediate step, in both cost and experience, between a sheltered balcony and PG. With all this said, I can assure you that you will be delighted with a sheltered balcony. Whichever you decide, I would recommend selecting a cabin on the southern side of the ship for the added sunlight and warmth on your balcony. Jack
  10. Craigrlewis, We are on the reverse cruise, Ft. Lauderdale to SF but same ports. Would greatly appreciate your port/excursion review before our voyage. Hope you have a great trip. Jack
  11. This is very interesting to hear about trip insurance through one's bank. Is that aUK thing or is this available in the US? I don't recall hearing about it from my bank. Thanks Jack
  12. We booked Ft. Lauderdale to San Francisco via the Panama Canal on QV in January of 2021. Sooooooo long to wait. This east-to-west bound route is important to us and is only offered once every other year.
  13. Thanks Jazzbeau, You are right, the RIB vs inflatable is a very important distinction. However, since Zodiac does make a RIB type boat, then I would assume they are allowed. Generally speaking, the inflatable Zodiacs are used on boats, especially sailboats, as dinghy/tenders. We are still a month away from putting boats back in the water on Lake Michigan but once that happens I will look to see what is out there. Jack
  14. Thanks underwatr and deck chair for the warning about the slippery when wet promenade deck. We usually bring Sperry Topsiders to where but in the evening we are wearing dress shoes and just may have had a glass of wine or two.
  15. Thanks Deck Chair, Very interesting that the chairs are pushed back on the QV. I assume this means that there is a steady stream of people walking in front of you as you attempt to enjoy the view. When I first saw the pictures I figured that the chairs on the QV were pushed back in order to be in the shade since the ship often sails in warmer locations. I don't quite understand why, If there is room for both chairs and walkers on the QV promenade deck, they wouldn't place the chairs (being lower) in front and walkers (people standing) behind. I wonder what would happen if a few people moved their chairs up to the railing?
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