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  1. We have purchased the Cellar Master package on all 3 of our HAL cruises (I know, "only" 3 … hope to increase that number over the coming years!). We love the wine tastings (one in the MDR and one in the Pinnacle). I'm not sure the package is a big cost savings (or any savings at all!). After all those wine tastings, however, I'm leaning toward the wines in the other packages! The "gifts" are nice … we've received a nice cookbook, wine charms, coasters, HAL travel cup, etc., but we don't really need any more dust catchers, so I'm thinking that we will order a wine package and sign up for the wine tastings and Pinnacle Grill separately on our next cruise...unless there is a way to upgrade the wine in the package.
  2. We have used HAL to book air for 2 of our 3 HAL cruises. Domestic flights were about the same as I found, but our flight to Europe was a lot cheaper than anything I could find.
  3. I purchased ahead of time and that was my experience. When you purchase on-line, it does prompt you for a specific time. I called about that and was told it was a "computer glitch" …. just put in any time. You will be able to use it anytime the thermal spa is open.
  4. I purchased the pass before hand on our last two cruises. On one cruise, purchasing it onboard was cheaper, but the refunded the difference before I had a chance to ask. On the other cruise, the pass was more expensive onboard.
  5. How often do cancellations like this happen?
  6. We arrived around 11:30am on our recent cruise. I commented to one of the workers that the lines were running so quickly and smoothly. She said that it was good we arrived when we did because, if we had come at 1pm (as on our boarding documents), we would be waiting in a much longer line.
  7. Escargot was offered on the 12 day Jewels of the Baltic cruise on Zuiderdam last month.
  8. The BBC Earth is the same one as last year. Good show, but disappointing that it is still in the rotation after this long. I agree that One Step was just ok. I sure miss the HAL singers and dancers. There were also two comedians when we were on board a couple of week ago. Both were good.
  9. Interesting article...thanks for posting the link. We went to two of the Step One Dance Company shows. I think the dancers were talented enough but I did not care for the "canned" music and backdrops. I much preferred the HAL singers/dancers that were on our previous HAL cruises. Interestingly enough, dh (who is not a big dance show fan) preferred the Step One shows.
  10. On our recent cruise on the Zuiderdam, the 10pm show has been moved to 9pm. Late diners are encouraged to go to the 7pm show. We did "anytime" dining and found we had to eat earlier than we liked if we wanted to make the show. I know it's a "first world problem," but I prefer to have dinner before attending the show. That said, I was a bit disappointed in the shows.
  11. It's a "computer issue." I experienced the same thing when I was adding this before our recent cruise. I was told to put in any time as it doesn't matter. You can go anytime the facilities are open.
  12. Just off the Zuiderdam yesterday. We had lunch upon boarding the ship. Times were listed in the "When and Where" we were handed as we boarded the ship. The MDR was not crowded and it was a wonderful way to start our cruise.
  13. Is the MDR only open for lunch on sea days? Our upcoming 12 day cruise only has 2 sea days.
  14. Thanks for taking us along on your trip! Really enjoyed your posts!
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