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  1. Have a Good Trip

    Short review..Diamond Princess- Feb 10th

    Thanks Sandra & Dave, Always a pleasure reading of your happy times cruising! Love that ship - saw her leave Adelaide this afternoon Tim
  2. Have a Good Trip

    Princess Cruises ... hurry and buy OBC !!!!!!

    Hi Les, I think the "credits" simply mean the number of eligible cruises taken to accumulate your 179 cruise days. You are "Elite" because you have over 150 days, but eligibility for "Elite" also exists for those with 15 cruises or more (and not necessarily 150 days). Tim
  3. Have a Good Trip

    major cost cutting by princess

    If this is the "major" cost cutting I can't wait to here what's involved with the "minor" cost cutting!
  4. Have a Good Trip

    the new cruise ship

    The age of this "new" ship is not really relevant. The fact that it wasn't "sold off" after Ocean Village was closed down is proof that it still has a cruising future. Its not like its "run down" - quite the contrary I see with a refurbishment planned. I am glad to see that the cruising fleet in Australia is to be expanded - it provides many more opportunities to introduce cruising to Australians who may have not experienced the pleasure. I'm personally not interested in sailing on her, but that's not because of her age, its just that I've done those itineraries. But then, you never know ... For some folks though, the ship is the destination so it doesn't matter where it goes. Different strokes for different folks. Thats just my opinion ... (from someone who has cruised on ships 1 to 34 years old). Happy cruising everyone:)
  5. Have a Good Trip

    how many cruises have you done?

    Hi All, I've done 8 with number 9 coming up next year. First cruise as a child in 1973. Since taking our kids on their first cruise in 2006 on Diamond Princess, they're now addicted as well!:D
  6. Have a Good Trip

    Princess Captains Circle - P&O UK

    Yes Les, it does affect P&O UK cruises as well. I spoke with Princess Cruises Australia who confirmed my P&O UK cruises would no longer count.
  7. Have a Good Trip

    Big, Bad news from Princess Elite.

    Sorry my mistake ... should be 1/12/08:o
  8. Have a Good Trip

    Big, Bad news from Princess Elite.

    I just had it it confirmed by Princess Cruises Australia that my 2 P&O UK cruises will no longer count, effective 1/12/09 just like P&O Australia. Fortunately it doesn't affect my Platinum status as the minimum is 50 days, and I have 57:)
  9. Have a Good Trip

    Hotels in Melbourne

    Can recommend the Novotel on Collins - very central and a good standard.:)
  10. Have a Good Trip

    New cruise website

    This site now has P&O Australia ships, Pacific Sun & Pacific Dawn
  11. Have a Good Trip

    The Ventura Maiden Report (18 April - 2 May)

    Thank you for posting a very informative and balanced report. It appears you had a very enjoyable cruise despite the plethora of "serial moaners". The ship sounds stunning - we eagerly await sailing on her next year with our family. Tim
  12. Have a Good Trip

    New cruise website

    Here is a link to a new site I just found. It tells you which ships are where and when all around the world. Very useful to see what other ships are in port at the same time. Enjoy. PS no P&O Aust at the moment, but does have RCCL, Princess, P&O UK etc. [URL]http://www.porttime.com/home.cfm[/URL]
  13. Have a Good Trip

    My Cherry Blossom Cruise Review

    Thanks for an interesting read - well done.
  14. Have a Good Trip

    not many reports on Ventura minicruise?

    http://crowsnest.6.forumer.com/ You will have to register, just like here.:)
  15. Have a Good Trip

    ventura web cam

    The cam has now been moved again and points directly toward bow. Much better view.