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  1. Motley Fool also wants me to pay now for a subscription for a super rare "buy alert" that they haven't given since amazon was available for pennies.
  2. After doing some calculations, I have figured it out. It appears they applied the additional 25% FCC Credit to reduce the fare further prior to booking, rather than apply it as a payment at/after booking. That is an interesting account piece and one I hope doesn’t come back to hurt later as it looks like I never had the 25% credit, just a much lower booking fare.
  3. UPDATE: It looks like this is due to how they applied the credits. Rather than apply the additional credit, it appears the fare price was reduced.
  4. So I bit on the 125% credit + 20% off and booked a future cruise. The language specifically says "will receive an additional 20% discount off any published price." I booked through the PCC, as the website wasn’t allowing me to use the 20% for both passengers. My booked price seems better than 20% for the same category when I compare to the current price on website. The analyst in me wonders why, whether they are working off a different price points, best "published price" point in past X days, or if something else is up. I will say the booking statement doesn’t specifically list a deducted 20% discount, but some discount clearly took place. Everything looks correct, including the stateroom category. Anyone else (who hasn’t jumped ship) have similar experiences or insights?
  5. I called NCL, re-booked a future cruise and in doing so was told my FCC would be extended.
  6. We used Cruise Next certs for our Alaska Cruise, which is now cancelled. However, the certs are now expired. Hopefully a phone call can get these back.
  7. Oh duh. All I needed was a second set of eyes. I guess they gave the entire FCC to me. Sadly, that FCC is expired now. Wish me luck trying to get it back. lol
  8. Based on the policy, I should have gotten the pre-paids as a credit as well. The following will be applied to the FCC: Cruise fare and taxes Including any winning Upgrade Advantage payments. Flight arrangements booked through Norwegian Cruise Line. Hotel and CruiseTour packages purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line. Shore Excursions booked and pre-paid through Norwegian Cruise Line Prepaid service charges Beverage or Dining gratuities (if part of FAS Promotion selection) Essentials, Booksafe Standard or Platinum Travel Protection, if purchased. Booksafe Travel Protection will be issued as a separate additional FCC worth the value of the travel protection plan paid. This insurance FCC will be valid for one year from date of issuance and only applicable towards insurance for all published sailings through Dec 31, 2022? My total paid for fare, taxes and pre-paids was $2204 per passenger. FCC was $1704 before the 25%. This does not make re-booking another cruise enticing and I don't particularly want to fight NCL for the offered credit in lieu of a refund. It shouldn't be that hard to issue a credit for the line items paid.
  9. What confuses me is the credit is for the fare only. I have yet to see anything from NCL about the other pre-paids including taxes, Prepaid Service Charges, or the Bev Srv Charge. I initially thought they'd lump those into the FCC,but based on my FCC they weren't. I assume they'll refund those, but I don't really want to assume...
  10. Finally. Not to make alternate vacation plans like sitting on my front lawn drinking because I still won't be able to go anywhere.
  11. Yep, I am supposed to be on the Bliss in May as well. I know it’s not going to happen. As a WA resident, the “stay at home” restrictions won’t be lifted by then, much less having the ports open. And not to forget who knows when Alaska would even be ready to accept cruise ships. It's ridiculous. I have loved NCL in the past. No clue what they are thinking.
  12. We have a May 17th sailing. Just waiting on NCL to cancel. Given that Washington is under Shelter in Place until May 4th and the Port of Seattle has postponed cruises indefinitely, I don't see cruises happening any time soon, nor should they.
  13. So what is the actual penalty to a ship or captain if they don’t have a foreign port? Refusal to dock? Fine? Imprisonments? If it’s a fine, probably cheaper than canceling cruises...
  14. I had been holding out hope this would all clear up in Time for our May Alaska cruise out of Seattle. At this point, I suspect that won't happen. It's only a matter of time. It would be a bummer for sure. As others have noted, the impact will be even greater on the industry, including the ports and especially the crew.
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