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  1. A few years ago we were onboard the QM2 and the table next to ours celebrated a birthday. They had ordered and paid for the cake and were nice enough to share a piece with us. My wife and I thought it was the most delicious cake we have ever tasted. Jack
  2. tlcm, Regardless of how one may feel about the movie, I think all would agree that the Queen Mary 2 should have gotten the Oscar for Best Performance. Having made two trans-Atlantic crossings on the QM2, I can tell you that this ship is even more multidimensional than what was shown in the movie. The film did a great job of presenting the formality, the nod towards British tradition and the wonderful service that you will experience. However, because the storyline of the movie was somewhat dark, what you didn't see were the levels of gaiety, passenger friendliness and excitement that you will experience. Live music, which can be found all over he ship, is a big part of the QM2 experience as well. We will be boarding two weeks after you disembark and hope you will find time to add a review. Maybe you can even post a video and then Let Them All Talk🙂 Jack
  3. Lakesregion, Phishing is a cybercrime where a third party impersonates a legitimate institution and targets individuals, either by e-mail or telephone, in order to extract/steal confidential information such as credit card information, pin numbers or social security information for the purpose of theft. I don't think that is what this is. Jack
  4. Wonky, Hope you will share your onboard experience with us, either during or shortly after your cruise. Thanks Jack
  5. May 8th, 2022, West Bound Crossing QM2 (M212) May 9th - Black and White Ball May 13th - Masquerade Ball Thanks bluemarble for starting this thread. Didn't realize we could find out this information so early. Mmmmm, too soon to start packing??? Jack
  6. How does one find out this information? I don't see a section on the Cunard web site. We are on the May 8th westbound crossing QM2 (M212). Thanks Jack
  7. I believe the cabin on the sheltered balcony cabins and the cabin on the glass front cabins are the same size and configuration, only the balcony is deeper on the sheltered cabins. We have sailed on both and this is my recollection but I did not actually measure. The Cunard website also indicates that they are the same size. Jack
  8. According to the site, you select any category of cabin you want from Inside to Queens Grill, book through that agency and there is an additional $295pp premium. There are 5 evening parties with band/dancing in the Queens Room (6-8), one cocktail party and 5 daytime events like; meet the band members, the Glenn Miller story, etc. I'm not sure I could take 5 nights of "Swing" plus there is always one night of "Big Band" music in the Queens Room by the Cunard band on each crossing anyway. Add to that the 6 other nights the Cunard band performs in the Queens Room. One of the things we love about sailing on the QM2 is that there is live music all over the ship from lunch time on and there is no premium for any of it. However, for those who REALLY enjoy the Glenn Miller Band, I hope they have a great time of it. The good news is that since this is being billed as a period or vintage event (40's), they will likely be very nicely dressed to the benefit of everyone. As we are already booked on the May 8th Crossing, I look forward to talking to some of the participants to see how they enjoy it. Jack
  9. You may want to check out: Live from QE sailing 3rd Sept an active thread on the Cunard board now. It offers a lot of detail and excellent reporting. Jack
  10. Freddy Beach Cruiser, I've never arrived by train at this station but I have departed from it. It is beautiful, specular and, for us, initially, a bit intimidating. However, the signage is excellent. I seem to recall that the area where the motor couch pick-up is, was very obvious. There were also information/help kiosks staffed by knowledge people. Have a great voyage, we leave 2 weeks before you. Jack
  11. Could it be a shadow? Do you have another picture at a different time of day? Jack
  12. I too look forward to seeing the results of this drydock and completely agree about the bathrooms. However, the "Remastering" that took place in 2016 was 25 days, only 4 days longer than the current 3-week planned schedule. Plus, a lot of the interior touch-up has probably been on going this past year. So I think that how much gets done will be more of a question of budget constraints than time constraints. Is it possible they will install that new bubble system that dispenses millions (billions?) of tiny bubbles between the hull of the ship and the water to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency? Jack
  13. Good question majortom10. When we were last in BC we always ate breakfast in Britannia for 2 reasons: 1. Our table in BC (for 6) was not a window table. So every morning we would que up in Britannia and request a window table. 2. We would also request that it be a table for 6-8 so that we could meet new folks and make new friends. For us, the strategy worked brilliantly. Jack
  14. You do not and I recommend that you not. Your hand luggage is where you should be carrying medicines, jewelry and other valuables and should be kept in your control. Jack
  15. I would add that in the U.S., there are passport service companies that can greatly expedite the renewal turnaround times. Of course there is a fee. Jack
  16. Bell Boy, you dog, I should have know that you would be on Cunard's first cruise back. Glad all went well. Dee and I are booked on the May 8th QM2 crossing. Would be great to see you there. Who knows what things will be like in 9 months. Thanks for testing the waters. Jack
  17. Thanks RJChatsworth and majortom10. It will be interesting to see how all these safety measures and precautions morph as Cunard, and the cruise industry in general, get more experience under their belts. This is such a fluid situation. Jack
  18. First of all RJChatsworth, thank you so much for taking all the time to answer the many questions on this thread. However, what I'm not seeing is what are the basic COVID-19 restrictions/protocols that have been imposed on this cruise. Are you required to wear masks anywhere on the ship? Is there any onboard testing? Have any of the normal activities (dining, shows, lectures, etc) been modified due to COVID-19 precautions? Bottom line, how has COVID-19 impacted this cruise, if at all? Thanks and all the best to you on this start back to Cunard cruising. Jack
  19. Saw this story on the CNN web site and though it was great. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/couple-who-met-middle-atlantic-ocean/index.html Jack
  20. CC71 We have sailed in both Britannia and Britannia Club. It was our experience that the same menu items were offered each night in Britannia and Britannia Club but in Club the waiters were quick to offer additional off-menu items besides the basic chicken/fish/steak offerings. On our first night in Club I had scallops which were on the menu. They were delicious and I raved to the waiter about how much I enjoyed them. The next night I ordered Sea Bass and when it came, there were also 4 scallops on my plate. Nice touch. In Club the flaming deserts are also prepared at table-side. We also felt that the service was better in Club, probably because the waiters had fewer tables to manage. On the down side, we were a little disappointed with the Club dining room it self, especially when compared to the Club dining room on QV. One thing we did do when traveling in Club was to eat breakfast in the Britannia MDR. We would request a window table for 6-8. This gave us a chance to enjoy the grand MDR, meet new people and have a window table which we didn't have in Club. Jack
  21. Thanks, very helpful on the QG cabin designations. Jack
  22. At some point, we would love to sail in Queen's Grill but the cabin designation is a little bit confusing. On the CruiseCritic Cunard Board, Queens Grill cabins are usually designated as Q6, Q5, Q4, Q3, Q2 & Q1. When I look on the Cunard website they are listed as Queens Suite, Penthouse, Royal Suite, Duplexes & Grand Duplex. How do these 5 categories match up with Q6 - Q1? Jack
  23. We have also had the good fortune of sailing on your "other" Cunard ships, although not yet in QG. How fortunate we are. Perhaps QG on our 50th. Regardless of when that happens, I will call upon you BigMac for proper Butler protocol. Until then, we are booked on a May 2022 crossing and will be sure to take your lead and order a late night snack of Champagne, cheese and biscuits. Unless it's snowing, we will partake of it on the balcony (yes, we had snow this May in Chicago). Jack
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