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  1. Typo, I meant to say you need to drop your entitlement. I was not the only one who was fed up with the length of time it took to get my money back. I was not happy with the way HAL handled this mess.
  2. Whining? Excuse me. I was charged a lot of money for a cruise cancelled by the cruiselineI don’t know about your situation but I am a pensioner who saved for a long time for this trip . I had to wait a long time for that refund.. you need to drop your title eat Karen
  3. WE were scheduled to sailMay 9 to Alaska and HAL cancelled our cruise in April . can’t remember what date exactly. It’s all a blur if you know what I mean. I had contacted the Mariner Society after they cancelled but didn’t get much info. KInd of gave up after a while but my husband kept calling and emailing them about the status of our refund and they replied it would show up at the end of the week and there it was. Now if I could only get Air Canada to cough up
  4. Very happy to announce I received a full refund, just checked my cc provider today
  5. Thanks for all the encouragement. I will continue to be patient and hopeful and I am happy for those who received their refund.
  6. After trying for two months , and giving up, my husband decided to try against n las night. He called Holland America and was told I would be getting my refund in two weeks or less. Just thought I would share.
  7. I have been waiting for a refund that I requested on the May 9 cruise to Alaska cancelled by Holland last month I filled in the form sent to me and indicated I did not want fcc but a refund. I did not receive a confirmation back but assumed they would honour my request. I contacted my cc provider today as nothing showed up n my statement. She contacted them and told me I was highly unlikely that I would receive anything back . How does that work? That does it for me.
  8. For the Canadians on board, 237 of them , when 9/11 happened do you Americans remember what happened ? The planes landed in Newfoundland and we fed and cared for you.
  9. I had to cancel our via rail trip through the Rockies. They replied 8 hours later and the next day Ireceivd my refund statement for 1100 dollars. I really appreciated the way it was handled.
  10. I filled out the cancellation form yesterday and it was not acknowledged , would appreciate a reply also. I am willing to wait as I know they are really stretched to the limit and am thinking of those on Zaandam who need to get home.
  11. This ship should not have sailed. It was two days before Trump declared the thirty day moratorium on cruise ships. Passengers should have been cancelled and even if not should have decided to stay off ships particularly in view of the Princess ships issues ,especially on two of their ships. We have Canadian demanding to get off a few days ago but why did they embark? Inking stopped sailing and gVe full refund. That’s what should have happened.
  12. Are you kidding me? What about another port? I paid for air tickets which I will have to eat. You are in the valley of denial if you think ships will be sailing any time soon and I am watch Celebrity giving refunds along with other lines. They must be just as busy as Holland.
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