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  1. Mine dropped off day after I cancelled early March but I only received the refund this week.
  2. FYI - Refund received - transaction date was 21st May (Wednesday) and posting date is today, 22nd. No FCC as yet but that I can wait for😀
  3. Still waiting, cancelled March 9th and cancellation confirmation received then too for May 11th sailing. Told yesterday FCC "created and will be e-mailed next week" refund supposedly will be "disbursed" Wednesday.
  4. Diddly squat🤔 63 days, no FCC or refund. Latest apologetic communication received Sunday indicates 6 to 9 weeks from cancellation.😱
  5. CelebrityEngagementCenter advised me today refunds are being processed from 6 to 9 weeks from cancellation. Response was personalised and apologetic. I'll hit the 9 week mark this upcoming week so I'll have my TA follow up directly with X at that time.
  6. 53 days now😱 Sent email to Celebrityonetouch & CelebrityEngagementCenter last week & got response today advising someone would reach out to me in 7 days😃 Other information in the email reassures me they are on it. That's all I wanted, reassurance. I'm happy to wait.
  7. For what it's worth, I am in the same situation. Cancelled 9th March & get a different timeline as each timeline comes & goes. I'm at 50 days now and I'm not sure I'll wait beyond 60 days before I go the credit card route as I totally expect to be told 90 days next time.
  8. Still waiting, cancelled May 11th cruise on March 9th for 50% FCC & 50% Refund.
  9. Hi yes, outside of this extraordinary time, usually if you book with a TA then you would need to work only with your TA. I can't find where I had the information (I also remember the information being posted somewhere on CC awhile ago) but there appears to be an agreement in place given the situation that X will provide information around FCC/Refunds as a result of cancellations due to the temporary ceasing of operations to clients directly.
  10. March 9th for me for a May 11th cruise, still nothing, no FCC or refund, no reply to tweet or email to Celebrity, just an email this last week from TA saying X has indicated it's now an expected 60 days from cancelling.
  11. No response to email or tweet to X but it has only been a few days, however my TA got back to me within a few hours of my email to her. Celebrity's response to her was that they are still working on finalizing the refunds/future cruise credits for the May 11, 2020 sailing. They advised that it could be up to 60 days from the date of cancellation before passengers receive refunds or future cruise credits. -
  12. Thanks! I am now at 33 days waiting for a 50% refund & 50% FCC for a May 11th cruise cancelled March 9th. I've just sent an email to the address & yesterday tweeted CelebrityCruise. I plan to wait a few more days before filing a dispute with my CC depending if/what responses I get. I'll report back.
  13. Yes, CWC but I received a "goodwill voucher" to be used on or before Dec 31, 2021 for each fee charged.
  14. Nothing for me yet, no FCC or refund. Expecting 50% FCC & 50% Refund for May 11th cruise. Cancelled March 9th (confirmation of cancellation received from TA on that date), cruise removed from the cruise planner 10th March. Will report back, planning to wait one more week before contacting TA & if no success, I will file a dispute with my credit card too.
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