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  1. Evidently restrictions on cruise ships sailing in and out of Venice is in the news again. We are sailing out of Venice (hopefully) on the Viking Sea for the Empires of the Mediterranean cruise in April of next year. I wonder if we will be impacted? Jack
  2. This is very good advice navybankerteacher. We will certainly add that to the equation should we find that special sale. The cost of last minute flights and taxes/port fees will be added in as well. Thanks, Jack
  3. Here are couple of pictures from our sheltered balcony. While we prefer an unobstructed glass balcony, we were very happy with our sheltered balcony cabin. Of course it depends on the individual to evaluate the price difference between the two but we sort of look at it backwards. Rather than asking if the unobstructed glass balcony is worth the additional cost, we see the sheltered balcony as a great value. One other point. While it is true that you can't see the water when sitting on a sheltered balcony, we tend to stand at the rail regardless of the of the balcony type. If we are going to sit, we go to the promenade deck for a proper deck chair. Sorry, I know these are not the best of quality. Jack
  4. Thanks, Hattie and bluemarble. Yikes, that could have been awkward. Jack
  5. My wife and I are both retired and very flexible with our schedule. I would appreciate any suggestions for making a great last minute deal. Rarely, but on occasion, I've seen voyages with openings in many cabin categories, just weeks before departure, promoted on the Cunard web site. Do prices ever drop dramatically, say 3-5 days before a departure? Is it best to go through a travel agent or Cunard when it gets down to the wire? Historically, is there a golden window when Cunard prices are at their lowest? Do they ever take an offer? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank, Jack
  6. Am I correct that on the QM2 these alternate dining venues, with the exception of the Verandah Steak House, are casual (slacks and a dress shirt) even on formal nights? Thanks, Jack
  7. What I'm receiving seems very much typical American vernacular (no "whilst") and there seems to be no effort to hide that this is a marketing initiative. Hopefully someone at Viking is listening. Jack
  8. I was surprised to receive yesterday since I am only booked for my first Viking cruise. I did create an account, logged in and answered a few of the survey questions. Does appear to be Viking sponsored. Cunard did the same thing about 18 months ago. After an initial flurry of surveys, I haven't received anything in a few months. Jack
  9. Thank you very much. All good info. Jack
  10. lackcreativity, Would you mind providing the web site address for the online tickets. Thanks, Jack
  11. Nicomendoza, We are on the 10-day Venice - Athens cruise departing April 6th. I believe there are a number of common ports between the two itineraries. If your cruise is before then, we would greatly appreciate it if you would post your opinion of the included tours. Thanks Jack
  12. yhz123, Thank you for your detailed review comparing and contrasting Cunard and Celebrity. Its greatly appreciated. My wife and I are still very much novice cruisers, with only two QM2 crossings under our belts and a third voyage on the QV booked (Ft. Lauderdale to San Francisco vis Panama Canal). While we have been very pleased with Cunard, I'm sure that at some point we will expand our horizons and sail on another line offering different experiences. With so many cruise lines out there, your report, along with reviews from other cruisers, gives us a good first step in narrowing down the list. Well done. Jack
  13. I believe these are the tables that Underwate is referring to.
  14. Dear Lisa, My wife and I took our first cruise in 2017, another in 2018 and have two cruises booked for 2020 and 2021. We're still hoping to squeeze one in this year. We are amazed by the ships, service and food. Even more amazed by the value for our dollar. However, we worry that the industry is getting saturated, which is great for the consumer in the short run, but worries me that quality will suffer eventually as prices are driven/held down. Also, the growth in the sheer number of ships visiting small historic ports (e.g. Venice) is causing a backlash with some communities and local governments. Where do you see the industry in 5 years with regards to these issues. Thanks Jack
  15. We have made two crossings (2017 & 2018) in both cases our bags weighed in slightly over 50 lbs. It was no problem with Cunard or the airlines we flew to London on. Also, our two large bags both fit easily under our cabin bed for out of the way storage. Please post a review after your crossing. It kind of helps some of us get through the period between sailings. Jack
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