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  1. As others have said, the match is from Celebrity Captain's Club status to mLife status. BCC is irrelevant. You call the mLife number posted above. I did this without ever wagering $1 in a Celebrity casino. The mLife phone rep put me on hold for a few minutes and called Celebrity to verify status. (This was in pre-Covid days when phone reps were less busy.) I matched Celebrity Elite to mLife Gold. The next possible step (not discussed above) is to match from your new mLife status to Hyatt. My MGM Gold matched to Hyatt Explorist. The MGM to Hyatt match is all done online.
  2. If a big box TA still receives their commission for a paid-in-full booking if the cruise line cancels the cruise, and the booking included a big box store gift card after the cruise (vs an OBC), should the pax still receive that after the cruise line cancels & the pax receives a full refund for the cruise? The TA was supplying the GC out of their commission that they still received. Any difference for a FCC instead of a cash refund? Just asking for a friend....
  3. Thanks. I contacted UA Mileage Plus service center by online messaging and they issued vouchers within an hour. Good until 4/2022. Aside from my one status query to celebrity, I was able to completely avoid any human telephone interactions through this entire process.
  4. I was fully refunded on a celebrity-initiated cancellation. It was a booked after final payment date so paid in full. I got cruise + taxes + celebrity air. We didn't have any other pre-paid shore ex, dining, etc. No FCC. I opened a dispute with Chase online and got an immediate temporary credit (I had not yet paid the bill where the original charge was due). A few weeks later, the Celebrity credit was issued and the dispute closed. The only telephone interaction through the whole process was a status inquiry to Celebrity ("in process"). 2 days later the credit posted.
  5. Yes, I received a refund. I described my timeline in post #109 in the Tracker thread.
  6. My experience & timeline... Infinity FLL-BCN TATL Apr 25. Booked & paid in full 2/14 thru big-box (C****o) online TA. Charged to my Chase Sapphire card. It appeared on my statement 3/9 and payment due 4/6. Bought outbound air thru Celebrity on 2/16. Celebrity cancelled on 3/24, offering 125% FCC or 100% refund. I completed TA's online refund request form on 3/24, selecting the refund. I received email response from TA indicating that the cancel was processed and I would receive a full refund (of the expected amount). On 3/26, I disputed the cruise and air
  7. Here's a situation that I haven't seen discussed (but I may have missed it).... DW & I have a cruise scheduled for next month (April). The cruise line has announced a change to their T&C's that we can now cancel up to 48 hours before departure and receive a 100% future cruise credit, certainly a positive change for many passengers. The reservation was booked and paid in full in February. We have 3rd party (not cruise line) travel insurance without CFAR. DW's physician has now said that she should not travel on a cruise ship, in particular on our April trip, due to a pre
  8. if both people in the room are MLife Gold (or higher) do each get the OBC or is it per stateroom?
  9. I've been watching the pre-cruise pricing for Internet for our upcoming cruise. We have elite status and I understand that we get 30% off and have to call CC to get the discount applied to a pre-cruise purchase. I've been watching the one device unlimited package and prior to today, it has been showing as "10% off" (of the on-board price, I presume) and available for $302. The CC elite price when calling is $211 (302 - 30%). Today, the cruise planner cost dropped to $268.80. I called to get the 30% discount from that and was denied. CC says Elite cost is still $211 (30% off the 10% off o
  10. Maybe I should add that we are on the Edge, if the ship's implementation matters. My only recent, possibly relevant, experience was on RCCL Oasis OTS in 2017 and that service was excellent (at least for the services I used) & much better than my pre-2017 Solstice-class experiences. I got download speeds of 3 Mbps, which was quite usable. At the time, RCCL used SES/O3b as their internet provider. I can't find whether Celebrity is also using the O3b MEO satellites, but the internet service tiers are marketed and priced similarly between RCCL & X (surf vs. stream/unlimited).
  11. Both DW & I each get the Elite 90 min/30% discount. We haven't been on Celebrity for a while, but were on RCCL a couple years ago (with reciprocal Diamond status) and used the strategy of using the free minutes from one acct first for a day or two, then buying a discounted package on the other acct for the remaining days. So the question is "surf" or "unlimited". Does anyone know the technical implementation differences between the two packages? How do they enforce the surf limitations? Do they blacklist IP addresses for surf (like Netflix, etc), or ports/protocols (for VoI
  12. Is there any benefit to purchasing an internet package pre-cruise for those with Elite status?
  13. Upon further investigation, the EXACT SAME THING is true of my Royal Caribbean C&A account. She has 2 7 day cruises (one with sister, one with me) and 28 points. I have 1 7 day cruise (with her) but also 28 points.
  14. My spouse completed a cruise with her friend on Celebrity. I didn't go. We're both currently Elite. She got her points as expected, but I also received points matching hers. It doesn't show a completed cruise for me, while it does for her. I'm not complaining, but confused. Her's was 15 nights in AQ but she (& I) got 80 points. I was expecting 75 for her (& none for me). So I'm confused about that too (the apparent 16th night). Can someone explain? Thanks.
  15. We aren't doing it based on cruise days. Elite is from 16th completed cruise credits, with 2 for suite or solo, 3 for suite and solo, 1 for everything else, or 151+ cruise days. We're achieving Elite status by completed cruise credits. I only have 68 completed days. You don't get to accumulate double cruise days for suites or solos.
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