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  1. That is pretty crowded. If I were on there this week with 1000+ kids, I would definitely want Vibe. Just can't decide for two weeks from now. Thank you. Have a great cruise.
  2. I have sailed holiday cruises without a problem finding a chair and again not looking for what is expected. I am looking for reality so I can plan. Vibe or no Vibe. Thanks again.
  3. I am looking for a response from the OP since they are currently sailing. Thanks for your insight though.
  4. I like the changing colors. I just still have a hard time with the focus of it being on garbage which is why it resembles plastic garbage. I get to see it in 27 sleeps. :)
  5. I am bringing snacks.....I have a plane ride and a hotel stay. I also might get hungry and not want to wait or walk to a feeding trough! You can get everything you mentioned on board in the gift shop. It is pricey though.
  6. I am too. especially that the top deck space is gone. Guess I am going to be on a bar stool.
  7. I saw the other review say that this ship would not be a pick for a warm climate cruise. I am assuming that is due to deck space. Do you think there is ample deck space or do we need VIBE for sunny warm weather cruises??! enjoying your review.
  8. I like NCL and the freestyle cruise atmosphere. However, I don't like going to restaurants that on land would have a dress code and it not being required at sea. I don't have a problem with shorts and tee shirts. Even at dinner when you are in an appropriate setting. I know it is freestyle so it isn't criticism that some are comfortable being more casual. I do like that dressing formal isn't required. It makes packing easier. We dress like we are going to dinner on land. Everybody has a different opinion of casual so wear what you want and you will be fine.
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