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  1. Thank you all so much for the informative responses. We booked the cruise! (Now just crossing our fingers that the cruise will happen!) Great advice about moving around the ship. Making note of the books to read ... plenty of time to accomplish that! I love the idea of having so many sea days. Dh is not as excited about the number of sea days, but a Panama Canal cruise is on his "bucket list." If this goes well, maybe I will eventually talk him into a transatlantic!!!
  2. We are thinking about booking a Jan 2022 Panama Canal Cruise (Ft. Lauderdale to San Diego). We plan to book a balcony room and this would be our first Panama Canal. Any recommendations on preferred room location? Any other advice/recommendations appreciated as well.
  3. We only have a few cruises under our belt, so I am really enjoying reading these responses. Thanks to the OP for posting the question. Can't wait to get back to cruising!
  4. Recently traveling through Virginia and Tennessee, we found rest stops open and actively being cleaned. Gas stations (and rest rooms) right off the interstate open. Many restaurants open for take out. We had no trouble finding a hotel, but the typical breakfast buffet was reduced to "brown bag" breakfast consisting of a water bottle and individually wrapped breakfast bars/muffins. We were able to find a restaurant with outdoor seating (first restaurant we have been in in over 5 months!). Social distancing was in place and marked. Frequent cleaning was noticeable everywhere we went.
  5. Hmmmm ... I just checked and we are now booked for late August/September on the Rotterdam.
  6. Thanks! I'll go check it out! We would love to sail on a brand new ship but I'll just be happy to be on a ship again!
  7. HAL's blog says that you will be rescheduled to another cruise later in the summer.
  8. We were scheduled to sail on her in June. I'm a little disappointed that that's not going to happen. Info on HAL's blog says that we will be rebooked on a similar cruise later in the summer. That's a long time to wait! Might have to look for a Carribean cruise next winter/spring. First world problems and all that!!
  9. Greatly enjoying your review and looking forward to reading more!
  10. Being delayed is probable, but disappointing, because we were supposed to be cruising early summer 2021. I'm guessing our Sept 2020 cruise out of Venice will be canceled as well. Yikes!! Guess we'll be looking at other options.
  11. I sure hope it is completed as scheduled. We are scheduled to sail on her in the summer of 2021!
  12. We got off the Veendam last week. I hope you have a great cruise.
  13. Hot tubs were being used. One was closed.
  14. You can eat anytime the dining room is open. At popular times, there may be a wait. My understanding is that there is rarely a wait if you eat early (we never eat early, so I can't personally verify this! LOL). No issues with buying a wine package. They mark the wine with your room number, so you just have to tell them you have an open bottle and they'll get it for you.
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