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  1. Jack E Dawson

    Port or Starboard

    My wife and I will be taking the Empires of the Mediterranean cruise at the beginning of April and we are wondering which side of the ship to be on. Since the trip is mostly north to south, a starboard cabin will provide afternoon sun during what could be a chilly month. On the other hand, a port side cabin should have the better views of the coast but I'm guessing that most of the sailing will be at night. Any suggestions on which side to choose? Thanks, Jack
  2. Jack E Dawson

    Red Hook to JFK transfer

    When you come out of the Customs Terminal there is a cab stand for "T" cabs right in front of the door. I believe their posted rate is around $55 to JFK, about $10 more than ARECIBO
  3. Jack E Dawson

    Red Hook to JFK transfer

    I've taken both the Cunard transfer bus and ARECIBO. I recommend ARECIBO, clean safe and reliable. Their phone number is (718) 783-6465. Call after you clear customs and they will be there in 5-10 minutes.They have a flat rate, which I think is around $40-$45, that will be for the two of you. Then when you get to JFK, I would use the $55 you saved on the transfer to buy a one-time pass into your airline's club lounge. Besides the free drinks, the lounge should have some sort of light dining for lunch and will be considerably more comfortable then waiting in the terminal. The money you save on drinks and lunch will off-set the cost of the one-time lounge pass for your traveling companion. Of course if you are flying in Business or First Class the club lounge is complimentary. Jack
  4. Jack E Dawson

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    In my opinion, Adam Tihany is great designer. I've had the good fortune of staying at two of his hotel projects. While his designs are specular, he aways keeps a focus on comfort. In the battle between form and function both come out winners. Tihany will likely touch EVERYTHING in the new ship; flooring, lighting, linens, flatware, furniture, china and color schemes. If you Google Adam Tihany, then click on images, you can see dozens of his hotel and restaurant projects. Definitely not a one hit wonder. Will we like his designs for the new ship? Cunarders on this web site seem to be a pretty discerning group but with a very diverse sense of style and taste. So there will likely be a certain amount of "wailing and gnashing of teeth" while others will be very pleased. To Cunard's credit, they are not going second rate or just duplicating whats on the the QM2. This will likely be a bold new look. So hang on to your knickers. PS: If you happen to read this Mr. Tihany, I'd start wth the drawer pulls!!! Jack
  5. Jack E Dawson

    Viking vs Oceania help

    Dauntless, my wife and I booked are on the the April 2020 Vince to Athens Viking cruise. April wasn't our first choice but it was a scheduling decision. Would be interested in your experience with the weather on your cruise April/May of this year. Thanks Jack
  6. Jack E Dawson

    Welcome back

    Thanks Hattie, it is great to be back. My kids and grand kids all tell me that I'm only using about 10% of my i-phone and Mac Book capabilities so that is probably about all I am using of whats offered on the CC website. With that said, I like the new format, especially the larger thumbnail photos of the participants. I can almost tell what you are drinking now Hattie. From the color I first thought it might be a chocolate martini. But now I can see what looks like a lemon wedge on the edge of the glass but I'm fooled by the creamy color of the drink. Could it possibly be a Cosmo without the proper measure of cranberry juice??? My kids, grand kids and wife also tell me i have way too much time on my hands. Jack
  7. Jack E Dawson

    Queen Elizabeth - Disembarkation in Melbourne

    I would also add that Australian customs is very thorough. They once made me take my golf shoes out of my bag, bring them over to a sink and wash all of the dirt off before I was permitted into the country. Jack
  8. Jack E Dawson

    November Crossing

    Westbound crossings tend to move through the weather systems fairly quickly so your weather is likely to change more often. Eastbound crossings tend to have fewer weather changes. This is because weather systems in the northern hemisphere move from west to east usually at 10-30MPH. So it makes a big difference if your ship is traveling in the same direction as the weather or against it in how often the weather changes. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Jack E Dawson

    Our Viking Orion experience

    Lackcreativity, great idea to cross-pack. My wife and I have been traveling internationally for more than 40 years and have never thought to do that. One thing we have started doing is carrying small backpacks. We noticed a lot of young people doing this. The key is to make sure that the backpack will fit under the seat in front of you according to airline guidelines, that way there is no chance you will be required to check that carry-on. We can usually carry two days worth of clothes even in a small backpack. The other thing we do is to wear one of our nicer outfits on the plane. For me, this usually means a dress shirt, slacks and a blazer. For my wife it is usually a dressy pants suit. Doing this seems to have also helped us get a few upgrades. In situations where a tux and evening gown are required we have on occasion shipped just these items ahead. Believe it or not, the US Post Office has the best rates for international shipments like this.
  10. Jack E Dawson

    Pre-Cruise in Venice Question

    JerryInIL My wife and I will be on the April 6th Venice to Athens cruise in 2020. We are out of Deerfield.
  11. Jack E Dawson

    Name of Cunard's new ship?

    Even though this is at least he third thread started on this subject, its still fun. I like Queen Anne whose nick-name was Brandy Nan for her love of fine French brandy. Cunard could have so much fun with that. Of course there would have to be a Brandy and Cognac bar, Nan's Brandy Stand???
  12. Jack E Dawson

    Basic Cunard -- what should I know?

    DRS/NC My wife and I have only cruised twice and both were trans-Atlantic crossings on the QM2 so we really are newbies. However, in just these two cruises some strong impressions were formed. Cunard is more than a brand, it is a culture. There are other companies that have a strong cultures such as Home Depot, IBM and Apple but I think what makes Cunard's culture so unique is that it is embraced by management, employees and, most importantly, by its loyal customers. If I had to sum up that culture in just 3 words I would say it is tradition, service and civility. I'm sure there are cruise lines that you can sail around the world on, enjoy great meals on and even zip line on but I don't think you will find another line that embraces these three values more highly than Cunard and in particular on the QM2. I'm not saying that Cunard is perfect but they try really hard to create a special experience. Probably what has surprised us the most, as newbies , is the many different ways the passengers create their own crossing experience. Cunard does not try to be all things to all people. But with that said, and based on your extensive causing experience, I think you will find a voyage on Cunard to be a special experience. If you do take a cruise, I'm sure everyone would love to hear your feedback.
  13. Jack E Dawson

    Worst case scenario

    Southampton is a pretty protected port. I can't imagine any weather system short of a hurricane (does the UK get hurricanes?) that could keep the QM2 from docking. NYC might be another matter. Trying to clear the Varrazzano-Narrows Bridge in a Nor-easter might be a challenge. However, we were on the QM2 docking in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and watched from our Deck-4 sheltered balcony in a blowing rain storm as the crew maneuvered 160 million pounds of ship to within 3 inches of lining up perfectly with the gangway. Pretty impressive.
  14. Jack E Dawson

    Onboard travel sickness medication

    My wife and I have owned sailboats for the past 42 years. Early on we were given a great tip regarding seasickness - GINGER. When sever weather and/or rough seas require us to be below for any length of time we usually chew a few pieces of candied ginger. We also keep it onboard for any of our guests who have expressed a concern about seasickness. For 42 years it has worked perfectly and apparently can be taken with alcohol. Candied ginger usually can be found in a full service grocery stores with an international section.
  15. Jack E Dawson

    Just off QM2 Fashion Week Crossing

    Thanks Bell Boy. Dee and I really enjoyed meeting you and sharing a few drinks. Hopefully our paths will cross again.