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  1. We have been in some 25 ft swells. No announcements about it being rough but the dining room was empty for dinner and your feet would come off the ground if you weren't holding on. Cruise line or ship does not matter when you are at sea. I love to cruise and sometimes in winter, it is part of cruising. Sominex works great too if you want to sleep through it.
  2. That is pretty crowded. If I were on there this week with 1000+ kids, I would definitely want Vibe. Just can't decide for two weeks from now. Thank you. Have a great cruise.
  3. I have sailed holiday cruises without a problem finding a chair and again not looking for what is expected. I am looking for reality so I can plan. Vibe or no Vibe. Thanks again.
  4. I am looking for a response from the OP since they are currently sailing. Thanks for your insight though.
  5. I like the changing colors. I just still have a hard time with the focus of it being on garbage which is why it resembles plastic garbage. I get to see it in 27 sleeps. :)
  6. I am bringing snacks.....I have a plane ride and a hotel stay. I also might get hungry and not want to wait or walk to a feeding trough! You can get everything you mentioned on board in the gift shop. It is pricey though.
  7. I am too. especially that the top deck space is gone. Guess I am going to be on a bar stool.
  8. I saw the other review say that this ship would not be a pick for a warm climate cruise. I am assuming that is due to deck space. Do you think there is ample deck space or do we need VIBE for sunny warm weather cruises??! enjoying your review.
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