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  1. Thank you! I think we will give it a try in August.
  2. Is Jack's more for adults? Do people with kids (teenagers to be exact) tend to go there or just stay at Margaretville?
  3. I was surprised it processed and my credit hard had not yet been charged. They have shipped though so I should be getting them sometime this week.
  4. I was having issues on Wednesday. I tried to purchase 2 - $500 & 4 - $100 and it wouldn't let me put my state in. I decided to try from my phone (as opposed to my desktop) and it allowed me to place the order. Got my confirmation e-mail, hopefully they actually ship.
  5. This is what I tell my boys: have fun, behave yourselves and remember just because we are on vacation doesn't mean our common sense and manners have gone on vacation!! All the same rules that apply at home apply here (except bedtime). Don't lean or sit on railings (or tables - my little pet peeve), RESPECT for others, NEVER go into someone else's cabin or invite anyone into ours, NEVER accept an open drink, and NEVER leave yours unattended (again, this we follow at home). When you order a drink, if it's at a bar (like on Lido) please make sure not to sit on the bar stool (MANY adults are bothered by this and I don't want to be the parent of "that kid"). I'm sure there is more that I can't think of at the moment.
  6. Yes, we are going on the Eastern. I'm looking forward to it as well. I don't pay much attention to the negative comments, I'll be on vacation and I'll be happy (I just hope we have good weather).
  7. I think 5 am should be good. I'm on the sailing right before you. :)
  8. When sailing out of New York I like to be on the highest possible deck so I can get the best view of both sides of the river. There is something so special about sailing out of NY (maybe it's because I've lived across the river my entire life and I LOVE the city). If you are awake as the ship sails back into port, the view coming back under the bridge and lower Manhattan with the Freedom Tower are spectacular with the sun rising behind them.
  9. We get FTTF so we head straight to our room and drop our bags off. After that we grab a drink, something to eat, and explore the ship.
  10. Yes, we are about an hour outside the city (on the NJ side of the river). I figure if we leave home around 9:30 the usually morning rush will be over by the time we get close to the GWB. This might actually be a better option. The normal morning rush hour traffic would be long gone, as well as the rush of people (like myself) who like to get on the ship as early as possible. Your way sounds like a lot less anxiety, thank you. :)
  11. Thank you both, this is very helpful! Hopefully there will be no major traffic issues that morning.
  12. We are sailing on the Sunrise August 27th, we will be taking a car service and have FTTF. I like to get on the ship as early as possible to get my vacation started. That said, how early should/could we arrive at the port? I was thinking 11:00, but is that too early? Thank you in advance, Laurie :)
  13. I'll be sailing on the Sunrise August 27th, and I was also a bit bummed reading all the negative reviews. Then I thought about it and it is what you make of it. I look at it this way; if I'm looking for something to complain about that is exactly what I will find. It's a vacation, I have nowhere I need to be, so if I have to wait a little longer than I want to for lunch it's not a big deal. Every ship I've every been on the smell of smoke was overwhelming anywhere near the casino, so I just expect it now. I hope you have a great vacation, I know I will (stinky smells and all).
  14. I'm also a margarita (on the rocks) drinker. That lime straw sounds like it would compliment a margarita nicely. Hopefully they will serve them to us if we ask nicely :)
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